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Hi Everybody, I've just joined although I have been overactive for about 3yrs. Its just been confirmed I have Graves desease by an ultra-scan, which I knew anyway by what I have read on-line. I take Carbimazole at the moment and will be seeing my consutant in June to see what to do next with me! I feel they put me a higher dose let me go under-active and then reduce the tablets, is that normal?Just had another blood test today, put lots of weight on and feeling fed up with it all.Should increase exercise but feel too tired, also thinking of doing the 2 day fasting diet to get some of this weight off.Think I may be going under, body aches, esp my right leg, from knee up to thigh, boy, does that hurt when I done a liitle extra walking.Am I just getting fat and lazy or is it the Graves?Maybe a bit of both.

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I have Graves and am the same. High dose which sent me very under active (lower dose now so back to TSH within range -at the moment!)weight gain, painful legs. Reading comments on here have made me realise all these things are common with Graves. So why do doctors seem surprised when you try to tell them about these things?


Hi, Thank you for replying.I had a situation where I mistook my tablet taking only 20mg instead of 30mg, so went over.The consutant had a go at me and said I would never get it under control. Had to remind her, that the year before I was under and came to her with all sorts of symptoms, so it seems to be a matter of guess work. Can't understand why they don't try to get levels down at a slower pace, but I'm not a doctor! Wondering what happens next, do I stay on Carb or will the consutant recomend other treatment?Anyone know? Only get about 5 mins with consutant as very busy, its a matter of how are you, ney or yey and get another blood test,


Hi ..... I too am on carbrimazole but they wanted to block and replace. My levels are down to 15 (T4) were nearly 70. I am trying to be as proactive as possible would like to just reduce dose, had a scan today, awaiting results now on no wheat diet and this week ditching all dairy, don't touch caffeine anyway and no booze until Saturday night! I feel much better for all this....x


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