sitting under an enchanted tree----------healthy eating- is it worth it?

while laying in bed today and recoverin gfrom the nasty horrid bug of sickness and DIA'. this is my 5 day and still weak--- made me think-- i am not old yet but i have aged as if i have been sitting under an enchanted tree overnight and aged 100 years in half an hour! the skin is hanging on my arms, my neck looks like like that space creature who got down to earth by mistake cant remeber his name--- yeah memory gon etoo-- the muscles in my face are going down south- my hair is going what a pretty sight!!!!!! i have been trying to eat as healthy as possible over the years and wonder whether it i s worth it--- no fruit- 'fructose 'cos its bad for you'- no white bread cos 'its bad for you' no 'sugar' cos its bad for you, no yougurt cos 'its bad for you' no white stuff ie rice flour biscuits cakes ' all bad for you'-- well it is NOT doing PAUL HOLLYWOOD BAD IS IT? or mary berry for that matter and she s in her 80's---- no deep fried food 'cos its bad for you'--- no jam marmalade cream, etc----- well i am ill and have been ill for the last 15 years but the worst ever the last 7 years--- maybe i will now buy some chocolate, fruit pie, biscuits, scones with afternoon tea and jam and cream scones, make apple pie, buy crusty white bread, and enjoy better health. maybe i will phone Paul Hollywood and have a bun with him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Lol! I suspect we have all pretty much been there! These illnesses make you angry too because , if you have looked after yourself, you feel they are so unjust! Hope you feel better soon and get your cream tea

  • yes thanks marie-- would you line to join me an dPaul Hollywood in a bun? i wil ask foreversummer tooo. i have phoned Paul he i smaking th ebuns on sunday!

  • Damn right, count me in. X

  • if anyone is in the south east we can meet for afternoon tea, jam and cream scones. and unhealthy eating. ...

  • Where and when pettals? We can certainly do with a little of what you fancy. Janet.

  • hi j--- i dont mind but you know what i am like with my directions but there is lovely tea room at battlebridge which is on my doorstep but hey i am open to suggestions , i can always grab a body hopefully to go with me..

  • Battlesbridge would be lovely or there is Barleylands. Plenty of parking at either. Went to Liverpool Street Station yesterday to go to Royal London Hospital and the fares cost me £30, so think that would be an expensive Cream Cake and a not too pleasant area.

  • yes you are probably right... battlebridge is very quaint and the haybarns is a vintage tearoom with lovely unhealthy jam n cream scones and it is cheap. xx

  • actually j, i have had a good idea---- i can get to liverpool street station so any one whp wants to meet there for unhealthy eating that will be ok, a s long as i am not on the train coming home

  • This sounds lovely but I live in the midlands so I am off to the supermarket to buy a carton of clotted cream some jam and some scones. Then I will be there in spirit at least. lol

  • o bless--- the sales of scones jam and clottd cream are going to soar..... happy scoffing...xx

  • Maybe its time to buy shares in a jam or cream company lol

  • well i was a lot mor e robust and healthy when i ate like i did as i was brought up when we had little money in the 50's onwards..

  • It certainly does make you wonder doesn't it.

    I have always tried to look after myself diet-wise and have always kept a very close eye on what I eat to keep a reasonable size and weight and to be 'healthy'.

    Now lumbered with this damn condition I feel as if I have aged 10 years in the last 12 months.

    I'll join you in a bun!


  • thanks forevver summer we wil ask grey goose to bun party. xx

  • Oh, Pettals, I do so understand what you're saying! You know the old joke, it won't make you live longer, it'll just seem like it! When I look at my mother... no leafy green veggie ever passed her lips! In all her 80 years she hardly ate a veggie at all. Maybe a few peas or green beens here and there but her poison of choice was chocolate, and in her last years that's practically all she ate - that and bananas and crusty white bread. But she did live to the age of 80 and was quite healthy - for a hypo - until the bladder cancer killed her and then she was gone within the week. The doctors said the bladder cancer was caused by printers ink due to her habit of licking her fingers before turning pages, but her fish and chip and salted peanut habit might have had something to do with it! (I'll clarify here: printers ink is soluable in grease and she read the newspaper as she ate. Plus for most of her life fish and chips was wrapped in newspaper...)

    So I think, why am I torturing myself trying to eat a 'healthy' diet? And who says it's so 'healthy', anyway? You know the old adage 'a little of what you fancy does you good'? Well, I think it's far better for you than force-feeding yourself with something you don't like! When I fill my fridge with 'healthy' food, I lose my appetite, and the 'healthy' food just sits there until it doesn't look so 'healthy' anymore, whilst I search the cupboards to see if just maybe there might be just one tiny forgotten packet of crisps lurking behind the porrige oats.

    Perhaps the we shouldn't demonise any form of food, and live by the rule of 'all things in moderation'. Depriving oneself is bad for the moral and bad moral is lethal to health.

    Hugs, Grey

  • dear grey goose you ar eformaly invited to the party of tea cream cakes and jam scones- and to hell with it. i remeber my dad coming home with fish n chips in the newspaper, yes i am giving up this healthy rubbish!- i dont have an appetite either, an dyou mum bless her, gone in a week you knw grey gose i would want that rather than linger on with some debilitating disease, i am glad she enjoyed her choc too. i know what you mean when you look atthe helath yfood and it gets left til its rank, why do we do this ...protocol scares us ,well when i get this awful virus away i am buy ing crusty white bread with cheeses an dpickle. have a bun on me xxx

  • I'll do that! xxx

  • Hi Grey, I loved this. My mother is still alive at 93 and lives on frozen pizza, chocolate and sweet carbs of any kind. Her doc recently rang with results of a run of routine blood tests and she is doing swimmingly. I, meanwhile, have no thyroid, am struggling with T 3 only, eat soooo healthily and am always ill. There is a lesson there somewhere. Cream teas here I come!

  • Good for her! May she live for many more years yet.

  • hdey sorry i missed your post-- your mums constiiuoin must be rock solid that is amazing and good for her welcome to the bun party.. where are you...

  • I am in Oxfordshire. Where is this bun and lashings of cream party going to be ?

  • oh dear probably south east essex, or liverpool street london at the furthest...

  • Yup. Know where you're coming from. I always try to eat a reasonably healthy and balanced diet. No horse-meat type ready meals. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg - that's not a chore for me, that's what I like to eat and always have. Real meat from the butchers.

    Chocolate I went off when I had the menopause (yaaaayy). Alcohol in moderation, cos I simply can't drink a lot.

    But after seeing Dr P, I came home and thought great - I can drink tea and eat the occasional naughty.

    Obviously, if you are the sort that eats nothing but burgers, buns, chips, sausages, etc you can see it in your skin and eyes. It's so easy to see someone who has an unhealthy diet or who smokes a lot.

    But for the rest of us, I'm sure "a little of what you fancy" does no harm. I always enjoy my naughties and don't beat myself up because I know the rest of the time I eat a healthy, balanced diet. For me that isn't a chore, it's the food I enjoy.

    PS - if it's scones, jam and CLOTTED cream, then book me a place too!

  • yes you are invited too xxx

  • actually rose trees its not the horsemeat that is the prob but the BUTE in the horse...

  • Forgot to say - hope your horrid bug goes away soon.

  • yes thanks it was th e worst , my son ended up in hosp on a drip sunday 5am th edoc said there were a lot of nasty bugs around now... it just attacks out of the blue and we both had same symptoms, that includes fainting. really awful

  • This is exactly why I had a large slice of gluten-free lemon cake with clotted cream yesterday! Food is for the soul too.

  • hi poing havent spoken to you in ages-- yu were still good , you had gluten free, well done and you deserve the cream!

  • hi pettals, it's easy to be GF because my tummy really doesn't like it if I don't. i'm feeling pretty run down lately, perhaps I need more cake? poing

  • yes more cake, more cream more sausage.....

  • Sorry you have been unwell Pettals and your son also. Hope you get better soon.

    I have just finished a lovely hot apple pie with double cream..... lovely.

  • sounds delish shaws... an di hope you and your sis and daughter are doing ok too xxx

  • Get well soon pettals, sounds as though you've really had enough on your plate.

    I do wonder about this 'healthy eating' though and am more convinced that it's due to both pesticides and the obsession with maximum yield.

  • yes the bloody pesticides, say no more, and i am so sick of being sick like many others , its such a waste of a life. wish you well xxx

  • agree we have already been exposed to all these nasties, unwittingly - but all in the past and I do avoid stuff now (mostly due to hubby's bad gut with Frankenstein wheat), I would be really interested in the scone party if you had some savoury ones - cheese, or scotch eggs mm... as for cream that's not bad it's essential! with butter of course! (as Dad used to say they skim all the good stuff off!) J :D

  • where are you on th emap spareribs, we eat some 'spareribs' too with lashings of bbq sauce........yum

  • Sausage rolls!!! And pork pie. And coffee and walnut cake! Who says the British cannot cook?!?

  • you naughty person...

  • lol

  • Hi Pettals I have just invited myself down there from Perth. I think the food and the company could not be better.

    Jo xx

  • dear jo-- you are welcome-- i hope you ARE coming down from perth it will lovely to meet ...

  • Hi Pettals. It's a real grind at times - but cheer up. It can and does improve as we make progress.

    I've found that my situation has changed quite a bit over time (whoever it was that mentioned dropping cow pats captured one aspect of the scenario beautifully - i fell around laughing), and that what bothers me isn't always what generic advice suggests should.

    An approach that's maybe worth considering. I find for example that i like and do very well (maybe even better) taking reasonable amounts of naturally arising fats. e.g. in meat, in the form of a generous amount of butter.

    This may just be me, but the point is that it's not necessarily just about making an intellectual decision about what we shouldn't eat, and then beating up on ourselvess to force compliance.

    There's a more natural or organically evolving way.

    Stuff that disagrees tends to produce immediate symptoms if you are open to the message. Feelings like maybe mild nausea, energy drops, slight crampiness, bloatiness, pressure, vague discomfort that's hard to describe etc.

    There is some stuff that goes on to produce full blown gut troubles, aches, headaches, rashes, lumps, acidity and so on - but it seems that long before that the old body knows instantly what it wants and tells us if we're listening.

    There's other foods that in moderation produce an instant feel good effect. They taste good, they produce a boost of energy and a feel good effect, and the gut feels happy in itself. e.g. in my case rhubarb (?), a natural bit of beef that's not loaded with stuff, chips believe it or not.

    It's almost magical - actually in some way an energetic process. I take blood dpressure medication, and my tinnitus hisses for a short period as the blood pressure changes. Pop the pill on my tongue, and hiss instantly starts. Long before any conventional physical process could have seen an active ingredient distributed and take effect.

    Two slices of factory white bread produce an instant energy and mood drop.

    What i guess i'm saying is that it's possible to without ever engaging too heavily in intellectual terms to be led by the body to what works for us - but that it takes time and a willingness to be with our feelings as we eat. To stop blinding ourselves with too much thought, guilt, fear and so on - and just be open.

    I'm not a great disiplinarian, with the result that i have break outs. Every few weeks i head for a cake shop and have a couple of cream slices and a nice big white coffee. Which is great - it can cause a certain amount of discomfort if overdone, but it eases the grind and shows where the limits are. Which is needed anyway if we're ever to get back to some sort of normality.

    The result over time can be that your diet evolves to line up with what makes you feel good - but equally you try other stuff and so get to re-introduce what you have become able to handle.

    The other side of the coin is metabolic and broader health status - as this steadily improves then our tolerance of foods changes. Which is why an appraoch like this that relies of feedback from the body to decide good/not good is so useful.

    There are foods that are generally not recommended (processed white flour, milk, sugar, food containing additives, trans fats etc) and avoiding/minimising these is a good place to start. But in the end dietary choice is ideally another prime area where taking responsibility for ourselves and using our given but often unrecognised abilities to sort ourselves out....


  • Completely agree with you, Ian! We should listen to our bodies more and less to self-styled dietary gourus.

    Yesterday, I had no appetite all day. I mouched around, occassionally peering into the fridge - just on the off-chance that the contents had self-combusted and others had automatically taken their place - but I just couldn't fancy anything.

    About ten last night my brother said he was off to have a couple of slices of toast and Marmite, and I thought 'what a good idea!!!'. So I made myself two slices of toast - with white, factory sliced bread - slavered them in butter and added a delicate trace of Marmite. For a drink I made up some chocolate whey protein drink with semi-skimmed milk. And I enjoyed every crumb! I felt satisfied and happy and invigorated - well, invigorated enough to climb into bed, anyway. It was the best meal I'd had for a long, long time.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Love that image of you peering into the fridge, hoping that pixies had left you some delicious new goodies to gorge upon.

    I know the contents of my fridge off by heart.

    (And I'm trying to ignore the 4-month-old tub of mascarpone. It isn't officially gone off until I open it and face the mould.)

  • Yeah, the Pixies seem to have gone on strike in this house. Otherwise they would have changed that pile of mouldering carrots into black forest gateau!

    I've never known what to do with mascarpone... But perhaps you aren't the best person to ask, as yours has been there for four months! lol

    Hugs, Grey

  • I was planning to turn the mascapone into Tiramisu... the shop-bought versions all contain gluten, which I can't have. But I'm a nervous cook when it comes to adapting recipes, and kept putting it off...

    In my house, the washing-up pixie sometimes buys chocolate chip cookies, but I can't eat those so that's no good to me :-(

  • Yes, of course! Tiramisu. I haven't made one of those for ages. I'd quite forgotten.

    Don't be nervous. Just do it! I've always found with Tiramisu that if I did it my way, it was far better than following the recipe. lol

    After all, what's the worst that can happen? You waste a pot of mascarpon? You've done that, anyway! lol Would've been better to attempt the tiramisu.

    Good cooking! Grey

    PS Hate chocolate chip cookies! Glad my pixie doesn't buy those!!! Oh, wait a minute. I haven't got a pixie. :(

  • helloooo, you have a pixie now----- i am the good pixie------- i will take out the chocolat chips an dput them in pettals trolly and fridge....

  • OK, so in my trolley you can put some ginger nuts and custard creams. And how about some profiteroles? But the thing I crave most and haven't eaten for years and years - because of the difficulties of cooking it, not for any dietary reasons - is steak and kidney pudding!!!!! That lovely, melting suet crust, The tender steak that melts in your mouth and the slightly chewy, meaty kidneys in thick, thick gravy. And, of course, lots of buttery mash to sop up that gravy! And perhaps some green peas...

    I'm drooling again! lol

  • tell you what grey, com eround to me and i will cook it -- i do a mean yummy steak and kidney pud!----

  • I would really love to, pettals. But wherever you live, it's too far - even for a steak and kidney pud - I live in France.

  • hey no prob--- we could all have day in france i would love that greygoose....

  • Oh yes! So would I!!! When are you coming? Bring me some salade cream will you? And some chivers jellies. We can't get those here! lol

  • well where are you in france, perhaps we could all arrange it, it would be so lovely an di will bring you salad creme jellies an dwhatever else you want, we can meet have tea and unhealthy food and then come home great.....

  • Well, I live in the OIse, about 45 kms north of Paris. Where do you live? Because I do come over to England sometimes.

  • southeast england grey..

  • poing--- i am going out shopping today and i may have a stowaway pixie in my shopping trolly--- i dread to think what the naughty pixie is going to put in my trolly

  • you lot are making me laugh here , when will we allmeet up we will have cream in our coffee, cream in our cakes pies, pies cakes ice cream... jam. cakes cream.............

  • what about some white bread with dripping .. grey???

  • Oh, love it! With lots of salt and a little bit of the jelly that collects at the bottom. A think doorstep of pure white bread! lol I'm drooling now!

  • Make that a thick doorstep, I hate intellectual food!

  • cracking me up here---

  • LOL :-p

  • yes me too-- i remeber that well, eating that stuff with the brown jelly meaty bits in.. and iwas WELL, and had hair, on my head under my arms and else where ,now it not there!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well, they do say it puts hairs on your chest. Oh! Perhaps that wasn't what you meant...

  • eer no lol-- not on my chest-- a bit further down south maybe lol...

  • lol

  • bless you ian for that long email--- yes i eat butter and get my meat from the butcher and tell him i want some fat in it....i dont fill myself up with transfats oils etc but what i was trying to say was that i do it by the book and look so old and feel so crap that i wondered if it was all worth it so today i am going to buy some cornflakes and some fruit for starters. keep well ian and thankyou again.xx

  • I think you can apply the 80:20 rule to most foods, unless you are allergic or have an intolerance (which is an immune reaction, just a different type). Which means be good 80% of the time!

    My "evil foods" list is kind of short:

    gluten-containing grains

    unfermented soy

    anything highly processed e.g. vegetable oils, additives, etc

    that's it.

    I can't see much wrong with a few cornflakes now and again, so long as they don't become a dietary staple.

  • no they wont, i am just fed up eating nuts and seeds for breakfast fed up looking in that fridge like grey goose said above and wishing the healthy stuff would look different, bad, naughty and say hey--- come and get me--- instead of making me shrink back in horror and shutting the door in desperation and wandering around hungry and bored, and then looking in th emirror and seeing that old girl sitting under the enchanted tree aging rapidly- going to get some bread and dripping now-- white thick crusty bread........

  • My breakfasts are so much more interesting now that I don't eat cereals... in fact, I can't even bring myself to eat the GF breakfast cereals now because they are so BORING. This morning I had plain yoghurt with peaches in juice sprinked with chopped hazlenuts. Tomorrow it will be bacon, mushroom and tomatoes... that nice man from Ocado brought me loads of goodies this morning (he can be my pixie). I am actually hungry thinking about it, which is something because my sense of taste and appetite are right off at the moment.

  • hey now that a thought--- altho isaid cornflakes it was because i just fancied crisp crunches with niacin added and cold milk- but yay forgot about the 'banned not good for yu yogurt' so i will get some banned not good for you yogurt' and shove banned fructose filled fruit not good for you' on top with some of my boring nuts that now wont be so boring thanks for that poing, and egg n bacon tomoro with fried WHITE bread- and ok sauce. xxx

  • If you're avoiding yoghurt because it's dairy, then all dairy is not created equal. Proper yoghurt (not the commercial stuff that passes for yoghurt, but is really mostly sugary milk) is pretty low in lactose because the yoghurt-making bacteria eat it all! So unless you have a milk protein allergy/intolerance, then I reckon that plain, live yoghurt is likely to be more good than bad.

    And who said fruit is bad? One or two portions of fruit a day is probably much more good than bad, unless you've got fructose malabsorption or SIBO... in which case you might need to avoid them for a while, but not necesssarily for life. Most people can process moderate amounts of fructose without an problems - it's only an excess that matters. Fruits have lots of goodies in too, vitamins, antioxidants etc.

    Nuts aren't a perfect food source either, once you start looking into it, they have both good aspects (lots of fats and protein) and bad aspects (lots of fats, go rancid easily, contain phytates). You've gotta balance things out and eat a variety of foods. Anything is bad in excess, even water!

    If you pick holes in enough foods, then you will starve, and starvation is definitely the worst option of all. When food becomes the enemy, then you're in a bad way - and I'm come pretty close to that lately.

    Woah, didn't mean to write so much... enjoy breakfast tomorrow!

  • well i was so tired and worn i trudged to the shop to returna bead curtain to stop the squirrel walking in, but the postage to return it was more than the bloody curtain cost so i had to lug it to the shop i bought some cornflakes! and a cherry pie and custard, too weary to make my own yet-- some green beans spuds and trudged home yes i will eat live yougurt obnly poing..

  • Oh dear, sounds like you're having a bad day. Postal costs are a scandal. That's what competition in the postal service has done for us - thanks government!

    hugs x

  • never mind we are going to france to see grey goose and we are gonna have aftrenoon tea and jam scoooooooooooones.... see above---

  • :) Sounds like we all like a bit of what we like...

    You can't go wrong really if you just cultivate the ability and the willingness to listen to what the body is teling you.....


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