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Vitamin d blood result back, got a letter


Hi I have been waiting for my Vit d result. (All other results on my profile).

Well I got a letter today from the surgery asking me to ring and make an appointment.

The lady was lovely but not educated in results I think!

Anyway, I managed to get this:

Vit d2 is 10 (20-60) and vid d3 25 (20-60) and deficiency in the result note.

I have appointment with go in 2 weeks due to her being on holiday.

So, can this make me feel so ill?

And I have been breastfeeding, will my baby need testing too?

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People vary with quite a few really noticing how much better they feel when D levels have recovered. I would consider getting some vitamin D3 and starting them now anyway.

As regards breastfeeding, etc., this link might be of interest:

Even if you cannot get them as described, the idea that your baby might need supplements is mentioned and they suggest asking midwife or health visitor.


lare73 in reply to helvella

Thought I'd replied.. Sorry

I spoke with the health visitor today after ringing the doctor and they advise multi vitamin drops for baby Arthur. daddy works for solgar, so will know the best ones to get. :-)

Hi. Get the print out of the your Vit D lab results. In that print out, your total vit d score should be stated, plus the reference range that the lab used to categorise your score (accoring to their opinion).

Print the following document, and have it in your pocket at the gp practice; because they'll probably talk shite. If or when they do, you can whip out your printed document, which is written and signed by about 40 doctors/scientists/researchers who specialise in this field.

lare73 in reply to Londinium

Thank you, will ask for printout when I see the doctor.


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