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Not confirmed yet - advice on independent testing required and which test to take



I have just returned from the doctors yesterday and am being referred for tests, however I have to wait until my period starts before I can go for the blood test (I presume because my hormones are 'up' during my period?) Anyway, not sure I can wait an entire month as my symptoms are getting me down - panic attacks, dizziness, blurred vision, pins and needles, etc. When I read the list of symptoms it seems to click plus my mum had thyroid cancer, but she's fine now. Is it hereditary?

I am interested in taking the 24 hour urine test undertaken by Geneva but am unsure which one to opt for from the lab. Can you advise please?


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Have just answered your question here.

Good luck,

Jane x x

Hi Start with the essential, TSH, T4 and Fee T3, was always standard but now down to GP and costs.Make sure a well known Lab so if you show a doc ,they accept them. Discount from Blue Horizon, TUK10, not sure of the others as I always use, BH

Best wishes,


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