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8 years on levo and I still have hypo symptoms, especially tiredness. My ranges are apparently ok, what can I do?

I am only 34 I have three young children, put my symptoms down to being a new mum breast feeding etc. My youngest in now 2 and a half I am no longer breast feeding and still so tired, my weight has started to creep up. I have been tested recently and my TSH is 2.45 (0.3-6) and free T4 13.6 (9-24). I have never had any free T3 test carried out. Can I go to my gp?

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Hi Lymilso

You can email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's article in Pulse. Your TSH is too high for someone taking thyroid meds. Your TSH should be 1 or below or the addition of some T3 can be added. GP's are unaware of the effect of undertreating patients. They have been told it is fine to keep your TSH within 'normal' range. That's wrong.

I would send a copy of this article referring to question 6 before you next see him as they don't usually have time when you have your consultation.

There is also a small booklet usually in the chemists called 'understanding thyroid disorders' about £4 from Amazon and get a small commission.

Here's the link

Look forward to knowing how you get on.


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