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Thyroid Disorder and Covid-19 Vaccination - What was your experience? ONLY respond when YOU HAVE actually received a Covid-19 vaccination.

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ONLY respond to this poll AFTER YOU HAVE actually received YOUR FIRST Covid-19 vaccination.

This is an INFORMAL poll and is intended for interest only. Participation is voluntary and anonymous of course.

You are invited to comment below the poll about your experience of receiving a Covld-19 vaccination if you wish.

It might be interesting to hear which vaccine you've received (mention which country you were vaccinated in) as well as how it did or did not affect you.

NB Any comments posted on the poll that are considered by the admin team to be inappropriate, will be deleted without notifying the poster.

Jane19 profile image
Jane19 in reply to RedApple

The only negative was not receiving any info at time of vaccine ( like for instance avoiding any alcohol) otherwise all ok .

Pippy28 profile image
Pippy28 in reply to Jane19

Interestingly, I’m nearing the end of my training as a voluntary vaccinator with St John’s Ambulance and advising against alcohol is not part of the information giving process. The drinkaware charity are the group who have advised against it but this has apparently been dismissed by other ‘experts’. Now I don’t know the medical qualifications of the experts in either camp but I do know that neither Pfizer nor Astra Zeneca currently advise against drinking alcohol when having the vaccine. Personally, I would choose not to drink anyway so I could be realistically monitoring how I was feeling.

Jane19 profile image
Jane19 in reply to Pippy28

To be fair nobody gave much advice other than take paracetamol if pain or fever. Had the Oxford one on Saturday but l wondered when home if there was any information regarding alcohol so goggled, don’t drink heavily but do like a glass of red 3 or 4 nights a week. Anyway hardly any clear advice anywhere, had already decided not to touch for a good 4 or 5 nights but l guess it’s a new vaccine so it’s all new .And thank you for wanting to give up your time to do this as currently on second wave of Covid in the care home l work in and it’s devastating x

Pippy28 profile image
Pippy28 in reply to Jane19

So the advice vaccinators are told to give is that you may suffer symptoms such a headache, fever, chills, feeling generally unwell, redness and possible itching at injection site but these should self- rectify within a couple of days. Take paracetamol if able. If symptoms persist beyond 2 days or get worse speak to GP or 111. Yellow card reporting for any serious reactions (anaphylaxis). It’s shocking isn’t it (the impact)..... my children are healthcare professionals in our local hospital and they are exhausted (one in DCC has found it particularly traumatising). Unbelievably, we have a local woman who has filmed in our hospital claiming it’s all a hoax.... I could weep.

Jane19 profile image
Jane19 in reply to Pippy28

Unbelievable l know some people, we have found that this new variant is a lot more infectious . All some of us want is life back to some sort of normality and people to stop dying . Fingers crossed that the vaccine rollout gets us near l for one was very glad to have it especially as on immune suppressants for RA . Positive thoughts 😊

HJC321 profile image
HJC321 in reply to Jane19

Hi Jane19 - I was interested to read your post as you also have an auto-immune disorder like me. I’m not on immunosuppressants though. I always thought from research years ago - that with auto-immune disorders, vaccines should be avoided as can bring on another a/immune disorder - although nothing seems to be mentioned about this with the Covid Vaccine. I’m still in a dilemma as to whether to have it....

Jane19 profile image
Jane19 in reply to HJC321

Guess nobody knows for sure Fergus , l have 3 already ( Hashimotos, Sjögren’s & Rheumatoid arthritis) . Frankly l don’t want anything else but neither do l want to be in a hospital on a ventilator.Hopefully at some point there will be more clinical data .

MjM2015 profile image
MjM2015 in reply to Jane19

The trials for c19 vaccines end in 2023 that's when people will know if the vaccine was a success or not..

flo1 profile image
flo1 in reply to Jane19

Let's hope so! These vaccines are experimental, and have been rushed through with emergency approval only! That is vital to remember right now. My big angst is why are they unable to do an antibody test for the most clinically vulnerable? in England..I believe USA gets them? after shot 2? and why to date does there remain a no test pcr or lateral that gives a direct result..? All odd...all worrying. I will continue to shield! No to boosters regardless of variants..thanks!

flo1 profile image
flo1 in reply to flo1

I was raised in South Africa, so had arm full of vaccines and never had a reaction on this level ..I had a really bad reaction to Flu jab too this year the first in 12 yrs! go figure.?

RedApple profile image
RedAppleAdministrator in reply to flo1

flo1, It is possible to get your own antibody test done. Here's a link to one company that offers them You may be able to get a 10% discount using the code THYROIDUK10

flo1 profile image
flo1 in reply to RedApple

Thank you so much I will do this I am very eager to know!!

flo1 profile image
flo1 in reply to flo1

Red Apple..Thanks for the link I got a discount of £3 so will be really interesting to see how I have gone on!

Bellaowl profile image
Bellaowl in reply to flo1

I got an antibody test done about 2-3months ago>negative. Since I’v been shielded 18mths but live in block of flats with children in and out, wanted to know.

I also used to have flu vaccine but the yr the Hashimoto was diagnosed I developed pleurisy within 3days. Then the next time I tried I developed pneumonia. Was told never to have any vaccines again.

Not had any vaccines since-was exempt even though worked in a hosp.

I only once caught flu.


flo1 profile image
flo1 in reply to Bellaowl

Oddly Bellaowl...I had a first reaction to flu vax this year as well..I have to get them as I am currently awaiting double lung transplant assessment, I have genetic liver, lung disease on top of the thyroid and other conditions..bit of a big mess really but keep plodding! I am going to attempt to establish antibody levels with the new free ones now as I paid and had a private and it appears I did make some! Regardless leaving booster..I had bad infection from Flu in November (vax) so probably skipping that to, this Winter, in fact I have had this disease 14 yrs diagnosed in 2007 and I appear to have lost a substantial amount of immunity partly through the loss of my young lungs lost them at 45...through aatd..rare disease genetic sister of cf..and I do believe part through vaccines...who knows its up to the individual here reasoning on rush out vaccines was not literally but rather I meant the usual trials are about 7 yrs in vax land..this was needed with covid so trails were only conducted on healthy cohorts ..that is 'rushed' by vax standards...Also another thing to note is the primary reason for vax was to protect the 2 groups of cohorts most vulnerable to mortality on covid which equal the old and sick...I suspect that is why the results will be in full in 2023..or hope so!

elaine2447 profile image
elaine2447 in reply to flo1

I think it is slightly mis information to say these vaccines were rushed through as labs have been working on the SARS virus since 2002 and I guess this is a serious variant of this.

HRH8591 profile image
HRH8591 in reply to elaine2447

Development may have been ongoing but roll out and testing has been quicker than would be usual because of events.

Miffie profile image
Miffie in reply to HJC321

Fergus I have several autoimmune conditions and it’s never been mentioned with any vaccination I have had. I was never vaccinated as a child and my first experience was at 18 in the late 1960s when I needed small pox to go to the USA. I had a really bad reaction to that one and soon had an arm with what appeared to be 17 vaccination sites. I never had a problem again even with yellow fever which at the time had a really bad press . I was asked about reacting to vaccines before my Covid jab but as that was 50+ years ago it was no problem.

Like you I am not taking immuno suppressants for any autoimmune conditions, let’s hope it never becomes my only answer as I have a history of Shingles and have CKD which my GP told me )

(when he suspected RA prior to finding de Quiverans) are conta indicated.

Stay safe.

HJC321 profile image
HJC321 in reply to Miffie

Thank you for your reply Miffie! Interesting that you say about the bad reaction to the Smallpox jab all those years ago - I had exactly the same reaction and swear - to this day - that my autoimmune disorders started after that. Since then, have not had any vaccines as such, but only “injectables” such as contrast dye for CT scan and injection into varicose veins to collapse them. Both times I had an allergic reaction 🥴. Accordingly this is what makes me wary of the Covid vaccine.Sorry you have a history of Shingles. Also What is CKD please? @

Miffie profile image
Miffie in reply to HJC321

Was smallpox your first and only vaccination HJC321 ? I was 18 when I had it and had never been vaccinated for the usual childhood stuff, polio, diphtheria etc. Very few in that position at that time. I too have had a number of injectible treatments but seem to have come through safely. The only one I was a little shaky with was the session in the nuclear medicine department but that too passed.

The smallpox vaccination certainly didn’t put me off I went on to have lots of vaccinations including the missed childhood ones typhoid, yellow fever etc. I could not have travelled without them. I never had a reaction again. The Covid vaccine left a sore arm for a couple of days. I was never bothered about any vaccination to be honest, had pneumonia vaccination in 2007 and had flu jab every year since then.

I do know lots of people worry about vaccination with autoimmune disease but I know lots who have had no trouble at all. It has to be your choice. I may be exceedingly lucky witn my health as my autoimmune scare all very minor, diabetes, Raynaurds , arthritis so nothing untreatable or alarming.

By the way CKD is chronic kidney disease. Take care

HJC321 profile image
HJC321 in reply to Miffie

Hi again Miffie. Yes the smallpox vacc was the only one I had in 1978, no more since. You have a wonderfully positive attitude which is great! I had to smile reading your post saying you were ‘ “exceedingly lucky” with your health despite you listing Diabetes, Raynauds, Arthritis and CKD. You’re a good example to lots of people being so positive. I realise that these things are treatable though.

Have read the leaflets from Thyroid. .Org which also states that pts with autoimmune disorders should be ok with vaccines so as you say, it’s really my decision.

Thank you and keep safe and well. x

ZoBo profile image
ZoBo in reply to HJC321

Yes I too had a bad reaction to smallpox jab many years ago so I've never had a vaccine since. Now I have and I don't think it's done me any favours.

Goldengirl01 profile image
Goldengirl01 in reply to HJC321

Hi Fergus123 do you have the flu jab every year?

HJC321 profile image
HJC321 in reply to Goldengirl01

No never had it for the same reason

MjM2015 profile image
MjM2015 in reply to HJC321

it's an individual choice to vax or not to vax..

<edited by admin to remove unsubstantiated gossip>

HJC321 profile image
HJC321 in reply to MjM2015

Interesting..... I have had both vaccs now on the advice of my GP who said nothing would be as bad as catching Covid - and you can’t argue with that. I’m still not sure I did the right thing as lots of Arthritic pain now that I never had pre-vaccine. Coincidence maybe?? I will never know for sure and it’s pointless even thinking about it I suppose.

Brizzie_Girl profile image
Brizzie_Girl in reply to HJC321

Yes unexpectedly both my husband and I got sore knees, followed by join pain 2 weeks later, gradually getting better...

elaine2447 profile image
elaine2447 in reply to HJC321

Me too much arthritis pain not helped by fractured T5.

elaine2447 profile image
elaine2447 in reply to HJC321

Glad I saw your comment as if I mention to anyone about my aches and pains, I am told it is coincidence. After my first jab, I was wracked with arthritis type pain, in fact I think it has caused a Hashimotos flare up. It gradually improved after several weeks until the 2nd shot!!

ZoBo profile image
ZoBo in reply to HJC321

Oh dear poor you. I and similar.

I had my first dose f the Astra Zenica about 11 weeks ago and am due to have the 2nd tomorrow. I had only the mildest effect the next day, but had considerable unaccountable aches and pains 12 days later, together with moderate fatigue. The aches and pains subsided within a few days, but the fatigue has not. It may be a coincidence as my GP reduced my levo thyroxine about 3 months ago, but I am a little concerned.

Maybe you can ask to be tested for Heparin induced antibodies - I listened to the doctor who doscovered the link between blood clotting and vaccines and she had this light bulb idea that maybe the body was developing Heparin antibodies even though the patient had not been given Heparin (blood thinner) but a different blood thinner. So this seems to be the diagnostic test in use now to discover if the person who has received a vaccine may have a blood clotting side effect from it.

Brizzie_Girl profile image
Brizzie_Girl in reply to Danutza

Thanks that is useful to know...

Yes, we got those symptoms too at 3 days, then 2- 3 weeks again for aweek, and then fatigue, headaches, and muzzy head.. A Friend says you have to keep moving, and that does help, but we sure dont fell like it! I rang the Vaccine doctor who said expect symptoms up to 28 days.. may be there will be less symptoms for the second shot.

ZoMa profile image
ZoMa in reply to Jane19

I am the same Jane! I did feel ill but I wanted to be protected sue to my RA medication.

Pixielula profile image
Pixielula in reply to Pippy28

My husband is the CEO of a care provider, we all cried when he lost his first resident just before Christmas. This last year has broken him.

I am so very sorry🙏🏼🥺

shaws profile image
shawsAdministrator in reply to Pixielula

I'm sorry your husband was badly affected due to the death of one of his residents.

I am not surprised that the carers were upset even though it was caused by the virus and not 'natural'.

I'm so very sorry your husband is 'broken' even though he knows that it was not due to the care but to the virus and there was no way he could have prevented the death.

shaws profile image
shawsAdministrator in reply to Pixielula

I am very sorry that your husband has also suffered due to losing a resident in the Care Home.

I think at times we do forget the loss that people can suffer as they've become friends to the people who stayed in their care homes and were very fond of them.

We've had an awful time altogether since the pandemic began, with none of us knowing what the consequences would be or how severe.

The pandemic is not the fault of your husband or other carers within care homes so he has done his very best and the virus could not be controlled.

All of the care homes/hospitals/staff did their very best in the circumstances, some also developing Covid, so I do hope your husband's experience will soon be eased as time goes on but if we work in a 'care home' the staff do care but we cannot always avoid the virus.


Travelling profile image
Travelling in reply to Pixielula

😞so sorry to hear this. We will need to do a lot of repair work on peoples’ mental health when the physical crisis has eased.

shaws profile image
shawsAdministrator in reply to Pippy28

Some people unfortunately have warped minds that cannot seem to see the reality of what's going on. They will get a shock if they should develop coronavirus.

I have also been diagnosed with a condition called 'Polyander Autoimmune Condition No.3.

Anon_77 profile image
Anon_77 in reply to shaws

<comment edited by admin> I had it in the very first wave even with debilitating thyroid symptoms and recovered very well indeed with natural made antibiotics. I also then had natural antibodies for a whole 19months after 👌👌👌👌

Travelling profile image
Travelling in reply to Pippy28

Please thank your children from me for all they are doing. So sorry about the ignorant people who are crying hoax! Some real idiots around 🙄

annca1 profile image
annca1 in reply to Pippy28

Hoax? Really? Blessings and thanks to your children.

dais813 profile image
dais813 in reply to Jane19

Thank you for all of your help , working in the medical field on the front line is really a Gift from God .. this act is greatly appreciated by us all ... thank you

helvella profile image
helvellaAdministrator in reply to Pippy28

Advising not to drink alcohol caused a major argument in Russia - with their Sputnik vaccine.

However, the version of the story I saw ended advising:

It was crucial however, he said, to refrain from alcohol three days before and after the two injections required. He said such advice was the same for anyone getting vaccinated around the world and not specific to Russia or Sputnik.

From my point of view, if not drinking for a few days makes a difference, I'm perfectly willing to not drink. Just need to know sufficiently in advance. (Not that I drink much anyway. Rarely more than one glass of wine or a half litre of beer.)

Pippy28 profile image
Pippy28 in reply to helvella

Yes, obviously I’ve not seen the advice for the Sputnik vaccine as it’s not the one we’re giving but the two that are currently in use definitely don’t include manufacturers advice regarding drinking. These comments have come from other healthcare bodies. However, when my chance comes for the vaccine, I will abstain from drinking just because I choose to (hardly a heavy drinker anyway!).

helvella profile image
helvellaAdministrator in reply to Pippy28

No - I wouldn't expect even one other person to have noticed that Sputnik advice! :-)

LAHs profile image
LAHs in reply to helvella

Yes but we get one grain of wisdom out of that: If the Russians are advising not to drink after the jab then it must be serious. I think I would take that advice.

Agapanthus profile image
Agapanthus in reply to Pippy28

One of the reasons that it would be wise not to drink alcohol is that it raises histamine levels for some sensitive people and might help to tip them over if they then have the vaccine. I have only read through some of these replies but I can see one below that would have been caused by histamine, and of course anaphylactic shock is because of histamine. One of the ME/CFS Drs in the US (whose name has just escaped me) is advising taking antihistamines before the vaccine for this reason.

Star13 profile image
Star13 in reply to Agapanthus

That’s interesting! My arm itched a lot about 5 minutes after the jab for 30 minutes and the 48 hours later I got a chronic bout of diarrhea which I get sometimes with MCAS. I was asked about allergies but as their not interested in anything other than anaphylactic reactions nothing is said. I am on antihistamines for the MCAS so it’s a good job I took it before mine!

I believe that the US doctor you're referring to is Dr. Nancy Klimas, who recommended that patients with ME/CFS etc. to prepare for vaccination in the same way that they would act if they felt a ME/CFS relapse coming

And for any moderators reading this - it is the opposite of an anti-vax statement: Dr. Klimas says (January 4 2021):

"I have been asked this question dozens of times over the past week. This is my opinion –

COVID kills people. It kills people with over activated and damaged immune systems preferentially – and that is what ME/CFS is all about. So while there certainly is a risk of an ME relapse with these hyper reactive vaccines (the first wave to be released), you have to weigh the possibility of an ME relapse against the risk of death from COVID-19.

You can mitigate the risk in a number of ways - just the way you do when you feel a relapse coming on....."

She then goes on to discuss many sensible & well researched preparations, including anti-histamines.

From my experience, regarding the alcohol question, people with ME/CFS generally don't tolerate alcohol well, so are less likely to be imbibing it anyway!

ShelWhitt profile image
ShelWhitt in reply to Agapanthus

First time I have seen that. I had a bad reaction to my first shot of the Oxford vaccine. Have Fibromyalgia, no medication; and am hypothyroid on levothyroxine. Also have CKD; IBS, and spondylosis to name a few! Am extremely worried about second dose. Any advise anyone? Should I take antihistamine tablets or just paracetaol.

Not linked with Thyroid condition but my parents both had their Covid vaccine (Pfizer) this week and both where told about not drinking alcohol for 2 or 3 weeks after having it.

I was not told that

I wasn't told I had my vaccine a week ago ,were not heavy drinkers we only drink a couple of glasses of wine per week ,as it happens we didn't drink for 3 days before and 4 days after the jab then only 3 small 8% glasses of wine we'd normally drink 10-12% .

Foggyk profile image
Foggyk in reply to Pippy28

Oops. I had a glass of wine on the night and 2 the following night 😳I wasn't told not to

helvella profile image
helvellaAdministrator in reply to Foggyk

This is the problem - if it makes a difference, we should be told.

I intend to avoid alcohol for a couple of days before and several days after.

Foggyk profile image
Foggyk in reply to helvella


BeePurple profile image
BeePurple in reply to Pippy28

I think the advice with alcohol was to do with your immune system being impaired if you drink and reducing the effectiveness of the vaccine. I don't drink much anyway but did stay off it completely for a month or so.

Mum24 profile image
Mum24 in reply to RedApple

I have hashimotos. I’m in the uk and had the Pfizer No side effects just a Slightly tender arm . I can’t click on that option in the poll for some reason

Hammyfish1 profile image
Hammyfish1 in reply to Mum24

I think that’s because it’s a side effect that is expected.

Mum24 profile image
Mum24 in reply to Hammyfish1

I am aware of that thank you 😊 my comment was I couldn’t click that I had /didn’t have side effects. That option wasn’t working on the poll 😊

RedApple profile image
RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Mum24

Mum24, That's odd. What device are you using?

Mum24 profile image
Mum24 in reply to RedApple

Iphone 11. 😊

Hammyfish1 profile image
Hammyfish1 in reply to Mum24

I didn’t mean it in a nasty way

Mum24 profile image
Mum24 in reply to Hammyfish1

I know. 😊.

Kodakoda profile image
Kodakoda in reply to Mum24

I’m the same

Foggyk profile image
Foggyk in reply to Mum24

Same here

Cazarn profile image
Cazarn in reply to RedApple

Hi all I had Pfizer vaccine end of December. I have Hashimotos and on levothyroxine. Also have CKD and one remaining kidney. All went well ... I would be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious at the time as hate any knock backs with any of my meds or feeling hypo but actually apart from sore arm there was no problems. Due for my 2nd follow up one soon will let you know if at that point it’s different. 👍

Hurtlocker profile image
Hurtlocker in reply to RedApple

No negatives at all..had Pfizer vaccine and operation was very slick and quick..very informative leaflet on side effects given to each patient and what to do if you get side effects..certificate card issued at same time...well done Northumbria NH S

Hi, I had the Oxford vaccination on Sunday and I had side effects of fever, aching body, headaches, nausea etc from Sunday night for 24 hours. I took some calpol ( stole it from my little's one cupboard!) I honestly felt dreadful and was in bed for 24 hours, but after 24 hours I was completely back to normal. I think it is a small price to pay considering the freedom it would provide me, I will be one step closer to seeing my elderly parents who have been in isolation since March last year.

I forgot to say I have Hashimotos

How long did it take the side effects to arrive. I just had my first jab about 8 hours ago and have not had any sign of sickness or pain. I wonder if it will come soon?

th2304 profile image
th2304 in reply to RedApple

Had Oxford vaccine Friday and developed some of the side effects 24 hours later, low grade fever 100.3 f feeling generally unwell, joint aches, the only none mentioned side effect I experienced was diarrhoea, but 24 hours later feeling better and temperature back to normal. A minor inconvenience to get some protection from this terrible disease.

DeeD123 profile image
DeeD123 in reply to RedApple

Oxford AstraZeneca. Bit freaked out at the number in the surgery getting it as I’ve been shielding so not used to so many people around me. Not well organised for patients just staff

pet-lamb profile image
pet-lamb in reply to DeeD123

I was abit anxious about going to vaccine site too I'm in shielding too durring first lock down the nurse came to my house to take bloods I have hashimotos and leukaemia .But this time we the Cll leukaemia patients and others in Shielding had to go to vaccination site .while it was nice to be out of the house it did feel scary,but I suppose that the vaccine programme is so hugh that there's not the staff to come to our homes I'm just grateful for the vaccine.

DeeD123 profile image
DeeD123 in reply to pet-lamb

My partner went to a different place to get his and no crowds at all, much better run. I find this very odd that myself who was shielding had to be in a doctors waiting room with at least 30 other people including the staff and yet he was in a large airy space with less people . Just doesn’t make sense, and yes I’m very glad to have had the vaccine . I suppose it comes down to individual surgery and to be fair mine has never been good.

Unsunghero profile image
Unsunghero in reply to RedApple

Just adding my experience for anybody interested.

I had the AstraZeneca vaccine, in England on Saturday 15th Feb, I have to admit that the stories I have heard had me a little worried as general illness, colds etc, always seem to hit me really hard compared to others who get them around me. I'm known for avoiding people like they have plague if they are ill, even in the slightest.

Other than feeling a little more tired that I usually do, a mild headache and what I would personally consider mild aching in my body I felt fine. There is no pain in my arm where I had the vaccine, just a very dull kind of pressure like feeling around the area if I lift my arm in a certain way, no visible bruising, reddening or raised area.

To be honest throughout the whole process, my only concern was the way the medical centre had things set up. They had what I am guessing was volunteers outside the practice, not wearing masks telling people where to go.

I was approached by somebody in a filthy high vis jacket, who looked very unclean, like he had just walked off a building site to come and help out. He was not wearing a mask and approached my car, standing directly next to the window, asking me to wind down my window and speak to him. I refused to do so due to him not wearing a mask and just drove past him. He then approached two other people wearing high vis, again no masks and stood directly next to them talking to them and pointing at me. There was no social distancing between them.

One of these volunteers (again, i'm presuming volunteers) then walked into the the medical practice at the same time I did and he was asking staff for a face mask for a patient who had arrived without one.

I thought this was actually disgraceful that we are constantly being told how important it is to wear masks and social distance, yet people they had escorting people into the building and greeting them were not doing so.

Foggyk profile image
Foggyk in reply to RedApple

I had the Pfzer vaccination. I'm 53 so quite surprised to be offered at the moment.No side effects at all except a slightly sore arm but nothing major.

I'm a wimp and quite cautious about vaccinations, I don't get flu one.

I thought this was important. I feel fine.

It will be mandatory for my job eventually so I thought I'd get it over and done with

malancy profile image
malancy in reply to RedApple

I had the Astra Zeneca vaccine. I was given a What to expect leaflet and a Package leaflet: Information for the recipient.

I was told about the side effects I might experience and what to do.

I had dreadful fatigue, aching joints and slept a lot. I took paracetamol and rested as much as possible.

When my body is fighting an infection these are all normal symptoms for me so the symptoms I experienced are stimulating my body's immune system.

Wired123 profile image
Wired123 in reply to malancy

How long did the fatigue last, I’ve had it a week

I had the AstraZenica vaccine at the end of February. Initially I had a problem booking an appointment I could get to as I don't drive and my family/carers (I have other medical conditions) were in isolation. I emailed my GP's to explain the problem and they fixed me up with a local centre.The only side effect I got was feeling very tired, no sore arm, not headace nothing like that at all.

On arrival I was given a sheet explainng what side-effects I may or may not get and the stuff that was in the vaccine. We then went to see someone doing a tick box exercise (I have a lot of allergies) then that was checked by a doctor who confirmed the information and told me I needed to sit for 30 minutes afterwards just in case.

I must say they were very efficient and well organised. I live in Surrey

K1V1 profile image
K1V1 in reply to RedApple

I suffered severe chills, aches & pain in the whole body after 1 day having Pfizer vaccine. My body felt very cold hence I had to isolate myself to my daughter’s house as they were away. Kept room heating to 25 C day & night. It took nearly 2 -3 weeks to come out of these symptoms. Regular walk & other exercise did help to feel better.

Ollyburr profile image
Ollyburr in reply to RedApple

I had side affects

Diana49 profile image
Diana49 in reply to RedApple

I had the first Pfizer jab several weeks ago. A few seconds after in went in, I felt a strange warm, tingling sensation flowing down the inside of my arm - sort of weird.

I had the expected, very sore arm (could hardly lift it)/very tired/feeling yucky reaction for first 2-3 days - had to rest a lot. Arm sore for a few days.

After about 3 weeks I began noticing aching in my wrists, ankles, knees, and the familiar aches I have learned to live with got worse. The pain seemed to be in my connective tissue not the joints. Because I have been gluten/dairy/grain free for over a decade, am not a regular drinker and had made no alteration to my diet recently, I put this change of behaviour in my body down to the vaccine. Possibly the polyethelyne glycol? Of course I couldn't say for certain. All I know the new aches and pains persisted for around a month. I started taking Biotoxin binders and doing a fresh juice every morning/aft to give my body a helping hand to re-balance itself after the vaccine. I no longer have weird stabs of pain, unless I start getting physically active and that seems to flare it up again. I'm guessing if I gently increased activities over several days it would settle down. Weather has been so atrocious that I've been unable to test out that theory yet!

Am dithering about taking the second one due tomorrow ...

I am in the UK and received my first Astra Zeneca vaccine 3 weeks ago, and have Graves’ disease. I was recovering from my 5th relapse Graves flare when I had the vaccine, and I was violently sick on the second day after dinner. Otherwise OK.

cein profile image
cein in reply to RedApple

I had no adverse reaction from my 1st or 2nd Covid vaccine not even a sore arm really .

I had the Astrazeneca vaccine

I had my Injections in England .

I had the covid vaccination due to my work in care. I have hashimotos but I'm not on medication due to my thyroid function being normal. I got my vaccination on a Friday afternoon and by Friday evening I had the worst headache and I physically could not keep my eyes open. I went to bed, got up the sat morning for work and could hardly see out my eyes they were that swollen. I had fluid retention the whole way round both eyes, my face also puffed out bit not with fluid, only my eyes were effected with fluid. I phoned nhs and they said their was nothing they could do as it was such a new vaccine and to take antihistamines. It took 2 days for the swelling to go down.

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thank u for this, i do hope you r feeling better now?

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Much better thank you

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Hope you're better now

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Much better now thank you. Just wish I had waited for Oxford vaccination as now I can't have it or the second Pfizer

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Had a very bad reaction to my first Pfizer jab and was advised not to have the second one and I could not have a different vaccine for my second jab. Recently I received a letter from the infectious diseases department of my local hospital. They wanted me to go into hospital for the day and they would give me the AZ vaccine under supervision. However they could not guarantee me not having any serious adverse effects. I called the hospital and spoke with a specialist in vaccines and it was decided (for me) not to have a second vaccine. if you wish to get a second vaccine perhaps you could ask your doctor to check this out.

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Much better thank you.

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Was this Pfizer or Oxford?

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Pfizer vaccination

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I also reported this to the yellow card scheme

In UK. I waited for the Oxford jab as I had heard that some people had allergic reaction to the Pfizer jab.

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I have heard that as well and as I suffer from allergies I am glad I am further down the list and I want the Oxford one if it is available.

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I was concerned that if I had the Pfizer jab and reacted to it, then I wouldn't want to have the follow up jab. Oxford jab fine for me.

I had the Pfizer vaccine 2/52 ago and besides some minor expected side effects I have been fine. I have Graves and am on carbimazole.

My Dad and his wife will be having the vaccine this Friday and they both have hypothyroid so I will let other members know what side effects they have afterwards.

I just felt a little tired and had the shivers but it was sorted with paracetamol

It sounds similar to the flu vaccine when I used to have it.

I had Pfizer vaccine as work for NHS , I am allergic to penicillin and another antibiotic. I had Covid last March.I have hashimotos and take thyroxine. Slightly tender arm for 2 days otherwise no problem .

I'm in the US and received the 1st Moderna vaccine dose on 1/14/21 around mid day. I am currently taking NDT (NP Thyroid). Experienced sore arm that night and the following day. I also had a mild headache and very mild body aches (flu like) the following day. All side effects were gone by day 2.

I had pfizer vaccination last week as am frontline NHS worker. Had tender arm couple of days. Have multi nodule goiter on thyroid, but apparently my thyroid levels are within normal range so not eligible for levo. Even though have numerous symptoms and feel grim some days 😬

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Do you follow this procedure when having a test for thyroid hormones:-

1. The earliest possible appointment, fasting (you can drink water). This helps to keep your TSH at its highest.

2. If diagnosed and given levothyroxine, allow a gap of 24 hours between last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards .

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Yes it was fasting bloods, just continuously told within normal range by GP. Due to have bloods done again in February, though unsure if GP will agree to full screen, so may use private company as previous.

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I hope you get copies of your blood tests so that you can post them on the forum and see if others agree about the “normal range”.

Normal Range? Did you ask what exactly was within normal range?

Sadly many doctors go no further than testing TSH . My experience is that 'normal TSH' does NOT mean that your thyroid is functioning as it should, it only fools your doctor into thinking so, making it difficult for you to get treatment. So what did they test?

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I think this Dicky-ticker sub-thread would be far, far better handled as a new post away from this vaccine experience thread.

It is easy to wander down paths like this but better for both Dicky-Ticker and the thread to start a new post.

I had Pfizer. Just had slightly tender arm for a couple of days but as soon as it wore off I had a very bad bout of stomach pain and diarrhoea for 6 hours. Now fine. To all those not already doing the Zoe Covid 19 Study please download it and log all symptoms. Not only are they tracking the virus but also vaccine reactions and are the first and only study in the world to be doing this.

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I agree that it is worth doing. I have had it on my phone from early days and report every day.

Available for IOS (Apple) and Android.

I had my first covid vacc because I work for NHS. I have Graves Disease and Psoriasis . I only experienced a sore arm for a couple of days . Get my second one on 1/3

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Which vaccine did you have, please Sixties123

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Hi I had the Pfizer vaccine on 23/12 my second one booked for 8th March so that's roughly 10 weeks later . I have been fine. Are you anywhere near getting g yours ? Kind regards Lesley

I had the Pfizer vaccine. Had a sore arm for about 24 hours, less sore for another 24, then nothing. No other side effects and I feel much safer now. I would recommend anyone to have it.

I have had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. First dose, sore arm. Two days after, I had the worse hip pain ever. Did stretches, walked around like I needed hip replacement for two days. Then it went away. 2nd dose, day after, my butt and thighs hurt. Like I had been on a 10 mile hike. 2nd day, very fatigued. 4th day, hip hurt again like after 1st dose. It's been about a week now and all is better. Not sure if I had some kind of inflammation response? I have no regrets, I would do again if I need to...

I had 1st dose Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine yesterday. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis on levothyroxine. I am a community staff nurse, in direct contact with patients who have Covid and are recovering. I had stomachache and diarrhoea during evening/overnight. Feel very fatigued today, and have headache which is unusual for me. Tender/warm to touch injection site. Glad I don’t work Wednesdays anymore 😊

I had Pfizer vaccination last week, I’m on self prescribed T3, allergic to aspirin, no side effects at all. Worcestershire UK

Maybe slightly unusual to you all but I am presently working in the UAE as an expat and I had the first Sinopharm injection yesterday as its all that is available over here. This morning it was like a "morning after the night before" feeling. Thumping headache which is slightly better now I have taken a couple of paracetamols.

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Very pleased to hear of "other" vaccines. And thank you for making it very clear what you had.

Sorry RedApple I'm confused by the last question....does this refer to self medication with T3/NDT or to non-medication but diagnosed as borderline hypo.

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Hi DD, Both T3 and/or NDT are prescription meds. No matter if you are self medicating, you are still taking prescription meds :) as opposed to no meds at all, or the various things that can be purchased OTC (over the counter). Does that help?

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Right thank you RedApple , I guess it did say "prescription" rather than "prescribed".

Had oxford vaccine,friday. In evening, shivers, pain (trapezius muscles) night, woke with pains back of knees ( that was a first) strange!!

I had the Pfizer vaccine. Apart from a little tenderness for a couple of days at the site of the vaccination I had no problem whatsoever.

Felt very tired but unable to sleep. Arm was very sore. Dosed up with pain relief but did feel unwell.

I had the Astra/Zeneca on Thursday morning with no reaction on the day. On Friday I got up with a sore arm and exhaustion so I rested most of the day and I was fine by Saturday.

Only side effect from the Pfizer vaccine was feeling a little disoriented the next morning. Like a slight hangover.

I am in the USA and received shot 1 of 2, of the Moderna vaccine. Side-effects I had, other than the usual, were mild feelings of dysphoria and temperature dysregulation. I was vaccinated in the morning, and these side-effects were gone by the next morning.

Had the Pfizer vaccine yesterday, slightly achy and tired today but no unexpected side effects, so far. Just very pleased to have had the first vaccination, and hoping the 2nd is sooner than 12 weeks away.

Pfizer vaccine in London. Very well organised at Ealing Town Hall. No side effects at all.

I have had the Astra Zenica last Thursday. I felt excessively tired all the next day. Nothing after that. However, today, Tuesday, I have come out in a skin rash on my face and hands so far. But very itchy particularly my head. So hope it will stop here! I have taken an antihistamine. Could this reaction really be due to the vaccine after a few days?

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I would follow the reporting side effects path - it is not really your job to decide. (Understand totally why you are wondering. I am just trying to encourage you.) If they get lots of similar reports, it will be obvious to them. If they get no others, they might decide it is unlikely to be related.

I assume you got a sheet telling you what to do. If you need help finding out what to do, let me know and I will try to find out.

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Yes, I did have an information sheet with it. It mentions a rash under UNCOMMON side effects. Speak to your Doctor or Nurse!!! lol. I don't even know what my Doctor looks like anymore...No nurse to speak to either. It was done by a Chemist at the Doctor's surgery! Short of ringing 111 (forgive me... I have less than NO faith in them) or 999, which is not warranted at the moment, I had better wait until morning? I will report it via the Yellow Card site though. Forgive me, if I sound a teensy bit sarcastic? It is NOT directed at you at all, it's just that they glibly tell you to report it to your GP! In an ideal world that is, of course, what you would do.... but ... in the real one? What would I do without this Group?

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There is a specific page which appears appropriate:

Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting site

Report suspected side effects to medicines, vaccines or medical device and diagnostic adverse incidents used in coronavirus treatment to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to ensure safe and effective use


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Thank you so much, helvella. I am doing it now.

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At the time when this vaccine was licenced, the rash was an uncommon side effect in the population it has been tested in. This is why it is important to report these side effects, even when they are already listed as side effects, to the authorities, so the package insert can be updated accordingly (all this information will be collected and the label for the vaccine will be continuously updated as a result).MHRA will collect this information but it can also be reported directly to the pharmaceutical company who produces the vaccine in this case to Astra Zeneca:

in reply to anniec11

Totally agree, it's okay being told to contact your doctor but it's becoming more and more difficult. I have found there's also no continuity of care. It's very neglectful.

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I agree. That is my experience too. I went on the Yellow Card site and listed my reaction there. More useful to do it there . They actually want go know. Gp just goes in one ear and out the other.... IF you can get hold of one. 😊

I did indeed have a headache of sorts the day after and extreme fatigue, arm also very sore. Only lasted 24 hours. Have spoken to another friend in Devon who does NOT have a thyroid problem and she had the same side effects. My husband said he just didn't feel 100% the day after but OK again in 24 hours.

My son (panhypopit. with /septo-Optic /dysplasia) and I had our Astra/Zeneca jab on Tuesday 25. By end of day both had sore arms and second day felt slightly nauseous with fatigue and headache. Later that evening I suddenly felt something lift and felt well. My son still felt slightly bad the following day, but fully recovered by next day. Both are back to normal now.

I had the Oxford astrazeneca vaccine on Tuesday 26 Jan, I have graves and had RAI in Dec 2018 and take levothyroxine. I had no problems other than a sore arm for a couple of days which is nothing to write home about, a headache which may or may not have been caused by the vaccine but quickly went with a couple of tablets. I had my vaccination at 9.45 and around 7.30 was quite tired but again this may not have been caused by the vaccine. I was a little anxious about having the vaccine the day before but checked out this page and there were some quite positive comments which helped, I would advise anyone not to be worried and go for it. You are no more at risk than anyone else of experiencing bad side affects, I have heard of others who are in better health than me suffer more side effects. It's a small price to pay to be free of this awful virus.Stay safe and well everyone.

I had my COVID vaccination a week ago, I did experience side effects. I had all the symptoms of getting a cold, hot then freezing, headache, muscle aches all over and generally feeling unwell. I don’t drink alcohol so that wasn’t a factor. I had an uncomfortable night and I was a bit groggy the next day, but then absolutely fine apart from a bit of a sore arm for a few days. So glad I’ve had it though, small price to pay.

This is a great thread and lots of useful information. Whilst all the short term side effects are minor and go away within a few days is encouraging, we should also by mindful of longer term side effects and trying to track these as well. Of course I hope there are none but it would be interesting to know whether levels of TSH/T3/T4 are impacted over the coming months.

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I suspect we will have to reply on other sources for longer term side effects reporting. Though I guess any long term side effects will be less likely related to thyroid disorders and more general.

I would like to know who has antibodies against covid? The reason being is my husband tested positive the Monday of last week but my son who works with him tested negative. I went for 2 tests one one on Thursday which came back unreadable so I went back Friday for another one. I got the results yesterday and it was negative! We have all been self isolating for a week now but before we knew my husband had it we had travelled in a car together. I really don't understand why I haven't got it or my son? I thought it was very infectious and was easily spread to others. I have come across a similar story where a man tested positive and his wife was negative. I will of course be having the vaccine but I wish there were more answers about why some people catch it and become very ill quickly and others don't. My husband seems to have a very bad cold and has lost his voice but he has no cough! I thought a cough was the main symptom. Sorry if I have interrupted this thread but how many other people have this and have no symptoms and others think they just have a cold and don't think they have the virus? Hopefully we will find out more about this virus in the future but at the moment I feel very confused about it all.

Just to add my Dad and his wife had the vaccine a week ago and had no side-effects except sore arms they are 79 and 76 years. My aunt had it Thursday she is 71 and her husband was offered one that was left over and he is 66 and both of them have had no side effects so far.

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You are not the only one Lora, we are all very confused about how this virus is spreading and affecting people differently. This is why lockdown is so important, even though it is such a hard thing for so many to have to endure. Hopefully your husband will recover quickly.

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Many people actually have Covid-19 without symptoms, which is why it can be spread easily and unwittingly. Regarding transmission, it is just like flu, not everyone will catch it even when they come into close contact with a carrier. I remember the days of measles and chickenpox "parties", too, when not every child contracted the disease they were supposed to catch!

Hi Lora7again,I was exactly the same as you, my husband tested positive in October, my son and myself tested negative although im convinced my son had a false reading as he developed symptoms a few days later, I had been sharing the same bed etc as my husband for 3 days before he got any symptoms and got tested, I was then convinced I has tested too early and paid for a private antibody test a few weeks ago, I've no antibodies so mustn't have got it, then just daughter tested positive in November after working with someone, then again I had been in close contact and tested negative, very strange!!!

I feel it's worth pointing out that the lateral flow tests, which provide a result in about 30 minutes, are more prone to false negatives than PCR tests.Source: Tim Harford on BBC Radio 4.

I have had it at Christmas we thought my husband had in March last year due to symptoms but no testing available then. 3 of us had it at Christmas and my initial symptoms where extreme fatigue and a patch of tender skin for about 2 days, then I got the shivers and cold to the bone, slight temperature, the 2 days later a bit breathless for 3 days, then I coughed for a day and the breathlessness went. 1 of my daughters, felt fatigue and Headache, my other daughter was like she had a cold, snotty nose etc. My husband didn’t catch it. Our family are part of the virus watch trial. In Dec they came and took our bloods , my husbands results came back in January and showed he had antibodies and that’s why he didn’t catch it. We have both had another antibody test and we both have S & N antibodies, my husband has had antibodies for over a year now, which is amazing. I have hashimotos none medicated. We both have not had the vaccine and won’t be doing whilst we still have natural antibodies.

I had achy joints for about a week especially elbows & knees. OK now.

Received Pfizer vaccine dec 30 th 2021 in uk South Wales have Graves’ disease currently on propylthiouracil

USA. Moderna first of two shots.

1st dose of Pfizer vaccine taken despite a recent TSH result of 14 (0.5-2.0) that was retested twice alongside low free T3/4 obviously going for a Novothyral dose increase and retesting in 3 months. That is when I manage to get the increase dosage of medication required - a different story.

Admittedly apprehensive regarding vaccination but I am glad to report just a tenderness at the injection site for 3 days and no other side effects..

I was very grateful to be given the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine on Monday (3days ago) and was fine until that evening when l started to feel achy and very very cold. Took paracetamol and went to bed. Difficult to sleep- was hot/cold/sweaty/achy/felt unwell. This lasted 24hours- didn’t get up and didn’t want anything to eat the next day. Needed to take cocodamol for the pains/body ache.Started to improve after that, but still feel washed out and am resting at home- have got dressed today. Hope this doesn’t put anyone off, l would still have the vaccine and will be having the second dose when it’s time. My suggestion would be to get everything done you need to (if possible) before having it just incase. And have painkillers to hand too incase needed.

Despite this I feel very relieved to have been vaccinated and very grateful. I take levothyroxine.

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Thanks for posting, SunsetLady. I'm having the Oxford AZ vaccine tomorrow - it will be interesting to see whether it affects me the same way, so will post my experience in due course.

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Hope all goes well tomorrow, the nurse said to relax my arm as much as possible as that may help reduce soreness, hope that helps.

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The nurse said to relax my arm when I had my flu vac in October, but it was still sore the next day :) I'm more concerned about the other side effects on top of all my other health issues. Still, as you said earlier, grateful to be having the vaccine. Hope you get back to feeling normal soon x

I've had my first vaccine only but didn't even have a sore arm afterwards

USA, 1st Moderno jab:Don't know if this puts the jab vs after effects in perspective but last Wednesday I had jab #1 (I had Moderno) and two days later (Friday) I had cataract surgery! As yet, late Saturday night, no reactions whatsoever. Yes I did ask my GP about the wisdom of these two things being so close together - he didn't e-mail or call back! I put a question out on Quora in desperation and the consensus of opinions, including a microbiologist in India and a physician in NE US, said it should be OK - so I went ahead with it. Seems Quora was right and my GP was a useless bugger - as usual.

I consider my experience as another example that we just don't know the answers if we mix covid19 vax with some other event. I had waited SO LONG for the cataract surgery and I really wanted the covid19 vaccination (didn't we all?) I didn't expect the two to come crashing in together almost at the same time.

Interesting that the US people are mostly getting Moderno and the UK people are getting AZ (understandably) and Pfizer. The hospital I am a member of (in US) was trying to get Pfizer, but could not. I was lucky to get my shot at the County Fairgrounds, where it was all Moderno. People relying on Pfizer from the hospital could be waiting 6 months we were told, they have also been recommended to the county if they fall into the prevailing group.

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OK, I had my second Moderno shot a few days ago and I'm just reporting back in case it is of any interest to the survey. 24 hours after my second shot I felt ill. I had muscle aches, joint pain, a tremendous pain in the back of my neck and was extremely tired. It came on very quickly. I walked into a store quite happily and feeling normal and by the time I was getting served I could hardly think straight. I was ready to punch the young lady who served me because she kept asking me to spell everything for her (the two small things I needed from their warehouse and then my name). She couldn't find anything in her computer and then said it was my fault because my name ended in a y and not an i!!!!! I swear, I did not spell my name incorrectly, but this is California were lots of people's names end in i and few can spell. But I stayed very calm, hoped I didn't fall on the floor and just kept repeating things for the idiot I had the misfortune of dealing with. My reaction lasted for seven hours. Then it "lifted" as soon as it came down on me. A friend and I concluded that the reaction you get just depends upon "what ails you". My friend's mother suffers frequently from migraines, and that is what she suffered for a day, my friend has back ache and that is what she got... and so on.Anyway, that was my reaction to the second shot.

I had the Astra Zeneca vaccination on Friday. I live in the South East of England. I have Hashimoto's and take Levothyroxine.I had cold shivers and muscle/joint pain on Friday night and not much sleep. I woke Saturday with a bad headache, stiff neck, achy body, felt extremely tired, and felt dizzy and sick. I spent the day sleeping. Sunday I felt brighter, still had a headache and felt tired. My arm was sore, red, swollen & hot at injection site.

Today Tuesday my injection site is swollen, red and hot, it is now 3" in diameter. I have ulcers along the top of my mouth which are painful when eating anything hard, otherwise I am feeling fine. I have taken regular Paracetamol when needed.

I suffered with Hashimotos for several years which resulted in a Retrosternal (substernal) goitre and had a total Thyroidectomy in 2017. I have been unable to ascertain if this has "cured" the Hashimotos although I still suffer with strange symptoms such as head and neck sweats, tiredness, weight gain and recently had to have a pacemaker fitted not sure if this was connected to the Hashimotos and Thyroid problem.

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Did you have a Covid-19 vaccine?

How did it go?

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Had the Astra Zeneca vaccination. No adverse effects.

Hello, Just adding my experience to the thread, hope this is the right place! [Me: 55 years old, in UK, Dx Graves then TED autumn 2018 (following breast cancer earlier that year). Currently in remission from everything,🤞, stopped Carbimazole March 2020, no other drugs at present.] So, the vaccination: Had the Pfizer jab on 8th Feb 2021. After 12 hours got very fatigued, maybe a little nausea, 'thick head', but all quite manageable with a day on the sofa. Other effects: slightly sore arm for a day or two, and odd/chemical-smelling pee about 12 hours after dose (don't suppose there's such a thing as 'too much information' on this site...)! Oh, and lymph nodes up and a bit 'tweaky'. Feeling almost 100% 48 hours later and happy to have done it! I took cetirizine for three days running up and one day after, also paracetamol/profen as needed, just two doses a day, all fine now. Would also advise drinking lots of water, and a little walk as soon as you feel able, but clear a day to recover if you can. Hope this helps! Will back up when I get my second dose, due around end Apr/early May. 😃

I haven't had a vaccination, and nor have I answered the poll.

I do have a question for people who've had the vaccination though...

Were you given a Patient Information Leaflet?

If no, did you ask for one and what was the reaction to your question?

If yes, was it given without asking or did you have to ask?

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to humanbean

In case anyone does want that information, regardless whether they have been vaccinated, or were given any information at the time, these links might help:

Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine documents:

AstraZeneca vaccine documents:

Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting site

Report suspected side effects to medicines, vaccines or medical device and diagnostic adverse incidents used in coronavirus treatment to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to ensure safe and effective use.


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It was given to me without asking when I went in, humanbean, along with a printed Patient Leaflet. I had a ten minute wait in which to read it. It was exactly the same as the Recipient Information PDF form attached by helvella, except that, on page 2 section 3, someone had crossed out '21 days' and written in '10 - 12 weeks'! 😁

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to humanbean

Hi humanbean

I had the Oxford jab yesterday, will do the poll and post any effects in a few days.

I was given a Patient Information Leaflet when I arrived, attached to it was the card which stated which vaccine and the batch number along with personal details, date, etc. I didn't have to ask.

The only thing is the PIL does state "Read all of this leaflet carefully before the vaccine is given because it contains important information for you" and there was no opportunity to read it at all - booked in, given the leaflet, vaccine done, out the door, all within 2-3 minutes. Very slick operation, very well organised by our Practice Manager (done at our leisure centre), you are asked to arrive 1 minute before your appointment time which prevents those massive queues we have been seeing on the TV news (but we are a very tiny town not a big city).

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Zephyrbear in reply to humanbean

I was given a full information leaflet as I went into the centre (Newtown, Powys) and another one after I’d had the jab.

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KittyAO in reply to humanbean

I received a Patient leaflet but due to the small print and being pushed through quickly didnt have time to read it before I was given the Pfizer jab. I will post experience in the main thread.

I received the Oxford AstraZeneca last Friday. I was told my arm would feel like I had been kicked by a mule for a few days but I hardly noticed it. I also had a few hours overnight where I was freezing cold but burning up and sweating at the same time. This had resolved by morning and felt fine since

Extreme exhaustion and fatigue. No sign on arm of where had injection and only other symptom bit dizzy. Had Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

My husband and I had our first dose of the Covid vaccine on 6th February.I was extra tired on 7th 8th and 9th. My arm ached for 2 days, but that's to be expected.

My husband was shivery with icy cold hands for a few hours on the first evening, but then fine.

I have felt really weird every time I eat I get a bad headache and upset stomach , hope I feel better soon.

I had the Astra Zeneca Vaccine ( in Shropshire, UK) I am on Methotrexate and steroids for an autoimmune disease. I’m also on Thyroxine for Hypothyroid. The only after effects I had was a sore arm for two or three days and slight Nausea and headache the day after. I have always had all vaccinations over my life including the Flu yearly. Having been Shielding for the last year, I am pleased to have at last received my 1st vaccination and look forward in a few weeks to be able to venture a little further from home, my 2nd jab is scheduled for April 16 th.

AZ vaccine. Early symptoms dizzy/nausea, headache, fatigue were added to on day 12 with pain and swelling, but not inflammation, at injection site on arm and low fever each day by lunchtime. I’m taking paracetamol which reduces fever but still have these symptoms 19 days after vaccination. Am contacting GP tomorrow but doubt they will be of any help!

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That sounds very unpleasant. Yes - do contact your GP, though it sound like you already are doing the sensible things.

May I suggest you consider putting in a Yellow Card report?

Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting site

Report suspected side effects to medicines, vaccines or medical device and diagnostic adverse incidents used in coronavirus treatment to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to ensure safe and effective use.


Had to go to bed after the jab. Lost my appetite for 36 hours. Now back to normal and looking forward to 2nd dose - if that's all that occurs...bring it.

I had the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine, the NHS staff at the centre were fantastic & so well organised even offered a wheelchair as it was quite a distance to walk. I get the flu vaccine every year and must say my arm was less painful after the covid jab than it is with the flu jab. I felt really tired & weak for a couple of days after with no other side effects.After the vaccination the nurse gave me an information leaflet & a small card to say I had the vaccine & even a sticker saying “I’ve been vaccinated”

I had Graves with TED & Hypothyroidism kept swinging back & forth from Hypo to Hyper it was so dangerous as I could be taking meds for one whilst swinging back they couldn’t control my thyroid so had to have a full thyroidectomy.

End of January I started with a racing pulse & breathless so contacted my GP said he would arrange ECG & blood tests an hour later got a phone call they had a cancellation and if I could get there by 2pm I take my T4 &T3 meds in the morning 11am so not wanting to miss out went to appointment 2days later I get a phone call from receptionist I’m slightly overmedicated to cut my Levo to 50mcg I’m on 75mcg T4 & 25mcg T3 which I purchase from abroad so T3 not on my records,

of course I’m not going to do as they say & no mention of ECG result.

I can view my medical records online the ECG showed a problem, still nothing from GP I’m deciding what to do when I collapsed rushed into hospital on blue lights pulse rate reached 300 in the ambulance whilst in Resus Dept in A&E they pumped drugs into me my HR only dropped to 180 then I started being sick, the drugs weren’t working they rushed me into a small room I’m terrified they said they were going to give me anaesthetic & do a cardio version electric shock to the heart I not only had SVT but AFib as well, six men appeared from the operating theatre put me under and it worked my heart went back to normal rhythm it’s now 3am they said they were taking me to the cardiac ward.

Whilst having the procedure done the doctor took my husband to one side & told him in the event of deterioration without reversible cause,intubation ventilation nor CPR would be effective in case of arrest, my hubby was terrified. I’m okay now this happened 2 weeks ago just starting to feel better but I’m wondering if the GP had decided it was the thyroid meds to blame & therefore ignored the ECG.

I’ve been on a combination T3 & T4 the same dose for 8 years since having my thyroid removed the endo prescribed it the only difference is the mcg of the Liothyronine purchased from abroad are 25mcg whereas the NHS ones were 20mcg.


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Donna5658 in reply to hilary77

Did you think your response was related to the vaccine?

I had the AZ on Thursday morning and side effects started about 8 hours later. Sore arm (only to be expected) but also nausea, actual vomiting, headache, awful shivering, extreme tiredness, aching all over, lightheaded and dizzy.The day after (yesterday, which was Friday) I felt slightly better, but still ill enough to spend most of the day in bed.

Today (Saturday) I feel much better, though still queasy. Arm still sore of course.

All worth it of course, but was still worse than I was expecting.

I got the jab at only a few hours notice (am in 16-64 group and didn't know it would come up so soon) so for my second jab I will be more prepared with suitable light food and drink at home (I also had an absolutely raging thirst and despite the nausea and shivering was longing for a cold drink to sip) Am planning to buy some of those frozen orange juice ice lollies for next time!

I had the Oxford AZ jab yesterday (Friday ) no problems with the jab at all. But later on I developed severe chills and a high temperature and body aches. I had to take paracetamol every 4 hours to keep temperature down. The next day I had nausea and low appetite and felt generally unwell. I am hoping that my reaction will be less severe when I have the booster jab. All in all I am glad I have had the vaccine and would recommend others to do the same. I have Hashimoto’s and take 100mcg of levothyroxine each day.

I had Astra Zeneca, no side effects. Was impressed with how well organised it was from beginning to end. I am in Scotland.Was given plenty of information & 2 leaflets with what to expect & information on the vaccine.

I responded on the afternoon of having my jab, felt a bit iffy but fine in general. I woke next day and felt like I'd been hit by a sledgehammer!! Joints aching, exhausted, no appetite (not me at all that bit!!) really felt like I had the flue, hot, eyes sore. I've woken up today - so that's 48 hours later and so far so good. Worth it, even if it sounds negative, I would never discourage anyone from having it done. Just pace yourself and maybe keep the following day free/quiet just in case? My husband (no thyroid issue, but diabetic) was the same by the way.

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liz1952 in reply to liz1952

I felt like I had the flu....not the flue!! i didn't say before that I had a bit of back ache and a very itchy side (weird eh?) that is still itchy...My son had his on Tuesday, still feels very unwell. He's diabetic. Not looking forward to the 2nd one, but hey ho the alternative would be far worse I'm sure.....

I had the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccination on Saturday at midday. I felt fine until about 11pm then my head began to feel as if it was gently crushing my brain, I began to shiver and feel very cold, then my eyesight became a bit weird, which apparently isn't a usual side effect, then things started to smell horrible and I became nauseous and tired. The shivering lasted about two hours and gave way to feverishness and I had awful dreams that night. Yesterday I felt as if I had flu and stayed in bed, today I'm extremely tired and feel a bit lightheaded so still stayed in bed. All I've wanted to eat has been fresh vegetable soup. I'm not looking forward to the second one but it's better than catching Covid!

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HGP1 in reply to Framboise

Have you ever had migraine without headache symptoms? Also known as silent migraine I think my mum's was diagnosed as vestibular migraine. The visions disturbance, intolerant to smells, nausea etc sound similar. It's not something I'd come across until a few years ago but I've had made 4-5 episodes one of which was a few hours after the vaccine. Some more info here I've noticed a few people mention the vaccine triggered a migraine (a whole host of things seem to trigger then so not surprising)

I had tingling in my foot just after the jab, then chills and a headache ten hours later. Headache and chills continued on and off, like mild flu. These too a week to go but still feeling the mild flu-like effects occasionally, two weeks later. Occasional tingling in hands and feet now too.

Buddy195 profile image

I had my AZ vaccine yesterday & felt fine immediately after, but 10 hours later developed flu- like symptoms, alternating feeling chilly, then burning up, achey. This lasted all night. Still feel achey today but flu- like symptoms have thankfully eased a bit. Despite this, still glad I had it as I will feel more confident in my job (teacher in SEN school).

Pfizer jab.

Second shot not yet received.

Experienced reactions warned about: arm pain, fever-ishness, red face and arm at jab site.

Unexpected reaction - diarrhoea for > couple of days.

After the pfizer vaccination I had headache

Hi. I live in Glasgow and had the Astra Zeneca injection on 11 February. I have had no side effects at all, other than having a poor nights sleep that night.

I’m in the UK and had the AstraZenica. I had an allergic reaction with severe hives and increased heart rate to 120bpm. Also flu like symptoms and sore throat for a few days and tender arm at the site of vaccination

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Gillybean1 in reply to hackman

Hi Hackman, Can i ask prior to AZ did you, do you normal react to some things ie, foods or insect bites badly, with hives etc?

Hope you didnt suffer too long though. Sounds scary, did you go have to take antihistamines? And was your reaction immediate or hours after the jab please?

Every best wish G.

hackman profile image
hackman in reply to Gillybean1

Hi Gillybean1. No I am not usually sensitive to things so it was unusual for me. I always keep antihistamines in the house so was able to take those. I noticed the rapid heart rate about three hours after the vaccine and the hives started 12 hours after the vaccine. I did not equate the rapid heart rate with the allergy until the hives started. Had I have done, it probaly would not have been as bad as it was. When the hives came, I linked the two together and realised and started the antihistamines about 12 hours after the vaccine and everything cleared up within 36 hours. Had I have realised when my heart rate increased and started the antihistamines then, I don't think the reaction would have been as severe as it was. But as I say, all gone after 36 hours or so. I have a GP phone consultation booked to ask her advice on whether I should be taking antihistamines for a few days in advance of the second dose - which to me seems sensible.

Gillybean1 profile image
Gillybean1 in reply to hackman

thank you for reassuring me G

Had AstraZeneca 5 days ago. Slightly sore arm for a few days but otherwise no side effects. Thyroidless; levothyroxine only. Scotland.

Had Astra Zeneca jab 4.30 Friday, by early Sat morning was doing massive shivering in bed , couldn’t get warm but had temperature of 101F ( seemed higher as norm. basal temp well below average). I have fibromyalgia too, and everything was painful and aching. I was exhausted, sleepy and off my food. Took till Tuesday night to feel like eating nearly normally, and till Wed. am to go on daily walk. Effectively whole reaction was like flu! Jab site plus 4 inches either side still sore, and rock hard.

Cripes! I made a mistake...reading the comments I suddenly realised I DO have another autoimmune condition (Sjorgrens) - I looked up Osteoarthritis and that is NOT, but forgot completely about the other one! Anyway the good news is I had the jab with NO after effects so I am very happy. Fingers crossed most are the same and we have finally got a way out of this awful pandemic. Interesting poll though - thank you to whoever sets these things up!

Had Oxford vaccine 10 days ago. Had shivers that night for two hours. But it was a cold night and after I wrapped up, the shivers abated. Following day felt very slight nausea and fatigue. Had mild headache for 1 to 2 hours, which was reduced by taking Paracetamol. Slight soreness for 1-2 days on arm where jab received but only when laid on it. Otherwise no problems. Will take second jab in May. I am 65 year male with Hashimoto and hypo.

Hi, I had the A Z vaccine. Very sore arm for a week. On the day after the jab my stomach was upset, my temperature was all over the place and I felt generally unwell with a headache so I took paracetamol, which helped. Other than the sore arm I felt much improved on the following day.

I’m very glad to have had the vaccine as I have been shielding due to having bronchiectasis. I have since received another Government instruction to continue to shield until the end of March even if having had 2 doses of vaccine. My second jab is booked for the end of April. Fingers crossed that I will be given some more freedom soon.

My husband had his vaccination yesterday a month after he tested positive for covid. This morning he woke up with a slight headache so took some paracetamol. He was told because he already had the antibodies the jab won't work as well so I do wonder why they gave it him so near to having had covid.

RedApple profile image
RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Lora7again

Does your husband have a thyroid disorder Lora?

Lora7again profile image
Lora7again in reply to RedApple

No I was just adding the experience but I have not added him to the poll .Just to add this thread is hard to follow and I had to scroll all the way down just to read your reply.

RedApple profile image
RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Lora7again

Yes Lora, there's a technical problem with the commenting on the poll. Alerts don't go directly to the comment as they should do. It's very frustrating, especially for the admins. We have asked HU to look into it, but it's obviously not a priority for them :( :(

Danyosu profile image
Danyosu in reply to Lora7again

May I say that they did not give him the jab, so close to his Covid, but it was him who decided to have it. I really wonder if he had a Covid antibodies test beforehand. Because if you already have antibodies, why try to provoke more? Isn't the aim of the vaccine to create antibodies? That's my question, not sure if pertinent

Lora7again profile image
Lora7again in reply to Danyosu

It was not him that decided but them. They told him he could have the jab because it was 28 days since he last tested positive for covid. I also had covid about 3 weeks ago and I am still getting symptoms of the virus. I won’t be having the jab until I am free from symptoms because I don’t want to make myself feel any worse.

I had terrible bloating and wind. Calc muscles seized up

I've had my first vaccine and felt like I was hit by a bus the next morning. Had a pretty bad night sleep and aside from the expected side effects of a sore arm, headache, feeling sick and feeling tired I had dizziness and chills although they were both listed on the leaflet that came with the vaccine. Most of it went after 24h but the nausea was still there the next day and the headache lingered on for over a week.

Had the first Astra Zeneca vaccine yesterday I developed a raised and prolonged heart rate as well as the typical expected side effects was told to go to A & E which I didn’t want to do. My Dr has advised me not to have the second dose as apparently the side effects are more severe. They are coming up with a plan.

Framboise profile image
Framboise in reply to Cleobear

Sorry to hear your frightening side effects Cleobear. I contacted my GP about mine, which are only now subsiding after 5.5 days, and he is going to check the trial where they are giving one dose of the AZ vaccine and one of the Pfizer vaccine, to see if I can try that, as he agrees I should not have a second AZ one.

Cleobear profile image
Cleobear in reply to Framboise

My GP is also going to check that for me Framboise as I am not inclined to have the second dose and he agreed. Day two started off well but now not feeling very sparkling at all.

Framboise profile image
Framboise in reply to Cleobear

Really sorry to hear that, I stayed in bed for most of the 5 days after mine. I got up today and feel ok for the first time! I'll be interested to know what your GP thinks of that trial and what you decide to do, and I hope you feel back to normal soon :)

larksnest profile image
larksnest in reply to Cleobear

Interesting your Dr is coming up with a plan for you regarding not having second jab. I had a severe reaction to the Pfizer jab 16 days ago and was admitted to hospital. 16 days later I still have raised heart rate, soreness in my chest and breathlessness and fatigue. Have called my doctors surgery twice for advice and all I got was see how you feel in a few weeks. They made no comment about not being able to have a second jab, (was advised by hospital, infact they were emphatic, I could not have a second jab.

SeasideSusie profile image

7 days ago I received the Oxford AZ vaccine.

I felt some very slight warmth around the vaccination site for a few hours on the day only.

Absolutely no further effects at all, I wouldn't know I've had the jab.

Have waited a week to report my experience in case there was delayed reaction. Happy to say in my case everything has been normal for me.

Have been feeling very sick for 3 days after thé second shot of pfizzer vaccin. Fever aches in all body, hard migraine... Now feeling perfect

I work in a Care Home and had my first vaccination Pfizer 4 weeks ago, i had no side effects and felt fine, as did the residents when they had theirs.They had Oxford.

I had the vaccination at 5 pm. That night in bed I felt cold (despite turning up my electric blanket!). I couldn’t stop shivering internally, clenching particularly in my abdomen but sometimes spreading to other parts. I also had a fiercesome headache, something I don’t normally suffer from. This went on for 3 hours. Next day I felt weak and generally unwell.

I am in the states & had the Moderna. Prior to this vaccination my knees had been aching (as they did last winter). After the vaccination the knee aches completely disappeared, but I developed aching of the sternum & have felt a little of what I’d call air hunger at times.

I did get worried enough over it’s persistence to later present to the Emergency Room, & was sent home after some tests (COVID-19 included, it was negative).

I could not believe at all that I was the only patient in the entire E.R. waiting room! Even the doctor’s looked like they were sitting idle, joking with one another. A far cry from what I’d seen on T.V.

Perhaps my symptoms are entirely unrelated, I figure I’ll have a better idea after the second vaccination (I can hardly wait to find out ... ).

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Clarrisa in reply to Clarrisa

Update: The second Moderna vaccination seemed to produce the run of the mill symptoms one is warned to expect. So I have chalked up my earlier air hunger to discovering a new allergy to aspirin, not my first Moderna. My mother had been allergic to aspirin as well. Sternal discomfort is thankfully gone too.

An Internist had prescribed a baby aspirin. The E.R. doctor had advised stopping medications except vitamins. I continued my prescribed thyroid medications of course & stupidly the aspirin. The day after stopping the aspirin the feeling of air hunger was gone & has not returned. I soon after passed a (exercise) Stress Test asymptomatically.

After having my 1st Covid 19 Oxford jab on a Fri and then took my Thyroxine Sat am within a short time I felt sick and Dizzy and had to return to bed were Ive been unwell until today ....6 days after having the jab.

Had Pfizer Yesterday feeling well with no side effect except for a sore arm. It was very well organised here in Norfolk and I am glad i had my first shot. 👍😊

I’m in the UK. I had all of the listed ‘very common’ side effects to the AZ vaccine in the first 48 hours, but was well afterwards before becoming extremely tired on Day 10. This has continued into a ‘low T3’ feeling, an interruption to usual fluent cognitive functioning and a feeling of fatigue. While walking I feel as if I’m missing some frames from the movie visually... juddery. I am worried because this is similar in some ways to how I felt on Levothyroxine, sub optimal functioning.

Might be worth getting your blood glucose checked.

HGP1 profile image
HGP1 in reply to SmallBlueThing

I was going to suggest similar but to check thyroid levels the cognitive issues worsening are what made me eventually link to being over medicated, blood tests confirmed and I felt much better after a day or two of lowered dose cognitive/woozy side. I read that shock can release thyroxine & adrenaline (the injection was very painful for me) so wondered if that is what happened and I was then adding extra levothyroxine my body didn't need. I actually thought if anything I'd be under medicated based on my symptoms but I did notice I might not feel so bad on waking then 2-3 hours later feel worse and wondered if was the levo

j1a2n3 profile image
j1a2n3 in reply to Aurealis

sorry to hear abt your reactions to AZ. Are you OK now? I have had a similar reaction.

I seem to be experiencing more hot flushes and I have lost weight.

I had the first dose of Astra-Zeneca vaccine 9 days ago and am very pleased to say I had absolutely no nasty effects at all, not even a sore arm (although I put that down to the skills of the young Naval SubLt who administered it... she was wonderful)I had it done at a vaccination centre set up in Newtown in Powys and, even though they were all volunteers (mostly military medical and local civvies) the organisation was fantastic and there was no unnecessary hanging about even though I arrived a little earlier than my appointed time. Everybody from the car park through to the exit was fully masked up and were very pleasant.

It was also the first time I had been out of my workshop (I’m an artist) since June 10th so the whole thing felt like a real jolly! Looking forward to getting the second dose in another 11-12 weeks or so.

About an hour after shot, I felt the urgent need to sleep. Slept most of that day and half the next. I think this was because my antibodies are pretty high at the moment so my immune system was already in overdrive when I had the shot.

Having the (AstraZeneca) vaccine was the best NHS experience I’ve ever had! Very well organised, staffed by lovely people - the actual vaccine was administered by St. John’s Ambulance. No side effects apart from tenderness where I was injected.


Had Pfizer, apart from sore arm and low level headache for a couple of days seem ok. I have Hashis which Doc hasnt diagnosed but I have test results which indicate I have. I have sedentary job and don't get out much, chained to pc and zoom/teams calls. My friend older and very active had Oxford, said on the day after she felt like she had been hit by a bus. She also commented that amongst her friends who had the Oxford, it was mainly women who had felt worse. Not sure there is anything in that but an interesting observation. I cannot wait for my second dose as it has been 3 weeks since my first jab and was amazed to be called so early. Had what I suspect was Covid in early March before first lockdown, felt dreadful for 6 weeks, high blood pressure, "sticky blood", cough, headache, fever and tiredness. Had antibody test in Dec and was negative. Wouldn't wish C19 on anyone. Still think it's left me with "under the weather" feelings but maybe just aging, being hypothyroid and being back in lockdown.

Hi had the Astra-Zeneca Friday was ok until Saturday I got up and was weak, stiff and felling a bit fluey and headache. It felt like I had a thyroid flare Didn't feel right until today. Still feel a bit shaky

I have hashimotos, asthma and heart problem


I have hashimoto's and take levothyroxine and liothyronine.

Had the Pfizer vaccine on Saturday morning, so far have only had a slightly sore arm and a bit of a headache.Have to say the whole experience was managed superbly, very organised, everything went smoothly from start to finish, common side effects were explained and a PIL was given when at the vaccination venue.

The longest wait was after the vaccination, when we had to sit for 10 minutes in case of side effects.

I wish I had asked for the batch number of the vaccine when I was there as I filled in the ZOE app after and it said you could enter it if you have it.

helvella profile image
helvellaAdministrator in reply to knitwitty

The batch number should have been on the card they should have give to you!

knitwitty profile image
knitwitty in reply to helvella

Hi Helvella, I wasn't given a card, just the PIL as I was having the vaccination. It slipped my mind to ask for anything else, and it was only when I was filling in the information for the ZOE app that I realised I could have asked for the batch number.

helvella profile image
helvellaAdministrator in reply to knitwitty

"Should" is very much the right word! :-(

The card should identify the vaccine, the batch, today's date and the date for the second vaccination.

I am well aware that the second vaccination date has often been left blank or filled in with a date which is, in reality, unlikely. But not to be given the card at all is a mistake by them.

At the risk of suggesting something else that should have happened, the batch should have made its way onto your GP record!

knitwitty profile image
knitwitty in reply to helvella

I might raise that with my GP at some point, though they already view me as a pain in the neck because I keep asking for , and am refused, T3 on NHS prescription.You are right though, in hindsight I should have asked for the batch number and some proof that I'd had the first dose of the vaccine.

I did say to my other half on the way home, I wonder why they didn't give me anything to say I'd had one does of the vaccine.

The PIL has the time schedule for the second dose crossed out, and I have double checked and there is no batch number on it, it's just a generic PIL.

As far as I could see no one else who was receiving the vaccine were given anything other than the PIL leaflet to take away.

helvella profile image
helvellaAdministrator in reply to knitwitty

This is a generic picture of the Covid-19 - might vary a bit across the nations and even within them. But it is obvious it is intended everyone should get one.

[I did attach an image to this response - but it disappeared. Twice. :-( ]

knitwitty profile image
knitwitty in reply to helvella

You're completely right , I should have asked, but the system was moving along so quickly it completely slipped my mind.I shall be ready when I get the second dose.

knitwitty profile image
knitwitty in reply to helvella

Hi helvella

I thought I'd update you regarding getting info on my vaccine.

I phoned my GP surgery on Tuesday to see if they could give me a batch number for my vaccine ( it had been requested for the ZOE covid study app that I have been logging into every day and also for my own information ). They said they did not have anything to do with the vaccinations other than sending out the notifications for the jabs.

I phoned the centre when I got the vaccination and there was just a recorded message saying that batch numbers should be available through the GP 24 hours following the vaccination. I left a message on the answering machine saying why I wanted the batch number and left my contact details.

I then logged on to Patient Access , it shows that I have had the vaccine and the date I had it but no further information like scrumbler below.

Fortunately someone did call me back from the vaccination centre and they located the batch number for me within a few minutes, they also said my GP surgery should have the information too.

I have discovered that you have to be persistent or you get nothing. Actually I already knew that .

This morning I received a letter asking me to book my first covid vaccination, you couldn't make it up, I dread to think how much money is wasted in the NHS with duplication of things like this, maybe that's why they can't afford to fund our T3 !!

helvella profile image
helvellaAdministrator in reply to knitwitty

Well done pushing your way through there!

knitwitty profile image
knitwitty in reply to helvella

Cheers helvella, my mother thinks I'm a pain in the butt for questioning things and not taking everything doctors say as gospel. Take care. :)

Did have a fever one day as well as feeling unwell, headache, etc.

I felt very tired for a few days

Had AZ. The only symptom apart from the standard headache, fatigue and aching muscles was that I couldn’t sleep at all that night despite feeling very tired. , I do often have sleep problems but not usually the whole night.

I had the Pfizer covid vaccine on the 12th February and unfortunately within 2 mins I had anaphylactic shock. My tongue swelled up as did my throat and I had difficulty breathing. I had gone to a drive through for my jab. Fortunately there was a doctor to hand she took me to portacabin to be examined. During this time my breathing got worse and I was going to be given oxygen. However there was none to hand. (the drive through had only been open 3 days, so lesson learned for future patients). I was then given adrenaline and an ambulance was called. They kept at the hospital for 8 hours, my heart rate had gone up since I had the adrenaline shot and it took a long time to go down. the doctor at the hospital was emphatic that I should not receive a second dose of the vaccine, even if it was another brand. We don't know what caused the reaction, however I have had one before, 20 years ago, but this was to shellfish. As of today I have still not recovered. Symptoms are a racing heart, pain and tightness in my chest, shallow breathing and breathless even doing the slightest thing, and most of the time I am extremely fatigued. Thankfully it seems that reacting as my body did to the vaccine is not common. I have Hashimotos disease and was diagnosed almost 40 years ago.

in reply to larksnest

I wonder if it was the PEG - that's the most likely component of the Pfizer vaccine that can cause allergic reactions and anaphylaxis. Must've been a frightening experience for you.

larksnest profile image
larksnest in reply to

I am not sure what caused my reaction, I did ask the doctor who administered the vaccine and she couldn't say. I did learn something yesterday though, which I m shocked about. Yesterday was 3 weeks since I had the vaccine and I was still having heart palps, breathlessness , fatigue and this strange sensation of a constant popping in my left upper arm, so I decided to call my doctor. She said it wasn't a reaction to the vaccine and said I probably had covid when I had the jab and the symptoms I have are from covid. As I live on my own and only go out for walks where it is safe not to come into contact with people I questioned this. Plus last March I did have covid. She then dropped the bombshell, it is not being reported people have a reaction to the vaccine, instead they are saying its covid. If that is the case then it is disgraceful .

in reply to larksnest

Wow. That's very disturbing. I've definitely seen heart palpitations as reactions to the vaccine elsewhere. So basically if you've already had Covid, then you have antibodies and so to my way of thinking that makes it far more likely that you are reacting to the PEG in the vaccine. I do think there's some degree of whitewashing reactions or denying them by the medical profession as they want to make sure as many people as possible have the vaccine, and the more we see such reactions, the more of us may be put off.

HGP1 profile image
HGP1 in reply to

I'm not sure how easy it is to get tested where you are I have done a couple of tests post vaccine to help prove I don't have covid one is because I am part of a research project and met their criteria they other as I'll be in contact with immunocompromised people to access health care and wouldn't be allowed to go without reassurance for all involved. Figured it's helpful if they try to blag the you must have caught covid post vaccine line

I had the Pfizer vaccination a few days ago and apart from a slight ache around the injection site was absolutely fine.

Had the Oxford-Astra Zeneca 2 weeks ago, had awful chills, extreme exhaustion, unable to move arm for a week. All good now!

Hiphypo profile image
Hiphypo in reply to Hiphypo

Forgot to say, had the jab in Edinburgh International Conference Centre - very well organised with great safety in operation. Everything explained properly, given all paperwork and batch number for the Zoe app - oh and have Hashimotos, am on T3 only. Plus Sjogrens, Fibro, Atrial Fibrillation and continuous brain fog 🤫😀 as evidenced by having to reply to my own post! Stay safe everyone.

I had a sudden drop in blood pressure and prickly throat.Over a week I had a rash, flu like symptoms and felt unwell for about eight days. Very tired.

I also had a short spell of disorientation and confusion the evening following my first jab, plus a flu-like feeling and headache the following day. Easily cleared by taking 2 paracetamol twice that day. I had AstraZenica vaccine.

Awoke in the early hours following AZ vaccination with headache & chattering teeth & rigors(uncontrollable trembling)followed later by burning up-ie symptoms of high fever.OK next day.

I had the Oxford AZ vaccine 4 weeks ago. I have Hashimoto's treated with levo and lio. I had quite a bad headache for a couple of days and a slightly sore arm for about a week. The morning after the injection I had terrible spinning in my head when I tried to get up and had to lie down again. Eventually I was able to get up but have been very cautious moving aroundIt's ever since. Not had as severe spinning but still have to be very careful when I get from bed in the morning. It could be coincidence or it could be me! Hoping to speak to my nect week as it has been on and off.

I had a racing heart overnight for about 12 hours, this started 8 hours post vaccination (had the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine)

I was lucky enough to have the oxford vaccine yesterday morning.I have graves disease and am currently on block and replace.The only side effects I have experienced are a bit of a muggy head and a bit of aching like flu.No arm pain.I do take amitriptyline for migraine prevention and took some cocodamol and ibuprofen last night before bed.My son who's 21 had his last sunday and had bad aching, sweating, chills and headache He is healthy apart from investigations as to whether he has crohns or colitis.

I haven’t really felt well since having the first jab - it feels like a hashimotos flare up. Very achy all over, so tired I can’t keep my eyes open, heavy legs, generally, feeling ‘inflamed’. They say the second dose is more likely to give a worse reaction if any. I will have the second dose though for max protection.

I can’t seem to get back to the survey to add information

RedApple profile image
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This is the survey page, you are on it :) The actual poll bit is at the top of this page (which is a long way up from this comment due to the many, many comments :D )

Your previous comment is literally right above where you've said you can't get back to add info. Just click on the upside down V and choose edit, then add your info :)

I went to a large vaccine venue in an English football stadium. The whole thing ran like clockwork. A detailed medical history was taken and leaflets given.

The whole thing took 20 minutes.

I was given the Oxford AZ and hardly felt the jab and absolutely no side effects whatsoever.

I am 75 y.o., live in the U.S., and have asthma and COPD. I received both doses of the Moderna vaccine. No side effects from first shot, but had pretty sore arm the next day after the second shot. My husband treated it by applying moist warm compresses and then moving my arm around for about 5 minutes. That seemed to work. Other than that, no problems. I take 125 mcg of levothyroxine and 25 mcg of liothyronine per day.

Had first AstraZenica 6 days ago. After 10 hours got chills, actually shaking with cold. That went by next day but then was very hot for a few hours. Took paracetamol but headache continued for 48 hours. Injection site is still very painful, red and raised.

sharp stomach pains, very localised lower left side and coinciding back pain.

I had the vaccine on Sunday and had a bad reaction which happened 5 hours afterwards. This included a high heart rate of over 100bpm and sometimes reaching 130bpm. I took advice and it seems this can happen if you have recently had covid like I had. If I had realised this I would have delayed my jab. This went on for 10 hours with sweating and a very high temperature. I am seriously considering not having the second jab because I am still feeling unwell now. The medical profession do know this can happen and told me to contact them if the high heart rate continued. Just to add it was the AstraZenica.

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I did see something where if you've previously had covid the 1st dose acts like a booster and get similar levels of protection as 2 doses. Not sure which vaccines they looked at tho. Can't remember if it was a Dr John Campbell video or Zoe Covid symptom study update but was related to a study that had been done

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Lora7again Sounds like you've had a lousy time of it.!! Perhaps better not to have 2nd Jab....sometimes risks do outweigh benefits xx

Terrible side effects. Including tachycardia. Still have palpitations now, over two weeks later.

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Lynneypin which vaccine did you have

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Astra Zeneca. First dose. Had another off night last night with D&V and racing heart. Had been ok for a week before that, after the initial horror. Not having 2nd dose.

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Lynneypin I think you are right not to have the 2nd dose!! Not worth the awful side effects!!

To be clear I do not wish to put anyone off having their vaccination and going through side effects is much better than contracting covid and or passing it to others. I had quite a severe time of it. I couldn’t stop shaking, not shivering, for hours. The pain in all of my body especially neck, back, hands and feet was bad. I had a migraine headache for 2 days. I was unable to get out of bed except to the bathroom for 2 days.I had constant waves of nausea. Day 3 I got up but was weak. I’ve lost my appetite since now for 5 days but forcing myself to eat healthy options

I realise it’s just my own immune response to the vaccine. I guess mine has definitely worked. I’m still wanting my 2nd jab and the feeling of being protected as much as possible. I was told by a Dr that my 2nd jab shouldn’t have such a strong immune response as my 1st. And that possibly the reason for my 1st very strong response maybe that I’ve already had covid without a test to prove so.

I had the Oxford AstraZenica vaccine. I had no pain in my arm at all.

I had stomach and back pain, headache and a cough and sore throat.

Yes, did not get any info beyond a pharmaceutical info sheet .

I received the Astra Zeneca vaccine, within 12hrs I had a really cold shivering which lasted about 5-6hrs throughout the night, next couple of days I was in bed without any energy, the next couple of days seemed ok but around the 6th day my nose was running like a tap - this lasted 2 days, then 2 days of headaches - after all this a few mouth ulcers and finally which I always get when my immune system is low a cold sore. I have 4 auto immune issues so I am thankful I didn’t catch the covid as I don’t think my immune system would of coped.

Pernicious anemia, Addison’s disease,

Hypogonadism, Hypothyroidism (under active)

With having addisons my immune system usually takes a hit with any sort of infection/virus

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Had the Astra Zeneca the day before yesterday and was a bit apprehensive but all was fine. The next day I had a headache all day and felt very tired. My arm was also a bit tender. Today everything is back to normal. I have Hashimotos.

I definitely felt unwell a few hours after the vaccination and had to go to bed early but I was fine the following day. Also suffered from shoulder tendonitis for a month afterwards but I think that was more due to less than perfect administration of the vaccine rather than to the vaccine itself. I had the Oxford Astrazeneka vaccine.

I vibrated like I was using a jackhammer for about 5hrs. Could not get warm at all for 48hrs. Sore arm for 24hrs. Had the jab on 27th Feb. Oxford Astrazeneka, Have Hashi's & Coeliac

Experienced fatigue, dizziness and swollen tongue. High Blood pressure may be due to the vaccine!

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Suzi_ which vaccine did you have

Had AstraZeneca Oxford yesterday ( I had thyroidectomy in 2011. I take 175mg 150mg Levothyroxine alternate days. ) Day of Vaccine felt surprisingly better than I have done in a few days, could be adrenaline rush. 1st few hours was fine, no pain aches. Around 2am body started shivering moderately and was struggling to stay warm and maintain temperature. Didn’t get much sleep but got through. (I suggest taking vaccine on Friday or Saturday if you are working Monday ). Sunday today still achey , no runny nose no cough. Just aches and muscles sore. Slight temperature for which I took paracetamols - soluble good for me. Going to rest now ans should be fine in morning.

I received the moderna vaccine - both shots - first one in January. Quite tired afterwards with the usual sore arm. The second shot resulted in a very sore and itchy arm- a fever, fatigue and other flu like symptoms. Was somewhat ill for about 5 days. I feel great now - and am so thankful I could get the vaccine, since our governor in Texas has opened the state 100%, against medical advice.

I had the Oxford Astra Zeneca jab. No reaction other than feeling a little washed out at times the next day and a passing headache which is not that unusual for me anyway! I am extremely grateful to have had it.

I experienced the expected side effects but also experienced an increase in the symptoms of a flare up.

I had AstraZeneca was ill in bed for three days fever chills aches headache diarrhea

I had initial response (not good, almost shock type response but short lived 3 hours at most).

Then what I think was a migraine (without headache) as had stiff jaw, flashes in vision and felt like a pressure pushing me back into bed when tried to sit up.

Then a few hours of feeling surprising well until the more immune response kicked in.

3-4 days of immune response the worse of it 12-24h hours after, flu like symptoms but my body temperature dropped instead of increasing when I felt my worst (34.7-35.1) it did then go to over 36 so didn't worry me too much and I actually had warm/hands feet which isn't common for me.

However, I had a couple of days of almost feeling energetic, managed a slow walk maybe 45min-hour long accompanied by a couple of nights feeling tired but wired.

Then the PEM (post exertional malaise, ME symptom) hit around day 4 just as I thought I was over it, 2.5 weeks later I have flare up of ME symptoms/trying to get thyroid levels correct.

IBS flare up and previous food intolerances I had been able to reintroduce caused issues again.

I had issues with confusion/feeling woozy which lasted longer and the GP felt it was related to my thyroid medication (levothyroxine), blood test showed TSH 0.03 FT4 21 FT3 5 (I'd taken levo 2h prior to test and hadn't stopped biotin supplement as the blood test wasn't planned so these may not be accurate) GP believes I had become hyperthyroid and overmedicated as I have to suppress my TSH to get good levels of tf3&ft4 (this may also explain why I briefly had some extra energy if my thyroid had kicked into gear and was at a good level briefly before being too high). Last blood test prior to vaccine TSH was 0.1 ft4 17.8 ft3 4.8 mid January. Reducing my meds minimally helped my mental state, breathless, palpations etc and it's back to my usual levels general brain fog/memory rather than confused and only minimal issues relating to heart/blood pressure. The blood test 2 weeks after vaccine I had only reduced the dose only a week prior so that wouldn't have had much effort yet, I wasn't going to reduce the dose as was happy with levels and symptoms it's only post vaccine it became an issue.

I am hypothyroid was on 87.5mg for 3 days then 100mg 1 day, I dropped this to 87.5mg daily for a week then after last bloods I've now dropped further to 75mg daily (previously this has been too low but I'll see how I feel).

I also have diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (I prefer to use ME), Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, mild Cervical Dystonia and a few other things such as IBS.

When I had the injection it was painful, like a cramp/pressure radiating out from site of injection until needle removed then didn't really notice it. I bled a little probably similar to a blood test and had a small bruise for a week or so.

Other family members have had the more usual side effects, I'm the only one diagnosed with a thyroid condition. Apart from my grandad who didn't react well but he has other health issues and prior allergic reactions to medications.

I'd be interested to know if those of us who are medicated to suppress TSH in order to get reasonable ft3&ft4 commonly get symptoms of being over medicated after the vaccine to help me make a decision with my GP about what to do for dose 2.

I wouldn't let my story scare you off tho as from all the people I know tho have the vaccine most of them had I only the more usual response, I've spoke to a few people with worse side effects from me but they weren't the norm.

I only had a small number of antibodies when GP checked circa sept 2018 (peroxidase antibody 28.8) so it was less then the lowest amount of the range at the time to be considered autoimmune related thyroid condition

ME pre dates thyroid diagnosis by a number of years and thyroid (well TSH) had always looked okay over the years at round about 0.8-0.9 (when unwell and blood tests run), 2 when at my worst health wise.

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I forgot to say it was the astrazenaca vaccine in UK

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I forgot to say other bloods were all good they checked liver, kidney, diabetes, b12, folate, iron, full blood count, vitamin D was unusually high (337 nmol/L) so I think the biotin may have screwed that one up but GP wasn't concerned as it was no where near toxic and was only discussed as I mentioned it. (I'm leaving off it for a couple of weeks then back to my usual 10k daily dose as per GP advice).I didn't bother going in to have my OBS checked as it wouldn't alter the wait and see what happens with thyroid advice but at home I've noticed orthostatic intolerance which is usual to get worse for me when over medicated.

No real change in weight as I fluctuate a 2-3 KG day to day

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Taking electrolytes helped with the muscle cramps. Heated wheat bags helped with IBS flare up as did taking digestive enzymes with meals

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How do you feel now? Have you recovered?

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Nope still crashing, I was bad last week equivalent to when I had severe ME, unable to get out of bed, feed myself at times etc so got a HR monitor and saw my heart was erratic and resting HR 10bpm higher than usual, also noticed I was worse a couple of hours after waking (and taking levo) so I halved my dose to 37.5 (half a 75mg tablet) and felt much better since I did that a week ago, energy slumped yesterday so I may have cut down too far but I'm seeing GP today so will see what they think. I found pacing with the HR monitor helped as I was being pushed over my limits too easily and taking a while to recover back to resting.It's been just under 5 weeks since vaccine, I hope I'm past the worst of the crash and the relapse is milder whilst work out correct levo levels

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2 months post dose 1 of vaccine and I'm back to similar energy levels as pre vaccine. Thyroid bloods due end of next week, I suspect I cut the dose down too much as noticed a few symptoms suggestive of being under medicated but I'm waiting for blood test before making any further changes.I'm certainly contemplating having dose 2 whereas previously I was starting to think I might not bother and leave it to see if a booster is needed for new varients etc a few months down the line. I'm keeping an eye on the dose 2 poll and will respond to that when I've made a decision as currently due early May

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How are you now, I believe this has happened to me too, my dr said I was over medicated, now I’m on a lower dose, but also I lost weight with all the heart stuff going on 😢

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I've replied to your direct msg.

Everything did seem to be reversible after reducing dose which was good news.

I had blood test last week to see if need to make any further alterations as over 8 weeks since 2nd dose and energy levels not quite back to where they were but I have other things going on so always difficult to tell if the fatigue is down to just them or thyroid not being optimal.

I received the Astra Zeneca vaccine (first dose) about 2 weeks ago. I have Hashimoto’s recently diagnosed, I experienced a few side effects lasting about 5 days to a week. Initially right after receiving the vaccine I felt absolutely fine, however later than night I started to experience some symptoms. I started to feel ever so slightly cold, this progressed to shaking and chills that lasted a few hours. For the next 5 days or so I had chronic migraines, no appetite/nausea and dizziness, this eventually faded. However, I must say that my mum experienced very similar symptoms to me, almost exactly so I cannot say if my condition played a part or if something else was at play, my mother also has thyroid issues as well.

No unusual symptoms following my jab!

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I had the common flu like symptoms and then I had really bad sickness and diarrhoea. I was poorly for a week.

I have hashimotos and coeliac.I had AZ vacc 2 weeks ago.

Initially I had no side effects at all, not even at vacc site,

But gradually developed odd symptoms , at about 5-7 days, painful finger joints left hand, plus a rash on face, both resolved in a few days, but also increased ectopic heart beats as though I had increased my thyroxine dose, and also mild diarrhoea as though I had eaten gluten. These appear to be decreasing, but not fully resolved yet.

I am assuming that in stimulating my immune system with the vaccine, my other autoimmune conditions have decided to have a slight flare up too!

Had vaccination two days ago. Recently diagnosed with overactive thyroid and on Carbimazole. No side effects whatsoever from the vaccine. Well organised vaccine hub and glad I’ve had my first dose.

I had the AZ vaccine a week ago and had a bad day after- achy, tired, raised temp, headache, sore arm & generally feeling horrid. I didn’t take paracetamol which was probably a mistake. The next day (2 days post vaccine) I was fine except a mild headache and 2 days later I was back to “normal”.

I think I was slightly over treated on thyroid meds- not sure if that played a part in my reaction to the vaccine.

Overall I’m glad I had the jab.

I had a sore arm. Nothing more

I posted on here a couple of weeks ago because I experienced severe dizziness after my AZ jab on 8 Feb. I have had good days and bad since the jab. I had to see my GP yesterday as I really wasn't good. She gave me a very thorough examination and diagnosed severe vertigo. She advised me to rest, avoid any sudden movements etc. This morning, after doing nothing all day yesterday I wasn't as dizzy when I got up, so hopefully things will improve. I am not the most patient of people, so it could be difficult. GP arranged for MOT blood tests including thyroid. It will be interesting to see the results as the test was 3.15pm!

I am obviously a bit nervous about how I will react after my second jab late April, but I will still go for it. Dizziness is infinitely preferable to "elephant on chest syndrome" that I experienced with pneumonia 35 years ago, which is no doubt the same feeling with a bad dose of Covid.

Tiredness and migraine

The 1st night after receiving AstraZeneca I had the chills then was feverish throughout the night with insomnia. The 2nd night I slept well and no problems.

I had a headache and chills plus swelling all across my neck which led me to the emergency room!

High temperature, headaches,

I had the Astra Zeneca vaccine on Thursday this week. My left arm was a bit sore in the afternoon, in the evening I developed a slight headache and my temperature was slightly raised (37.2 C). Took a couple of paracetamol before going to bed.The next day in the afternoon, I felt very achey, deltoid muscle around the injection site really sore, tired and the temperature climbed to 38.0 C. As the elevated temperature is a natural immune reaction to the vaccine, I did not want to suppress it (besides the liver works more efficiently at a higher temperature anyway😜).

In the evening, the temperature came down to 37.2 C again. Temperature back to normal the next day and no more problems with aches or soreness.

All these symptoms have been reported to the Covid-19 symptoms study app.

I was visiting a vaccination center, in and out in 7 minutes! They did not sat me down for 15 min afterwards, but I was waiting for 10 min in my car before driving home.

There is no evidence why you should not drink any alcohol before and after the vaccination and no pharmaceutical company has mentioned anything about this. As it happens, I did not feel like any alcohol on the day and the day after anyway, but not because someone told me not to!

I had the vaccine in January and felt very achey the next day but it resolved. However, i have felt a mild worsening of joint, bone pain in general. I am concerned about having the second vaccine.

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janiebell which vaccine did you have

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janiebell in reply to Thyb

I had the Astra Zeneca

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janiebell janiebeI always have joint, bone pains without having the jab. If I have the jab I won't have AstraZeneca as from what I've read so far it appears to have lasting side effects in Females in particular. Scary times. I wish you well xx

Hi, I've had my first and second vaccine now: I did the poll after my first and I see i can't do it again. Just to report, no side effects other than a sore shoulder and maybe a bit of tired and achyness (though that's a regular thing for me anyway so who knows and much less than the first shot. I did knock the running on the head for a week this time.) I had Pfizer. Thanks NHS! :)

Do you have Thyroid problem. I have just had the 2nd Pfizer vaccine and was told that there have been bad reactions 2-3 weeks after the 2nd jab. There are very few people on this site who have had Pfizer and I'm hoping that I have a similar result that you seem to have had. I hope your good luck lasts.

Metallic taste in mouth from about ten minutes after jab

I had Moderna vaccine. Had reaction like sore tongue and dizziness on top of tiredness etc

I had the oxford AZ vaccine. Didn't feel it at all so came home to check there was a hole in my arm lol. Was absolutely fine for 11 hours then i started shaking with the chills, my temp went fm my usual 36.4 to 38.8, heart rate fm low 70s to high 90s. The thing that shocked me was the level of pain, id expected aches but i had pain in muscles, joints, eyes and my head was bursting with sharp shooting pains. My skin felt sore to touch, even inside my nose felt sore. I have 30/500 co codamol prescribed for bad back so i took one, no effect but waited couple of hours took another and so on. 4 tablets and 16hours later the pain subsided to aches but nausea and dizziness started, the following day my glands went up and stayed up for the next 10 days during which the headaches, nausea and dizzy spells slowly subsided. I do the daily symptom study app and they asked me to do covid test as i had symptoms past day 3, it was negative.I was on 75 levo and 10 + 5 T3 (both in range) but due to tsh 0.03 , 3 weeks before vaccine endo wanted me to cut aft 5mcg t3 out, i said i would start by only cutting it out every other day. She said it would take getting used to a lower t3 level (!) and to have more bloods after 3 months. I'm only going to do 2 months just to prove my point while I'm furloughed, i couldn't work on this current level of meds.

It has made many hypo symptoms return so i wonder if this caused my bad reaction to the jab. I don't know anyone that felt like me, all my rellies/fiends/hubby just had a mild headache or nothing. I did yellow card it in case it was an issue with the vaccine batch no.

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Weirdly i didn't get a sore arm which i normally get with flu jab

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My son had the AZ vaccine and like you the side effects came on hours later and were horrendous. Pretty much like yours. His GP has told him he must absolutely not have the 2nd jab. It was weeks before he felt his normal self. He does not have a thyroid condition or any other medical problems.

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My daughter had exactly the same as you plus vomiting, her pain was off the scale and co codamol didn't touch it, she has no health problems and is very fit, she was shocked at her reaction.

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I have exactly the same as you had Astra Zeneca 6 days ago it's like all of my thyroid symptoms have come back at one amplified

About 12 hours after the Astra Zeneca vaccine I had: Fever, extreme pain in my body/felt like in my bones, restlessness, bad headache, chills, loss of appetite, 2 days of pain, paracetamol helped some. Felt delirious with the fever. Almost a week later I am still feeling extreme fatigue. AWFUL!

I had a very sore arm and extreme tiredness for a few days after getting the vaccine. After 9 days a few sore itchy red lumps appeared round the vaccine site. I had a facial rash and was very nauseas. As I contribute to the Zoe covid study the told me to get a covid test. I did a home test and got back a negative result

I had Oxford/AZ. I have Hashi's, and all I did was drink plenty of water on the day, had the jab around 4pm, and continued my day as normal but with a little additional water. No side effects at all until 24 hours had passed, and then a slight dull ache at the injection site that was gone within 72 hours of the injection. Will report back after the 2nd dose is injected.

Hi, had my covid jam oxford AstraZeneca seven days ago. I found the jab simple no pain and very fast about two seconds I have had worse pin pricks. I was ok for around eight hours after that then started to feel slightly warm and a little off a feeling you get when your coming down with a cold or flu. That kept up for around twelve hours I took parastomal . After that period of time I started to feel better in fact felt very well no sore arm nothing to show where the needle had been in fact no mark or bump. I did have an upset stomach four days later and two days after that but put that down to my low thyroid.

I had all expected symptoms from Astra Zeneca( 2 sore arm, feeling tired, achy, headache, feeling or being sick). it's continuous for nearly week. i had fever and was not tired but fatigue so could not go to work. I had shortens of breath as well, could hardly go up stairs at all with out loosing my breath. Fatigue ,tiredness and shortness of breath continuous for the second week as well. i have spent all week between my bed and the sofa. i could hardly walk as usual . I felt like i was recovering after log illness.So i am not looking forward to second dose of vaccine. My husband was all right .He was only a bit more tired that usually.

I had the First Dose of AZ on Thursday afternoon. I lost some sensation in my hand an hour or so later. But... all good.Woke up the next day, cold, numb hand but it eased as I warmed it, and left me with just a mild weakness in my fingers, for about 12 hours

That's totally improved, and I feel ok apart from cold like symptoms, aches, pains, and fatigue ( I fell asleep halfway through a knitting row lmao)

It's all worth it.

I had the Pfizer jab on the 1st of Feb. Last October I had a blood test and everything was perfect including thyroid and I had no previous thyroid issues. Three weeks after the jab I collapsed and felt dizzy and exhausted constantly. I had a blood test and was told I have hypothyroidism. The GP said it had nothing to do with vaccine but I have every single symptom of hypothyroidism and was started on Levothyroxine. Had a blood test 3 weeks later and levels had gone from 4.1 to 3.1 so dosage upped. Awaiting the next blood test, 6 weeks afterwards. Also been referred to a brain scan as the doc said Hypothyroidism does not cause dizziness... I had Covid in the first wave, but bloods were fine once recovered, so I’m wondering if it’s possible that the vaccine kicked off the hypothyroidism. A medical study in Italy identified 75% of a selected intensive care Covid group went on to develop hypothyroidism, but I didn’t it only happened after the jab. Apprehensive about the second jab in April.

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JGooch in reply to Hypo65

I have had prolonged dizziness due to Hashimotos, so it can happen. Don't think GPs are always well informed so it's worth trying to see an endocrinologist. It can take a long while for symptoms to show and also for there to be any evidence in blood work, even after symptoms of hypothyroidism begin. Good luck.

I had the Pfizer 2 weeks ago,I had a sore arm for about 5 days and I slept a lot for a day or two after which might have been due to the build-up stress I experienced beforehand.I take levothyroxine and have been diagnosed with thyroid antibodies in my blood. (Hashimotos).

I normally over react to all sorts of things, certain foods, insect bites, anaesthesia drugs so I was worried about it. So it was a relief to have only a sore arm!

I had a nasty headache and nausea for 2 or 3 days after my first jab - AstraZeneca.

Other than 'normal' symptoms, I had a fever and chills and my stomach was upset.

Had my first Astra Zeneca vac on Friday, the 19th of March. The night after that was not good. Felt like all body was aching, had shivers and felt like was run over by a track. The area of the injection was sore. The next morning felt the same plus very tired. Took one tab of paracetamol 500mg, after a couple of hours felt much better.

Took the second paracetamol before sleep. Next day felt back to normal.

After 3 days Nausea, headache, pressure behind the eyes, arm still sensitive to touch 2 weeks later. Still nauseous, headaches, weakness come and go.

I had the Astra Z vaccine and was very unwell on the next day. No arm pain or redness but extreme muscle pain and stiffness. I lost my appetite which sadly didn’t last and felt jittery inside. I was extremely lethargic, It felt like a bad flu with a bit more. By the fourth day and a few Naproxen, I was ok.I know that this is my body’s immune response but my sister had no symptoms at all but contracted a mild form of Covid 19 only 8 days after vaccination. She was shielding but was infected by her carer. My sister has severe COPD and hypertension so it was quite a worry. I am so grateful to Astra Z for the vaccine, I believe it saved my sister’s life!

I had the Pfizer vaccine a month ago, only had a sore arm. Second dose expected end of May. The nurse said I might experience symptoms on this dose, have to wait and see. I have an underactive thyroid, have had to have my medication increased this week as TSH a bit high.

Received AZ first dose on 3 March 2021. Mild headache and sore arm 1st day. 2 day extremely tired. 3rd day bright as a daisy! 4th day steamrollered, feeling of dread and never would be well again 5th day little tired but thereafter and today 20 days later feel absolutely fine

I'm not sure whether I have Hashimoto's or not but I've been taking thyroid meds since 2008. Just learning in detail about my disease now with the help of the wonderful resources, advice and support on this forum. I had the first dose of AZ on Tuesday and had a flu like reaction on Wednesday and Thursday. Feeling much better today though my arm is still sore.

breathlessness worse and palpitations for 3 or 4 days

Hi, I had the pfizer jab, felt ok first day but the following six days had migraine and raised heart rate, felt like my hyperthyroidism was coming back.

I have had a significant reaction to the Oxford vaccine which I had 6 days ago it has made me very unwell. To start with I had dizziness, nausea and tingling on my face which then developed into the expected headache, temperature, aches and fatigue but then I developed blisters on my lip, ulcers all over my tongue, my all of joints are very painful particularly wrists and hands, my eyes are sore an blood shot and painful to touch around the edges, and I am exhausted struggling to function. My condition was stable prior symptoms of hypothyroidism were under control and I was feeling feel.

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Nicok19 in reply to Nicok19

Feeling well

I wasn't expecting to vomit a little while I was sleeping. Luckily it was a small amount as a family member died of this years ago.

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia 12 years ago. No medication. Taking levothyroxine for hypothyroidism. Feel really ill all the time. Nothing helps. Paid for private blood test and was told by the group on here that I do have hashimotos. Apparentlyhave high antibodies?? My Doc says my thyroid results are OK. and hasn't changed my medication. Debated with myself whether to have vaccination due to not taking medication very well, but was eventually convinced an adverse reaction would be better than getting Covid. So had Oxford vaccine 1 Feb. I was extremely ill and in bed for 24 hours. Couldn't eat or drink, violent head pain. Like a really, really bad migraine. Took 2 paracetamol but after a nights sleep (Idon't sleep well normally either) I was back to my normal aches and pains. I am now though extremely worried about taking the 2nd dose. I cannot go through what I had last time again, but I haven't read anywhere where anyone, who has had a bad reaction to the 1st dose, didn't have any adverse reaction to the second one. Perhaps you could enlighten me. I would appreciate it.

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RedAppleAdministrator in reply to ShelWhitt

ShelWhitt , We have another poll running for people who've had their second dose.

Obviously at this point, not many people have been offered a second shot, so it's still early days. 72 members have responded so far.

The second shot poll is here Just click on View Results beneath the list of poll options to see what people are reporting so far.

Following on from my comment below I now have further symptoms of burning arms and legs spine and very painful stabbing pains in my hands and feet and I am very cold and exhausted this is 7 days following first vaccine, the gp said i have had an extreme immune reaction and it is affecting my nervous system, nothing they can do apart from prescribe amitripyline rest and wait it out. I feel very frustrated and there is no support or information available for significant adverse reactions I have no idea how or when I will get better. I have submitted a yellow card.

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Sounds similar to my symptoms. How are you doing now?

I had Oxford vaccine whilst taking carbinazole for over active thyroid. I had fever symptoms about 8 hours after. The next day I felt really unwell with flu symptoms, a banging headache a strong feeling of nausea, didn’t eat anything. When I tried to get out of bed felt really nauseous so went back to bed. Slept most of day. Next day felt tired and bit achey. Ok end of second day

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I had the AZ vaccine & 8 hours later flu symptoms plus nausea & vomiting. Constant headache lasting 3 days. Ok on 4th day & almost back to normal although lack of appetite

I had the AZ vaccine in the UK. I had elevated heart rate the first and second night. It was 109bpm at rest for a few hours. Normally I’m 60bpm or below at rest. The only other thing I had was sore joints for a few days.

Elevated heart rate for 48 hours, extreme fatigue for 3 weeks+. (I do have ME/CFS so vaccine caused an exacerbation of symptoms.) Took me rather by surprise , didn’t expect it to be so bad. Flu jab a month earlier only knocked me for a couple of days. Still, it’s better than getting the real deal.

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Should have said it was the AZ vaccine. And I also got the ‘normal’ side effects of splitting headache, light sensitivity and amazingly painful back & shoulder muscles - these lasted 24hours on the day after the jab. Slightly sore arm but not as bad as flu jab. Chills and feeling really cold for about a week. Some nausea on and off for about four days, plus lack of appetite.

My partner is a GP and he thinks it may be wise to look into switching to Pfizer or Moderna for second dose - depending on what the studies are saying by then about combining two different styles.

I got my first AZ vaccine last Wednesday, on Thursday and Friday I had a headache and my eyes were sore to focus, slighy sore arm, slight dizziness occasionally but waa fine after 2 days.

I have Diabetes1 and have since having first vaccine become allergic to my long acting Toujeo insulin.

Had my first dose of AZ two weeks ago. 10 hours after having the injection I felt bad for 24 hours - extreme cold for two hours, then boiling hot with bad head - paracetamol helped. Felt flu-like symptoms for the next day, a bit like having a hangover. Then I felt much better but seemed to get a succession of symptoms which each lasted for about half a day eg earache and worsened tinnitus, back ache (my scoliosis went into spasm which is very unusual) - it felt a bit like every illness I've ever had popped up for a few hours. On about day 3 I got a blister at the injection site which was maddeningly itchy and this lasted for about 5 days (I react very badly to insect bites and it felt similar). At times my mood has been low, a few friends have said the same. No appetite for a week, only wanted to snack on bread, cheese and cake - no great hardship but strange, not like me at all. My energy gradually came back and by days ten and eleven I felt almost normal. I may have overdone it because for the last three days I have felt absolutely exhausted despite doing very little and resting a lot. I haven't felt this tired for ages and it's very disappointing because I thought I had got on top of the Hashimoto's.

Had the Oxford jab yesterday. Felt fine all day. Woke in the night freezing cold and had to find socks and a jumper. This morning I woke with a headache. My face is inflamed (I have rosacea and it reacts to EVERYTHING). I’m a bit tired and woozy as well. Other than all that I’m fine. Going to have a nap now and wait it out.

Had my first jab of Pfizer 4 days ago. Brain fog/headache and tender arm for two days but apart for that I was OK. I am taking antihistamines as it is pollen time. Don't know if that made any difference to my reaction.

I have hashimotos and take 150mcg levotyyroxine. I had the AstraZeneca jab at 11am, I started to feel really tired at 8pm. At 2am I woke up with a headache and went from hot and cold throughout the night. The next day my headache persisted and I was exhausted so slept a lot. My arm had a minor ache. The following day I was fine again.

I felt terrible for about a week and couldn’t sleep on the side of the arm where I had it as I was VERY sore. I had a day off work due to symptoms of fatigue.

1st vaccine symptoms with AZ- woke up at night 12 hours after jab aching like flu. Aches disappeared the next day. Felt flu like the next day and took day off work. Felt rough for the next week. Also provided yellow card feedback. Have an inflamed thyroid, waiting for full diagnosis.

Had 1st dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine on 27th March, was fine the first few days except some pin and needles in hand (same arm of jab) the 2nd day and then pretty much every night since. Thought it may be nerve issue from injection although my arm was not even sore after the jab. But also been experiencing tingling on and off in feet and calves, sometimes knees, both sides. Only if still and mainly evenings. Feeling OK otherwise, no headaches or fatigue, just a bit anxious especially since hearing the reports on blood clots linked to AZ vaccine. Talked to GP on Thursday and having blood test done on Monday for thyroid (she has asked for TSH and T4), calcium, b12, folate. Also GP referring for carpal tunnel test (doubt this will happen anytime soon knowing the current NHS waiting list, and it's not urgent I suppose). Had full thyroidectomy in March 2019 (following Graves relapse) and been very well and stable on 75mcg levothyrox daily. Wondering if the jab has disturbed this balance... I'm also in peri menopause so could be other hormones fluctuation causing tingling.

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Update on my post above. The blood work shows a slight low hemoglobin. Tsh is slightly low and Ft4 slightly above range but no action to adjust medication (GP receptionist message) . Ft3 were not measured unfortunately. Ferritin, b12, calcium, foliate and other blood counts, liver etc all OK. Could only book a routine GP appt on the 12th May, nothing earlier (*sigh*), so non the wiser. Obvs GP not worried by the results or they would have fitted me earlier. Hopefully symptoms will resolve and the vaccine caused that blip...

Hi folks. I have Hashimotos, + am on Levothyroxine. I`m 52 .Had my vaccination 2 weeks ago today. Had Oxford Astra Zenica. Was fine until about 8 hrs later. Started shivering uncontrollably, felt freezing cold, yet my skin was burning up. Had a tempereture of 37.8, my normal is below 36. Was like this this for 2 days even with taking paracetamol. Had blinding headache, made me vomit, joints hurt, very tired, took a week before i was back to normal. Arm still sore though.

I had the Astra zenica 2 weeks ago today and I'm still very poorly...ended up speaking to my gp on Thursday he referred me to A and E immediately because I've had severe headache stomach cramps and pain dizziness nausea and do7ble vision. they didn't find evidence of blood clots and could only say to ride it out and hope the side effects go away....i have never felt so ill even when I had covid last year....i definately won't be getting the 2nd jab even the nurse understand my reasons. I've spoken to many women in my age group 52 and lots have been ill for a week or two it's just the facts will never be made public sadly

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Peroxideblader, Did you report your experience via the Yellow Card Scheme? This is the way to 'make the facts public'.

Also, you can register your choice not to have the second jab on our Second Shot Poll here

thanks I haven't used the yellow card scheme I will do now and i'll comment on my 2nd jab I'm not taking

I was very anxious about vaccination as I don’t really feel that great on a daily basis due to having Hashimoto’s for last 25+ years. I’m on 150mcg levothyroxine. It’s three weeks since my vaccination, I had Astra Zeneca in UK. Very easy jab. No arm pain at all. I had a few days of hot cold and complete exhaustion needing to lie down with a hot water bottle and blanket. I have been slowly getting back to normal but have felt all symptoms like weakness, muscle fatigue, brain fog, bad eyesight, rhinitis, feeling spaced out all more than usual since vaccine. I am determined to get a bit better each day keep a regular routine and working on stress levels and doing a bit more outside in the fresh air which always helps me with Hashis symptoms.

I was very unwell for five days, I had the AZ headached and fever the first night followed bu severe aching in my pelvis.lower back, thighs and knees to the point I could hardly walk.

Tirdeness and exhaustion lasted a total of ten days.

I experienced a few days of Labrynthitis which I had recovered from previously. I had a flare of carpal tunnel pain for a few days before disappearing again. I had an old shoulder injury pain flare for a few days before disappearing again.

I had AstraZeneca in the UK. I experienced headache, sinus pains, earache, sore throat, severe chills, billiousness/stomach cramps. I also had lymph node swelling and burning in both armpits for a month.I was diagnosed wit beast cancer 2019 and lumpectomy with reduction in November 2019 then symmetrisation surgery in February 2021. I asked the doctor at the vaccination centre if he though I would be OK given that I have Hashimoto’s and Thyroid Eye disease and he said that as I had no reaction to the flu or pneumonia jabs lat year that I would likely be OK. I felt really poorly for about 15 hours and then it was as if a switch flipped and I was OK again apart from the lymph node burning. I asked my surgeon about it abs he said that a lot of ladies had reported lymph node pains to him and he had to reassure them that it wasn’t a recurrence.

I had severe reactions to chemotherapy. I was hospitalised 4 times for a total of 21 days. The last one in isolation for 9 days. I got CDifficile from all the IV antibiotics I’d been given. Not sure whether these were flare ups that made my chemo reactions worse. Oncologist said she wasn’t sure.

I have Hashimotos andI live in Hong Kong and had the BionTech on Sunday 11th April. Side effects kicked in about 3 hours after. Started with a wave of exhaustion that I could not resist and I slept for about 4 hours. I awoke feeling drugged and was soon asleep again. I was woken up by husband who made me eat something and then I went to bed and slept without waking the whole night. Extreme pain in left arm. It is 4 days later and I am still very tired and have lower back and hip pain so am taking paracetamol. Do not feel normal and still without energy. Apparently side effects are a good thing..

Had Oxford Astrazeneca 1st dose on17/02/21, following day felt headachy/tired and achy. Lasted around 48 Hours, then okay. I was given all information leaflets and Batch No. really well done, no complaints, gratefully received.

I had my 1st dose of the Pfizer vaccine on 26th March. My arm was painful 24 hours after then felt fine until 5 days later when my arm started feeling heavy with pins and needles. This came and went intermittently and improved with rest. After busy weekends I experienced extremely disturbed night sleep, feeling wired although tired, vivid dreams and extreme tingling and burning on the left side of my body and back. This improves through the week. In the last week I have developed tinnutus with painful shooting in my ears. I was on 75mg thyroxine with previously high TPO antibodies (250ish in 2018) so assume Hashimoto. The GP was pretty useless but 2 weeks before my vaccine I'd had a TSH of 3.5 so based on that and symptoms she agreed I should increase my dose from 75mg to 100mg and will do bloods in 3 weeks. Since Saturday I have been taking 100mcg B12 as concerned I was deficient after being veggie for 4 years and recently becoming more plant based. I'd rather my bloods were done before starting B12/increasing Thyroxine but didn't want to wait. Most symptoms seem to be easing except my fatigue which is bad in the mornings.

So I have hashimotos. I had my first AstraZeneca on Monday morning at 11am. The jab itself was a very pleasant experience, well organised, lovely people, reassuring chat with the nurse who said she had ME and had had it. (Took her a little longer to recover). Didn’t feel a thing.

Within the first hour felt slightly paranoid! Every little thing was like am I feeling weird.? Had a slight burn sensation in my arm that went as quickly as it appeared. My arm was absolutely fine not even a little tender.

About 5pm, I was talking to the cat on the floor (like you do) and found myself waking up there from what could be described as a micro sleep with mini dreams. All quite funny.

7pm I started to get a slight headache and felt a little achey whilst on the sofa. By 7·30 I was thinking this is it! By 8pm I felt awful and had to take some paracetamol and wanted to go to bed.

I had the WORST night! I was freezing with shivers and sweats even though I had a hundred duvets and pillows on me. I had a pounding headache, like someone had strapped a church bell to my head and said walk around with that! It was excruciating every time I moved my head. My body felt it had been run over 3 times. My eyes were really dry and gritty and hurt when I moved them. I very nearly projectile vomited! This went on til about 3am, when finally the fever broke. I still had the worst headache though. Finally went into a deep sleep around 6am. Woke with a pounding headache and very thirsty and took some more paracetamol and went back to sleep about midday.

I feel much better now. I bit weedy and still headachey. Like you would expect after being ill, but I’m definately on the mend.

So during the worst of it, I could have handled it, but I didn’t expect such a severe headache. Paracetamol barely touched it.

My husband had his jab at exactly the same time. He, unlike me, had a very sore arm. Slight fluey feeling but he was up and about the next day as normal. (Went to bed normal time too).

Here’s my caveat, I believe I had Covid last March. I believe I caught it from my son, who sat next to a child who had been skiing in Italy during the first outbreak -(do you remember that?) this child had been of ill for a couple of days. Anyway, my son was pretty poorly for a week with a high temperature. 5 days later I came down with something nasty, I was ill for about 3 weeks, no really fever but chest tightness, the dry gritty sore eyes, headaches and aches and pains. It was odd as some days you would feel fine and the next, spend in bed.

So a nurse friend of mine said you can get bad side effects with AZ if you have had covid. So I believe that what happened. Reading the literature everything I mentioned above (except for the eyes) is very common or common. I was just surprised with the severity. But equally surprised that I though I was going to die last night but feel so much better already now.

Hope that helps!

Ps a medic also suggested taking paracetamol BEFORE the jab, and every 4 hours after to reduce the side effects. Sadly, too late for me!

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Update 9 days on. Still not feeling quite right. Mild headaches, tired. Today my thyroid / neck / throat has swollen up, so I guess I’m going to have a few more weeks perhaps months before I get back on an even keel. Bah! I have reported as thyroiditis on yellow card.

I felt, what I can lay describe as very shaky/unstable inside. I had a headache and felt nauseous. My body just didn’t feel right. The feeling continued for about a week. I was okay after that.

The unexpected symptoms for me have been ongoing joint pain (my hips are sore at night) and fatigue that's reminded me of my early days of getting diagnosed with Hypo. I also experienced a delay in my period coming which was a surprise! My first jab was AZ and 8 weeks ago.

I have experienced side effects of fatigue, nausea, headaches, fever and chills for several days following the vaccine as well as feeling generally unwell. More so after the second vaccine.

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Which vaccine did you have Suki29? Was it Pfizer or Astra-Zenica?

I have other auto immune conditions and I had a hashimotos flare up after my first Pfizer vaccine it lasted for 6 weeks.

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Osteoar are you getting the second? And how do you feel now?

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I have Hashimotos, Psoriasis, Osteopenia and Osteo arthritis. I had my first vaccine on 20th February . 11 hours later I woke up with left side facial paralysis, raging hot, feeling sick and was sick. Over a 24 hour period the numbness returned to normal. After that was ok until day 5 when I had an arthritis flare up and severe pins and needles all over my body. The following 6 weeks have been sheer hell I had a list of symptoms that filled an A4 sheet of paper. I wrongly thought it was a Hashimotos flare up. Had bloods taken by GP for B12, diabetes, thyroid function,liver function, kidney function and 4 others which I cannot remember all returned normal. My GP rang me yesterday and advised me not to have the second shot. He believes I have had a mini stroke and whilst the majority of my issues have now resolved some are still remaining. These are mainly neurological issues - pins and needles, burning feet and a few others. It is hoped that these too will disappear in time and no permanent nerve damage will be sustained although at this time there are no guarantees of that. Never ever again will I have a vaccine in my life. I consider my self fortunate that I have not been permanently paralysed. My advice would be go with your gut instinct if you are not comfortable or happy with your decision don’t do it. I was not comfortable with my decision to have the first vaccine and it backfired on me spectacularly. The irony of it all is that in January I spoke with the same GP regarding uncertainty about the vaccine and was told it was safe. When I mentioned this in the discussion I was told sometimes life is complicated. Look after yourself and take care. Do what you think is right for you and no one else.

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Sorry to hear this. It's good advice to do what is right as individuals. Did you fill out a Yellow Card report?

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Osteoar in reply to JGooch


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Hi. I am also having pins and needles, burning sensation and tinnitus 5 weeks post pfizer vaccine. My GP prescribed amitryptyline but as yet I haven't taken any. Have you been prescribed anything?

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I already take amitryptyline each night for osteoarthritis. As my pins and needles is not now a permanent feature and is transient some days I have it and some days not I have not been prescribed anything. Overall most of my symptoms have now gone and although some remain because I don’t have them all the time they think that there is no permanent nerve damage and it is just a question of it taking longer for those symptoms to disappear. I am sorry to hear of your experience it is not at all pleasant and I hope that your symptoms soon disperse and you don’t have any permanent issues.

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Thanks for responding. It's reassuring to hear your symptoms have settled down. I'm not keen on taking the amitryptyline due to the side effects but think I may give them a go to give my body time to settle down. All the best to you. Thanks again.

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I understand your concerns regarding the amitryptyline as I too had concerns myself. I was however prescribed it by my rheumatologist and whilst I did have a few side effects initially I have no problems now and have been taking it for several years now. I wish you well and hope that all your health issues get resolved. Out of interest which vaccine did you have and which shot was it?

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Thank-you. I had the Pfizer vaccine and it was my 1st shot. The GP has suggested I could have the AZ for my 2nd as I seem to have had an extreme immune response but at the moment I don't feel like I want it at all.

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It is now 10 weeks since the vaccine shot. I did find that my symptoms started to improve after 7 weeks. Last week I had no pins and needles what so ever and then it returned again for two days so it is a gradual improving situation as opposed to a quick fix. I fully understand your concerns regarding a second vaccine though. I had already made up my mind not to have a second shot but my GP advised me not to as well. He said to stick with the existing protection I have from the first dose as the second is merely a booster. He said it means I have been vaccinated against Covid but my protection will wane quicker than someone who has had the booster. He also told me I could not mix and match jabs it was Pzifer second time or none.Give it careful thought and then decide what is best for you personally. I hope your symptoms begin to improve in the near future and your health returns to normal again.

I'm not having my second jab either after having severe headache like migraines stomach pains and dizziness for 6 weeks every day since the AZ. I'm 7 weeks in now and the headache is much better but still cannot tilt forward or look down for long or the head pain is immense

Plus I was adamant I wasn't having the jab as I was ill after my one and only flu jab and had heard from friends how poorly they were after their jab but I got pushed and pushed and coerced into it...regret that massively now !

Had Astrazeneca, Felt very fatigued and all my symptoms very strongly for over two weeks.

Same here after Pfizer 🥺

Hi I had the pzier jab 3 weeks ago on a Thursday. Felt fine straight after. However by the Saturday I had a really, really bad allergies flare up. Nose streaming suddenly, then that stuffed up I could not smell or taste a thing. My eyes were streaming too. My normal daily allergy tablet was doing nothing, I had to add a nasal spray. That only gave relief for 2 hours. This went on for a full 2 weeks then slowly got better. I informed my endocrinologist who said it was unrelated to the jab. I disagree. I am loathe to have the second.

Also I was very cold and shivery for about 48 hours. But the allergies lasted 2 weeks. Now 3 weeks on, I’m still not right, very fatigued and depressed. Not like me!! When will I ever learn in life. I’m such a dickead!! Shouldn’t of let them take my thyroid and shouldn’t of had that jab. I only hope it wears off after about 6 months and I am definitely not having the second one!!!

I had my 1st dose ‘Moderna’ vaccine on Monday and only side effect was little pain around injection site but that disappeared following morning. No other side effects at all so happy.

Thought I'd add my experiences of my first Astra Zenica vaccine on 20/3/21. Fine on the day and like many others cold, shivery & so wiped out the following day.For a couple of weeks all was well but in the last 3 weeks I have had recurrent episodes of fatigue, shivers, headaches & I am so cold all the time. Its happened twice this week already and I'm also a bit breathless. I even did a Covid test today to check if that was the reason for the way I feel. Luckily it was negative.

If I didn't know better I would say I've been transported back about 6 years before I got my thyroid under control with T3.

I'm just wondering now what kind of reaction I might have with the second vaccine.

Hi, I had my first shot just over a week ago. I got the Pfizer vaccine (I'm American) and everything went well. It's true that beginning several hours after vaccination my arm was sore and I sort of lost my appetite for awhile, altho I never got sick. (I took a couple of Extra-Strength Tylenol and that helped.) By the next afternoon I was feeling fine and have ever since. I'm hypothyroid and taking Levothyroxine daily. I get my second (and final) shot a couple of weeks from now, and maybe I'm weird but I'm actually looking forward to it! 😛

Was fine after Astra Zeneca first dose for a week then had a massive flare up, joints, muscles, fatigue, depression etc. Four weeks on and it’s still not getting under control. I feel like the jab has put me right back to square 1 with Hashimotos. I’m very worried about the second dose especially if I haven’t fully recovered after the first. And will it happen at every booster?

I also have factor v leiden mutation (heterozygous) so asked about blood clot risks ( had astra zeneca vaccine) - nurse didn’t know anything about it but checked and confirmed safe to have vaccine. My brother who has more serious homozygous version was offered Pfizer one as he has had DVTs - was fine with it

I was very cold, headache and feeling sick for a few days after. But it wouldn’t stop me from having a second jab. There to many people who lost loves one over this. And it’s time we try and beat this things back. And want to get back to normal and see my friends and not just in passing them in the street. I have the flu jab since I’d had thyroid problems, missed it one year and was really bad last September.

I was vaccinated in the US with the Johnson & Johnson Janssen vaccine. I experience "normal" side effects of fatigue, loss of appetite/sick feeling, arm pain, headache. Within a few days, however, the arm pain extended from behind my ear the full length of my arm to my hand. Doctor has diagnosed bursitis in the shoulder as a direct result of the vaccine. He does not believe it was administered incorrectly. It has been over 6 weeks, and I am still recovering from the bursitis.

I am now 10 weeks post the 2nd Pfizer jab. Also have hashimoto’s. I was fine after the first one but a few days after the second pretty rough and big tennis ball in arm pit. It has gone but not totally . Going to get checked out to rule anything but wondered if my body has just gone into overdrive to fight it and flared up. Wondered if anyone had had same?

Had my 1st dose of Pfizer days ago, on the 7th of May, all good until the evening 8th of May my neck got swollen and I can feel lymph nodes in my chest swelling and being a bit painful. Not sure this is from the vaccine or Hashis, as I'm in the middle of dose increases as last results were lowish for me. Temp normal 36.6, maybe a bit more fatigued and sweaty feet :) other than that fine, getting thyroid bloods done tomorrow with antibodies to see if anything has changed, will report back.

in reply to

Update almost a week after my jab: had some headache , dizziness, was out of action on Monday, took a day off work. Went to do thyroid bloods on Tuesday, they are as expected, apart from TPO antibodies rose by 30%, from about 340 to 425 after the vaccine. Not sure my stiff neck is caused by that at all. Otherwise I'm fine, can't wait for the next jab to have it done and over with.

I had the AstraZeneca vaccine for the first time just under a week ago. I have hashis, Neutropenia, vitiligo and have tested ANA positive. I take NDT.

I had a poor nights sleep (~12 hours after getting vaccinated) as had a slight headache but felt wide awake. The next day I felt like I had a mild hangover and a slight ache in the arm the vaccine was administered to. The arm seemed to I prove after a few days especially after doing some light weight training. Hoping shot number two is as low drama!

After first AZ vaccine in January 21: Ok til night time, then extremely nauseous for several hours. Avoided vomiting by lying very still. For a few weeks after that I woke feeling nauseous, exactly like my early morning sickness feeling when pregnant. (NB I am age 80. ) I still find myself suddenly and unexpectedly feeling nauseous on some mornings now. It's always in the morning and it goes after I get up. After my second AZ vaccine in April 21 : unexpectedly felt ill for 15mins after walking from the clinic to the car. Also I have had quite strong frequent palpitations since the second AZ jab. Perhaps coincidence.

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RedAppleAdministrator in reply to walkingnan

walkingnan, If you haven't already, please add your info to the poll for second vaccination too :)

I experienced palpatations fast heart rate and raised blood pressure gastritis and hives 2 weeks afte 1st Pfizer vaccine. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sorgens Syndrome. I take methotrexate and biological drugs.

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ling in reply to Starmen

Did you have your second dose?

Is this poll closed now? I only ever saw the poll for people who’d had both - which will be me next week.

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RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Ruby1

No this poll isn't closed Ruby1. Lots of people are yet to have their first jab :) so both polls will remain active as long as necessary.

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Ruby1 in reply to RedApple

Thank you - that's strange - perhaps I have already voted then and forgotten all about it. There is no option for me - must be brain fog!

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Ruby1

If you have voted, you should see, just under all the options:

Your vote: <details of the voting option>

Which tells you how you voted!

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Ruby1 in reply to helvella

Thank you so much!! Indeed I have voted.... I need to pay more attention to what I'm doing 🙃

I take thyroid s and blood tests show I’m optimal. Since my first Covid Vaccine oxford Zenecaon March 5th . Arm hurt about 6 days, sore throat, runny nose , achey body . I’ve felt a lot more exhausted, heavy aching limbs and generally more hypo though blood test say I’m not in the last 2 months though I’m wondering if peri menopause symptoms a lot worse but feeling pretty rubbish .

I had Pfizer. Was fine with minor symptoms for first 24 hours. Then very high heart rate between 120 and 140 with strong chills and flu like symptoms. Went to emergency. Got bloods taken. White blood cells were elevated and FT4 and FT3 dropped from 44% of ref (FT4) and 88% (FT3) to 21% (FT4) and 24% (FT3). Explanation given was that I may have had covid in the past as these people are having stronger response. Numbers have since recovered.

Although I cannot say there was a direct link to vaccine after having my normal highlights put in my hair I suffered from hyper neuralgia which I wondered if it had something to do with having auto immune thyroiditis & the Covid vaccine ?

Hi - I have not officially been advised that I have Hashimoto's other than by @SlowDragon on here as a result of me supplying my test results earlier this week. I therefore said no to being diagnosed as my doctor/ endocrinologist have not accepted that I have it. However, I have had a Hashimoto's flare-up this week but I am attributing this to me switching from Levythyroxine to Erfa in the last 8 days or so. My first vaccine dose (Astra zeneca) was done on 18 March and I had absolutely no symptoms as a result. My second dose is due in June. I am hoping that my Hashimoto's will have stabilised by then. 😟.

Had my first vaccine -AZ - in March. No side effects, not even a sore arm.

Got first vac 21 st March and been really ill since GP sais it’s not their problem as vaccine is not NHS and is not prepared to discuss !! My neck glands have been swollen and painful since , temp up n down , dizziness , joint pain , shivers , overheating , tinnitus , exhaustion , etc been to 111 twice they forced GP to see me being sent for neck ultrasound, but still GP refuses to discuss vaccine , I self reported to yellow card n JVC they have contacted me 4 times which I appreciate but Scottish reporting med officer nothing , it’s very scary when you have no where to turn to , symptoms are slightly lesser now but still there , still have 2nd vac to go ???? Been tested for covid and antibodies both negative 🤷‍♂️

I received the AstraZenica Covid vaccination in England. I experienced pins and needles in my left hand and around my mouth and on my face. I also had really weird chest pains and felt like i couldnt breathe properly. Im dreading having my next jab in 3 weeks time. Im 56 and on Thyroid medication.

I’ve have Hasimotos Which was diagnosed about 4 yrs ago. I had my first vaccine on Friday 14th May . I was given Pfizer . I was fine immediately after however now I have what I think is swollen lymph nodes in my armpit of the arm I was given the vaccine. It’s a bit uncomfortable and sore so I’m going to get it checked out by my GP. Anyone else experienced the same ? ❤️

Got Moderna 1st jag, bit of a sore arm, but no tiredness or anything else, in fact the opposite - 1-2 hrs of light dozing the first night, and zero sleep the second night. And not feeling tired, which I am sure all hypothyroid people on here and those told they have ME/CFS will agree is an excellent outcome. Let’s see how long it lasts.

I had Pfizer 10 days symptoms and I had a cheeky glass of wine!

I had Pfizer on the 19th May and have had no adverse effects after three days. The whole process went very well.

My covid 19 jab experience wasn't unusual but here it is: I've got Hashimoto's and the day after the first Astra Zeneca jab I got 38.8 C fever and muscle pain. I was really exhausted and it took me about 1/2 hour to psyche myself up to go to the loo. Better the next day and better the day after.

My first vaccine was Astra Zeneca, I was lethargic, hot & cold temps, aches, sore arm, for a couple of days off & on. All good really

Hi all, I had my first Covid jab 7 days ago. I have been hypothyroid (Hashi’s) and take both T3 and T4, under the care of an Endo.

I didn’t have much in terms of side effects just the sore arm and a slight fever a day after the jab which resolved quickly.

Unfortunately I have had a tremendous amount of fatigue since having the jab and am sleeping excessive amounts, feel sleepy very early, do not feel refreshed when I wake and often go back to sleep after waking in the morning.

I slept at 9pm yesterday, woke at 7.45am and am STILL tired!

Normally I would sleep at 11pm and wake around 7am so something is clearly wrong since taking the jab.

Nothing else has changed in my diet/lifestyle except the injection so I feel this is the culprit.

Any advice or experience?

Note that I am not sharing blood test results or asking for advice on thyroid levels as this change has been brought about directly since taking the jab so it will be interesting if there’s experiences on this forum of similar occurrences particularly for Hashi’s sufferers.

3 weeks on... still have fatigue. Exercising is difficult; my body doesn’t respond or want to do it. Tiredness, needing to sleep more.

Palpitations, numbness of my face, dizziness

Received my first Pfizer vaccine in February. 2 weeks later I went from underactive to overactive thyroid. Medication was reduced however I then suddenly could not walk, slurred speech, lost 2 stone and was practically bedridden. Visits to A & E and GP found nothing wrong. MRI scan fine. Referred to neurologist who has diagnosed Functional Neurological Disorder and said I would improve in time. 4 months later I have improved slightly and speech better however still fatigued. I did not get the second vaccine as I was too ill however I am now afraid to get it as I was otherwise healthy with managed hypothyroidism until I received the first. It may be coincidence however the neurologist could not confirm if it was the vaccine and just said having the vaccine is better than catching Covid 🤔

Had pains about my body for 8 days one day had chest pain and would have sought help had I not been away from home . It passed after about 5 hours . Glad it’s done though . Second one caused no effect on me

Felt really ill and was in bed for 2 days with joint and muscle pain. Felt like full on flu when you can hardly walk.

I was very achy the following day after 1st shot but expected that as I did the 2.5 mile walk home , however by day 5 I felt unwell and very slightly feverish , just over two weeks on , I feel terrible aches and pains from head to toe. Antibodies have been over the lab range >1300 and dread to think what they are now. Never given any medication, they are waiting for thyroid to be destroyed . I chose to have the Pfizer by the way as Chris Whitty said initialiy it was better fur people with auto immune . I'm 74 and out off the vaccine as had to have a lot if dental work done and didn't want to cancel as I usually react badly to vaccines.

Had my first dose of moderna about 10 days ago now. I’m 32, diagnosed with hashis and taking levo. Have been feeling a bit off as my adrenals are playing up so was expecting a bit of a knock from the vaccine. Had the sore arm but no fever symptoms. Very tired for a couple of days after and brain foggy for about a week after. Think I’m n the uptick again now though.

Only downside, as others have mentioned, is that I didn’t receive much information. A quick run down of avoid alcohol, take paracetamol etc would have been handy. To his credit the guy did go over expected/normal after effects.

I had my first AstraZenica vaccine on 23rd of April, in the afternoon, and had no other issue than a sore arm until the next day, after midday, when I started to feel really weak and my hormonal migraine, that usually kicks in before or after periods, suddenly manifested itself. I spent the rest of that day in bed feeling no energy and sort of sleeping though it. I managed to have a good night sleep and the next day I was fine. Sore arm lasted for 3-4 days. Ridiculous they only advice on taking paracetamol even for a sore arm. I am 44, diagnosed with Hashimoto 20 years ago and I have been taking levothyroxine since then.

I slept for about 20 hours

Had Covid in January and then 1st vaccination in mid March. Felt like a milder version of Covid afterwards with a sore arm. However a week after the vaccine my hair started to fall out in big handfuls and has only just stopped 2 months later. GP did generic blood test which gave lowest ever TSH of 0.2 and told to repeat in 12 weeks. Would not discuss if Covid or vaccine had affected my thyroid, told it was highly unlikely. Have now ordered private tests through Medichecks as next vaccine due this week,will have it but will monitor thyroid levels again afterwards 🤞

I have hashimotos, celiac disease, and psoriasis. I had the first Pfizer dose on Thus. Blood tests in April for hashis showed I was at lower end of in range. Chills, fatigue, joint and muscle pain as well as sore upper arm after an hour. Chills went away after a couple hours and sore warm after two days, but other symptoms remain four days later. Took paracetamol today. Hadn't heard anything about alcohol. Had a pint of cider yesterday and today but dont feel any worse for it tbf. Speaking to GP on Wed to discuss next bloods for hashis so will mention symptoms then. If next bloods show I'm in need of a levo increase I will let you know.

One thing I've heard since was that one person administering the dose told the patient to make their arm really lose so the muscle is as relaxed as possible, and they didnt have a sore arm. It's not so bad but it's a pain not being able to sleep on it so I'm going to try it for second dose.

No to boosters (for me) due to side effects on, 2nd shot of Pfizer reduced me to palpations, shaking, diarrhea ongoing and flatulence ongoing, very unwell, although the palpitations have subsided thankfully now a double lung transplant candidate I will not be returning, my gp has reduced my dose but we are looking further into this, I realise there will always be small percent with side effects but I had nearly a month of this carry-on and I am just to sick to warrant a further vax currently as it stands I continue to shield here will stick with this. For me it has been interesting as a lung patient I was expecting side effects on lungs..nothing...but thyroid definitely affected!

Post-vaccination (Astra Zeneca) , I experienced flu-like symptoms which started with left eye twiching, whole body muscle aches, exhaustion, feeling feverish, weak and just wanting to lie down in bed. It lasted for a day though the muscle weakness and heavy head feeling lasted for days after the vaccination.

I had chills and sweats the night after my jab and for days felt as if a bit of the needle was stuck in my arm: a really sharp pain if I laid on it. Very odd. I felt tired and lacking energy for about 10 days. I have been diagnosed with CFS in the past.

Hi all,

Has anyone with Hashis who got first Pfizer jab experienced dizziness? I got a sore arm and very fatigued for the first one day and a half and then started feeling awfully dizzy.

Is this normal? When should I worry?

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I do hope you are feeling better since you posted. I have also experienced dizziness after Pfizer as well as neck pain, it seems to be quite common according to this forum for vestibular disorders:

From the comments it seems to occur from an inflammatory response and generally seems to last 4 weeks for the majority of people, some people have said they found Ibuprofen helped, I would not take some of the dosages some have mentioned on there however!

I had a very similar feeling to this when I was first experienced thyroid issues and I am hoping it hasn't gone awry again, I will report back if it has.

Hoping this dizziness calms down for us all very soon. All the best : )

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Hi Hormone-hell, thanks for your reply! It did calm down. Now two weeks after, it seems gone most of the time, but it comes back when I get really tired/stressed.

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That's good to hear, hope things only improve from now on!

Experienced terrible headaches, vomiting, chills, temperature for about 5 days then dizziness and sickness about a month later, was told it was an inner ear infection, haven't felt well since. In fact I feel that my thyroid is not working properly again, it could be coincidence as probably have had symptoms for a couple of years but GP just diagnoses something else, says my thyroid is fine but I'm now experiencing all the symptoms that I had when I was first diagnosed.

I had Moderna. Couldn't move my arm very well for a few days as it was heavy and sore. Avoided alcohol for about a month after. I don't drink much anyway (too many calories) so it wasn't a hardship tbh. Off it now for about 6 weeks as round 2 in 2 weeks.

My first AZ vaccination was fine apart from tiredness. The second vaccination rather unexpectedly produced an annoying headache the next day. It lasted 4 weeks. I do not usually suffer from headaches. I also had ear ache for part of that time. I have had joint issues which have required anti inflammatory meds from the GP. Again totally new to me. I have Hashimoto’s. I seem to have recovered but I suspect the vaccine triggered an inflammatory response.

I had flu like symptoms for about a week, but no cough or cold

I had flu like symptoms, but not a cough or cold. This lasted about a week

Apart from flu like symptoms 24-48 hours after the second jab, I developed hives all over my body. It was especially bad on my arms where I would scratch myself in my sleep until I bled. OTC drugs did not provide enough relief so I was prescribed Fexofenadine Hydrocloride. I cannot prove a connection between hives and the vaccine; however, the condition appeared a couple of days after the second jab and lasted for about a week. I had no reaction whatsoever after the first jab. I received the Moderna vaccine.

I experienced strange tingling and an icy feeling around the injection site about four hours after having the vaccination. I also had the worst headache ever - unable to sleep with it, and horrible pains under my ribs. But glad that I had it. The second injection was much easier on me, just a muzzy head and tiredness.

I experienced a strange icy tingling sensation at the injection site about four hours after the vaccination. The headache I had was so bad that I couldn’t sleep with it. I also had nasty pains under the ribs. I’m glad that I had the vaccine though.

I know it’s difficult with polls that have closed questions, however what’s not being asked here is what is the severity of side effects for people with autoimmune diseases. If you tick that it was the ‘expected’ recognised side effects, you’re not able to say what the severity was.

An increase in neuropathic pain.

2 weeks after the jab .I had a swollen gland between my jaw and ear which was extremely painful. Spoke with doc who said ut was nothing to worry about. Had thesame issue with my second jab

Lots of pains about my body for 8 days plus extremely weary for 2 of those days. I took paracetamol which helped

I had Moderna in the UK. I have Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism, as well as ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, and some other issues currently being investigated. I take Levothyroxine. I normally don't handle vaccines well (fever, chills, body aches, fatigue), but the only side effect I had with the COVID vaccine was a sore arm. I was pleasantly surprised! Hopefully my second vaccine will be just as easy.

Symptoms wise I had both expected and unexpected symptoms. Felt tired and a bit unwell for a few days and had headaches for a few weeks afterwards. My tinnitus worsened about 5/6 days after the jab for a few weeks. I have Graves’ disease had the Pfizer jab. I have a type of Graves with both blocking and stimulating antibodies and was underactive and titrating up on levo when I had the jab.

A delayed reaction after 2 weeks. Fatigue and joint pain

Seriously ill. Astra zenica, although I would not have accepted Pfizer. 1st dose, Mega upsurge of total inflammation. Everywhere! 2nd dose, irregular heart rhythm..

Within 8 hours I became very ill. Was in bed for 24 hours, - delirious wth high temperature, chills etc. Luckily it passed soon after.

Sore arm; tired over two weeks.

Helpful advise was to avoid food an hour or so before. Drink lots of water/liquid before & after

Hi, I have Hashi's and am on T3. I had the AZ jab 2 days ago. One day of expected symptoms and couldn't get out of bed. Unexpected symptoms of really heavy legs. Joint ache has increased a lot. However, I'm up and at it today after a good rest. That's the short term symptoms done.

My experience of the vaccine programme was one of confusion and panic, as I didn't know which jab would be best, AZ or Pf, in relation to having an AI condition. I wanted to make my own informed choice rather than be dished out one. GP no constructive help, or the 119 number or NHS pages. I can read health research as I'm an academic researcher so I know how to ignore the misinfo. In the end I chose AZ but it is so hard with the flood of random info sources. It would help to have a central accountable source , that gathers data on specific conditions and how responses to vaccine have been. I worked out from here and elsewhere (please don't ask me for sources, I can't remember!) that AZ had noted separate data from trials that included people with AI conditions, whilst Pf had not. However I don't know if I made the right choice to have AZ and am now considering a Pf booster!!! I had a panic attack at the vaccine centre as have terrible hospital phobia and the whole experience was really yucky, disempowering and depersonalising. I appreciate they have a lot to get through and lots of people working v hard, but argh. I recommend a smaller place like a pharmacy rather than the big vaccine centres after that, where someone will actually talk to you adult to adult and not like addressing a three year old. The one size fits all approach is punishing on those who don't.

In addition to feeling feverish I had a rash on my torso, debilitating headache, brain fog & had to spend one day in bed sleeping all day. I could not have worked, driven a car, prepared a meal etc. These symptoms lasted 24 hours & since then I've felt fine.

I forgot to mention it was the astrazenica vaccine.

My first vaccine resulted in, I guess what is known as a huge Hashi flare up, which made me get private blood tests... and resulted in a Hashimotos diagnosis (even though I'd had 'sublicinal' results a few years prior to that. I developed mouth sores and ulcers, a strong almost unbearable dry, bitter taste in my mouth, weight gain and fatigue... eyebrow loss... (this was all within a few weeks of the first vaccine... mouth sores within a week). Oh and insulin resistance (I am type 1 diabetic)...

I had a fever about 16hrs after my first Oxford Astra Zeneca jab. It went about 12 hrs later

Very achy the day after, no sore arm, day 5 of Pfizer felt sweaty and generally unwell and from then on quite achy.

Not come across anyone here yet with long covid, may have missed it. Had my first AZ vaccine nearly 8 weeks ago. Recently diagnosed with hyperthyroydism (toxic nodule) and started carbimazole 4 weeks ago. Not sure if I now have a relapse of long covid symptoms or thyroid symptoms. Had the common 48hr reaction to the vaccine then felt quite good. 5th day started with severe headache and spaced out feeling, then a week later full on fatigue, pain plus some other symptoms.

Yes I had a reaction. A 14 week migraine and it zapped me of all energy. I sat on the couch for 14 vert long weeks. I had blood tests and they kept telling me they’re ok - and with another test they said oh you might need to go to hospital - then they checked with the hospital who said no - they are hitting the barrier readings but that’s it they’re just on the line. Following week blood tests I got a phone call to go to ward 3. I turned the corner and it was the DVT clinic!! No one told me. My D dimer was below normal - so I ended up in the scanner and spent a nervous afternoon waiting on the results. Did I have clots or not?! The answer thankfully was no - but I obviously came close.

After the second vaccine - I took a terrible chest infection that floored me. I had a cough from hell. I’ve had several bouts of pneumonia- so I know what a bad cough is like - but with this cough - I knew people would look at me - so I stayed home. I had 3 sets of antibiotics and I now have a mild infection that I’m leaving my body to help to fight it. We are now at the end of July and I can say with all honesty that only now am I turning the corner to feel normal.

AstraZeneca how I loathe thee!

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Livemusicians, Sorry you've had such a bad experience with the vaccine. There's nothing in your profile to say whether or not you have a thyroid disorder?

I have Hashimotos & I had my 1st Pfizer vaccine on July 19th with no side effects the first week. But exactly a week later I got a massive panic attack! I’ve never had a panic attack only slight anxiety when I’m over medicated. My BP went up to 179/100, so I went to the ER & also because I have ITP & was worried about my Platelets, but thank god they were up 16 points!I was told it was a panic attack & to have my thyroid panels checked! I’m back to normal, with just a bit of anxiety!Not sure if Vaccine had anything to do with my Thyroid, but will be getting it checked soon! I will be getting my 2nd Pfizer shot on August 9th. Can’t wait to be fully vaccinated!🙏🏼

Hi I experienced horrible symptoms 19 days after my second COVID vaccine (2 weeks after upping my Erfa dosage following blood test results). I completed this survey after my first jab when I experienced no symptoms. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and from fibrosing alopecia. How do I update my response?

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We have a separate poll for the second vaccine shot here

Thank you 🙏

I've had the Pfizer vaccine. After the 1st dose I didn't notice any side effects other than a sore arm for a day or so. Had the 2nd dose 8 days ago and after about a day I was feeling queasy, achey, and generally unwell. The queasiness stopped after about 4 days but I'm still feeling absolutely exhausted and like I'm coming down with something. It may not be anything to do with the vaccine of course, but I hope it goes soon!

Diagnosed Hashimotos and take T3. After 1st jab, had really bad fatigue for two days. On third day after trying some food, had to rush to the bathroom, thought I was going to have problems at both ends ( sorry !) but nothing transpired. 2nd jab had fatigue again but not so bad.

All my menopause symptoms have come back with a vengeance. Post menopausal for 17+ years

Now got extreme hot flushes. Chills and anxiety. All the symptoms I had when going through menopause.

Just started back on Hrt after 14/15 years.

These symptoms all started 3 weeks after 2nd Pfizer jab

I would fill out tge questionnaire but was diagnosed and medicated between the first and second dose . So , I cannot answer questions referring to both jabs.

I had only 1/10th of a Moderna vaccine at the hosp because I react badly to flu vaccine and have many chemical sensitivities.

Initially I was ok but after 3-4 days had really bad vertiginous migraine with vomiting.

The headaches then became central and orbital for several days- different to my normal migraine.

I had unstable blood pressure and diastole very low, have Af treated by ablation so it set off some AF episodes.

I have IBS which had been very bad since.

Diabetes- sugar spikes.

Have not yet chanced any more. Have written to my lead consultant- on holiday and the head of the drug allergy dept who gave the 1/10..

After 1st dose felt unwell, very tired, dizzy and ached all over. Lasted 24 hrs then back to my normal self. 2nd vaccine no problem at all

I have had my pots symptoms get bad after the first shot. My heart rate was going up to 108 sitting in a chair. Higher when standing. My pots symptoms had been good since 2012 with minor flairs now and then. I got my first vaccine in June and I am still having problems. Did not get the 2 nd

1st Astrazeneca vaccine on 14th March 2021 left atm. Within 10 minutes after felt a warm feeling in right buttock. Later evening my right fingers felt broken and painful and felt shortness of breath. I took 2 paracetamol woke up feeling fine upto 3 months had lower back sciatica, nerve pain. Saw chiropractic for 3 months pain eased. Feel better.

After my 1st vaccin for covid,I was in bed for 10 days with crasy dizziness spells,non stops chills (no fever) and terrible exhaustion ...And after 7 days I still had no antibodies by the way 🤷‍♀️

Had my first Pfizer vax almost 3 weeks ago. It’s taken me a long time to decide whether to have or not have but circumstances meant I needed to get it. I was adamant I was going for Pfizer after talking to a few folk and doing some research. My fmgp has hashimoto’s and other autoimmune issues so I went with what she had. I have tinnitus which appeared when I removed some of my amalgams unsafely 5 years ago. It’s currently worse as I’m chelating metals. I’m struggling to know if it’s made any difference having the vax? Apparently the AZ contains small trace amounts of EDTA. A known chelator so I wonder if people might be experiencing tinnitus from AZ over Pfizer? Upon having the vax I got the usual symptoms which were more than I expected. immediately the vax point went red hit and my arm cold and numb. Within an hour my arm felt like I had a trapped nerve at eh neck all the way to my fingers. I had a headache and felt a little wobbly. Had some paracetamol and slept overnight and then just had a sore arm for about 3 days, like old be punched. I’m definitely suffering from tiredness as back to struggling to get out of bed in a morning but all better than the worst o was fearing.

How are you now? Did you get the 2nd jab? How did you feel after it? I hope all is well! X

I was fine initially after the Pfizer vaccine, then a week later when my period was due I got thyroid symptoms. Prior to the vaccine I had been off levothyroxine for a couple of years at least and had no symptoms. My period this time was very different, it was heavier, very painful and I became very bloated and heavy. My eyelids and face swelled and skin was inflamed. Usually I may suffer some mild pms but it all disappears when my period arrives. At ovulation the symptoms calmed down but as my next period approaches, my eyelids and the bloating have begun to act up again. I have started taking 25mcg levothyroxine during my first period after the vaccine and plan to continue taking it until my period stops bringing on these symptoms. I’m hesitant to get the 2nd vaccine but will do it. The GP has only suggested to test antibodies in 3 months time

,3 weeks After the Pfizer vaccine I had a flare up of Hashimoto's not sure if it was a coincidence but also my rheumatoid arthritis flared up but eventually settled however still have symptoms from Hashimotos this started in January.

I had horrible side effects from my first vaccination so haven’t had my second

I had Astra Zenica and had stomach pain and wrenching and loss of appetite for 3 days with my first dose.

I'm interested to know what this poll tells us? It's not clear to me. I was diagnosed with Graves disease after going into atrial fibrillation two weeks after having my first vaccination with AstraZeneca but I don't know if there is a link, or if that could ever be proven. I'm interested to know other experiences. I had no immediate effects from either vaccine.

UK. I'm female, 55 with several autoimmune conditions so I was dreading side effects. I had the Astra Zeneca & only had a mild headache/aching eyes/eardrums & sore arm within 24hrs & which didn't last long . My very fit & healthy 63 y/o male partner was knocked sideways overnight & for 48 hours, inc heavy flu like symptoms. (also Astra Zeneca). He even took time off work which he's never done in twenty years!

Absolutely wonderful idea for the poll.

I am in the State of Florida, USA. I had the Pfizer vaccines in March and April 2021. After the vaccines my TSH has been off the charts (low). Not feeling well. Palpitations, Tachicardia, Increased blood pressure. Pain in hip and leg joints to the point that I could hardly walk in December. My medication, Synthroid has been reduced 4 times since April. 250 Mcg down to 150 Mcg. I didn't make the connection between the vaccine until December 13, 2021 when I got the booster. I stopped taking my medication 4 weeks ago. I am having blood work again to see if has changed. I feel unwell. As far a other reactions to the vaccine - 24hrs of fever (101.5), chills, night sweats and muscle pain. Also, I have fibromyalgia since 1999.

Hi, I had my First dose of Pfizer in December last. I have an under active thyroid and take levothyroxine to control it. I was in bed for 2 days after the vaccine, it completely floored me. I had vomiting and diarrhoea too, lovely! Had my bloods done last week and my TSH is way back up, highest it’s been for 2 years. I’m really frustrated that I’ve had to take this vaccine at all (having recovered from Covid in 2020 with no issues). Anybody else had problems? I’m in UK

I have Graves disease, diagnosed about 10 years ago. This has been in remission for the last 4 years. However in May 2020 I started feeling slightly unwell and got my bloods done which showed a slightly elevated Tsh but T4 was ok. I am also peri menopausal but experienced a heavy period after the vaccine

Had 2xAZ . Which have caused inflammatory response and now have thyroid issues.

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If you are in the UK, and haven't already done so, you might consider doing a Yellow Card report. More info in this post

I have been so lethargic since having all 3 covid vaccinations

Yes, am taking thyroid hormone replacement meds.

No unexpected symptoms after each jab. I have had the three.

Yes, I have diagnosed Hashi.

No, I have no other auto immune disease.

I then suffered a TIA/stroke and tried several times completing the yellow card but gave up due to the complications of explaining my condition.

I don't know why I haven't answered this post before coz I hate being last! 🤣🤣

Fatigue, post-vaccination, was way more severe than expected. I felt like I had been drugged with sleeping tablets. I slept most of the time for a full week, and only woke for very brief periods. I felt awful (general malaise) and strange head sensation (being totally unable to focus on waking) for two weeks afterwards. I really did not expect such a strong response - quite scary. Also frequent and urgent urination for first 4-5 days after vaccination.

SOB, faint, parathesia, more fatigue, also more frequent migraines