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Nutri Adrenal

I have been having so much trouble trying to find a way of increasing my thyroxine. Ffinally trying T3 by reducing my T4 to 75 and adding 3 x 1/4 T3 but I was still getting the rapid pulse and irregular heartbeat for about 15 minutes, then I tried 100 and 3x 1/4 T3 but yet still getting really frightening rapid and irregular pulse in the late afternoon and early evenings.

I have gone back to 125mcg T4 and for a couple of days I have taken 1/4 tablet of T3 (25s so 6.25mcg) but still have the problem in the afternoon/evening. I know that previously I was on 150 and felt perfectly OK but now I am a bit frightened that I could trigger a heart attack since my heart is enlarged. I know that on 125 I am still actually undertreated but I have that fear of overdoing it.

I am taking COQ10 in an effort to strengthen my heart, and vitamin B12 (Methyl).

It has been suggested it could be adrenals after 7 years of under-treatment, so my question is this: Is it safe to take Nutri-Adrenal or is it essential to test first? I am really struggling here. Any help or suggestion would really be appreciated.

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I take nutri adrenals, they are a slow progress, I have been told it is safe to take, dr p told me to take them and I can increase up to 6-8 tablets x


We seem to be chatting a lot today! Can you please tell me where you get your Nutri Adrenal? I'm gonna go for it!


I would still advise to have an Adrenal Saliva Stress Test if you haven't done so already.

You can confirm how your adrenals are functioning over 24 hrs.


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