Phone consultation with endo

I put this in my blog but should have put it as a question. I spoke to endo on the phone. My TSH 7 weeks ago was 11.1 and is now 1.3 and I do feel better( did not get ref ranges). I don't quite understand my TT4 which is 1.3 and FT3 which is 23. I asked to have RT3 done but they dont do them!

I have had suppressed TSH for a long time until a couple of years ago (TT 1980)when i think policy changed and my T4 was reduced. Endo uped T4 from 200-225.

Could somebody tell me if my TT4 is low and T3 is high, and if it is OK why do I still feel rubbish.


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  • Why did he do a TT4 and not an FT4? The TT4 gives you no useful information. Do you not have the range for the FT3 either? Difficult to say otherwise.

    Hugs, Grey

  • No he only did total T4? and no ranges were given. I am going to ring the GP and ask


  • Yes, that's the best thing to do. He obviously only goes by TSH, anyway. If he understood the other tests, he wouldn't have done a total.

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