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Please help advise where to go for an impartial accurate private Thyroid test? We live in the Cambridge area of the UK. Thanks a lot!


There's a list for Private Testing on the helpful Thyroid UK website but am not sure which would be most suitable. Sister has hypothyroid and have long suspected I am too but years ago had a test at GP which was negative. have dry skin,mild depression, hair loss, unexplained weight gain (expect when had bowel cancer) thanks a lot for any help or signposting!

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We've always found that the Genova 24 hour urine test is best if your bloods are not showing up your hypothyroidism. It is very convenient because it's done in your own home and you don't have to find anyone to take blood etc. You have to collect urine for 24 hours in the containers they provide then send off a test tube of what you have collected. Easy peasy.

However, having said that I still think the best method of diagnosis is by using symptoms, but you have to see a knowledgeable doctor who is prepared to not rely solely on blood tests.

If you have the urine test done your GP probably won't act on it but it may give you the satisfaction of knowing your own thyroid status.

Jane x


I have just returned from the doctors yesterday and am being referred for tests, however I have to wait until my period starts before I can go for the blood test (I presume because my hormones are 'up' during my period?) Anyway, not sure I can wait an entire month as my symptoms are getting me down - panic attacks, dizziness, blurred vision, pins and needles, etc.

I am interested in taking the urine test as well, but am unsure which one to opt for from the lab. Can you advise please?


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The one we use is END 08 here.

Jane x

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