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Do I need to put my life on hold because of graves disease?

I am 31 years old and have been considering starting a law degree but with my recent diagnosis of graves and currently feeling the worst I have felt in so long I am now wondering whether my dream is over and I need to face reality and admit that I can't work full time, study for a degree and look after my health properly. I can't even work as well as I used to right now. When do you know its time to call it a day?

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Hi I was a Police Officer and doing an OU degree when mine hit me. Now I am a stay at home mum and only just manage that. I have been on meds for 2 years and I no longer speak to my family and do not socialise outside the home very much.

You may turn your life around, some people seem to. I don't think I can just yet.

Don't bother making any plans just yet just look after yourself and avoid stress and worry as much as possible. Eat well, try to sleep or rest and take your meds or whatever. Life can wait for you. You have plenty of time just get well first. Good luck.


I was diagnosed two months ago. I am a fit nearly 51 year old female. I run most days though not quite as far as pre Graves, and still work as a free lance opera singer. It is a demanding and stressful job but I am managing to do it. I am on Carbimazole and feeling better but still raised pulse and trying not to lose more weight. I try to carry on as normal and am determined not to let it change my life. Go for your dreams - just go for them with Graves and be kind to yourself.


Thank you. I suppose I'll regret it if I don't even try x


i have graves and i dont think its a case of, can i do all these things, and look after my health once your on meds you aint getting worse. The prob is the damage it has already done. im not going to put the percentage cos i cant remember but a very very high amount of people with graves cant go back and do the same job as before. I personally think with what i have read might be wrong but the longer you go undiagnosed the worse the effects are on the head and body. This disease robbed me of my business and almost my marriage before i new i had graves, two years later having tt cos meds cant keep me in range, still suffer from cognative probs memory fatigue and energy and still not back to work not looking like soon. So if you feel you can read lots of books and study for law degree go for it yes stress has an effect on us and make us more hyper but an increase in meds will sort that but you may not be able to have a try to come of meds if they keep you in range and go in remission due to stress from study will set the graves of


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