Test result Free T4 20.9 and TSH 0.01

Hi all. Im currently taking 150mcg of Levothyroxine and have been doing so for 1 year. Although I have been Hypo for 6 years. ( I'm 34 ) I feel great and so happy to feel this 'normal'. Got my test results back today Free T4 20.9 and TSH 0.01, the doctors are happy, I'm happy... but is the TSH to low !! Also I have never been tested for vitamin deficney or take any... any thought on this is much appreciated. Thanks :)

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  • No, the TSH is not too low. And you are very lucky that your doctors are happy with it because not all doctors understand.

    TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is a pituitary hormone (not a thyroid hormone) that does just what it says: it stimulates the thyroid gland to make more thyroid hormone. It doesn't do anything else. It doesn't protect your heart or strengthen your bones as some doctors seem to think. It just stimulates the thyroid. But you are taking your hormone by mouth so the thyroid gland doesn't need stimulating. So it's perfectly normal that the TSH is suppressed. It is now obsolete.

    So, don't worry, just enjoy your new-found life.

    Hugs, Grey

  • TSH is the same as mine and I feel well too.

  • Great, I was wondering if I could go Hyper but feeling good so going to stay with it. I had a big argument and tears to let the doctors stay on 150mcy when my TSH was 0.03 so very suprised they say it ok. Thanks for the advice :) :)

  • A low TSH does not make you hyper. Too much T3 makes you hyper. But even if your T3 is high but you feel well, then that's great. How you feel is the most important, not a few numbers of a bit of paper. :)

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