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Just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism - any advice on links with miscarriage? I've read THS should be between 1 - 2 is this true?

Have had 4 miscarriages within last year so now hoping this new diagnosis might be the reason why. Need to investigate further asap due to my age so prob will have to go down the private route - are there endocrinologists who specialise in this area?

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Hypothyroidism can be the cause of many things but GP's seem unaware of any of the clinical symptoms. Fertility and menstural problems being a couple.

Moggie has posted some good links.

What were your thyroid gland blood test results? Post them here and also put the ranges as that will help members to comment.

Usually, when first beginning meds it is a dose of 50mcg and increasing about every 5/6 weeks with regular blood tests. Many doctors keep you within the ref.range but it should be lower than 1 and they get nervous if your TSH is very low as they think it is dangerous. They believe this is the correct way but it keeps many unwell.

Levothyroxine may suit you and within a couple of months you should be at the optimum for you, as everyone differs in dosage.

Best wishes


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