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Persecution by GMC

Is there nobody that knows how to stop the persecution by the GMC of Dr SKinner. Surely there must be somebody out there with some legal knowledge. Surely they must be answerable to someone?

They seem out of control and before we get to the next call for letters to support Dr Skinner we ought to try to do something about them.

Please ask your legal friends and let us get something done about them (apologies to Thyroid UK if they have already tried but we do need to try again).

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sorry for my ignorance, but what's the latest news on Dr Skinner's hearing with the GMC?



I have wondered if a number of us should make a complaint about the GMC to the GMC. Or has someone already tried this?


i think that's a good idea - complaint to the GMC and also to the Department of Health?

thanks for the update RedApple - good news!


I suspect the basic issue here is simply that the GMC has an obligation to investigate complaints that are made against doctors and they get more than the usual number of complaints against Dr Skinner because of the nature of his practice.


There have been numerous complaints to the GMC, DOH, Parliament, RCP, BTA, visits to Parliament, etc, etc, etc. but all to no avail I'm afraid, so keep on with the testimonials when needed!


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