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morning cortisol results



can anyone tell me if they think cortisol results of

368 (275-690) require more investigation as 368 is only in the 1st 22% of range.

Gp not interested.

Have graves but have gone hypo now and on 100mg thyroxine.

T4 is 16 (10-19) and T3 is 4.4 (3.3-6.1).

feel both hyper and hypo symotoms so dont know what the story is,

Iritis once every year for last 10 years so Prednosilone? drops for 6 weeks a year,

2nd cousin has addisons.



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Hi Patchy

I note that your question has not been answered. I don't know much about cortisol but I know one doctor who thinks that if you are properly medicated it should rectify itself. You are right - GP's are not interested.

When you put your blood test results you didn't put the TSH and the others haven't the ranges. Those figures are usually in brackets and it helps members to comment. You think you are switching between hyper and hypo but when I was only on levothyroxine, I always had hyper symptoms but still was hypo. I had a sensitivity to something in the levo. So, either (I am not medically qualified) you are not on enough medication or may have a sensitivity to the binders/fillers. Make sure you always use the same manufacturer and after a while ask the pharmacist if he supplies another make and try that one. I wouldn't mix and match as then you wont be aware if one is making you feel better or worse.

You can post your question again when you have the ranges to see if that gives you more comments.

Best wishes


If you read again my ranges are in brackets after the results.

I didnt put TSH sorry - as I have Graves it is irrelevant as the antibodies keep it suppressed but it goes between 1.75 and 0.04 regardless of the other results being hypo or normal. The tsh range is 0.4- 4.4.

Thanks for your help,


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