Hi everyone, newbie here on behalf of my husband who is a bit of a computer phobe!!!

He was diagnosed with IBS last year and we have done our best to eliminate wheat in all its forms. Whilst much of the chronic pain he was experiencing has gone, he frequently experiences severe cramps and lately has only just made it to the loo... in fact today he didnt make it!!!!! We are both baffled as to what the cause might be. Can anyone help?

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  • Oh the joys unfortunately it could be any number of triggers. It's different for everyone but the main triggers are dairy, fried food, spicy food, caffeine, alcohol, wheat and gluten. It really is a process of elimination. Some fruits especially citrus can cause problems also. I also take a acidophilus probiotic and a multi vitamin every day. I can only drink bottled water as there is too much calcium in tap water. Hope this helps a little. My doc put me on loperamide, alverine and buscopan three times a day but until then over the counter Imodium may help

  • Thank you Lynne - I'm really concerned about him as he seems very troubled by today's events. I'm trying to encourage him back to his doctor as he is not currently taking any meds to help his symptoms. I guess Imodium might be a good idea however is it safe to take on a daily basis as these episodes of needing the toilet urgently seem to have little or no warning =(

  • Yes it's safe I was also concerned about me taking it daily. I was put on it after having my daughter caused a major flare up and had D every day for 8 weeks. I have been taking it firstly three times a day now I'm down to once or twice a day for 5 years and its just been reviewed and extended for another two. My prescription says I can have up to 8 a day. At most I have 5 but that's only non bad days which usually coincides with my period. I went from daily D to now once a month if that. Definitely speak to your doc I know men can be stubborn about docs but its very debilitating not knowing when your going to get D. It can start impacting socially and emotionally I ended up developing anxiety about going out and especially eating out so don't leave it.

  • Thank you all so much for your advice and kind words of support. One further question if I may, is there a rule of thumb as to how long it would be between consuming wheat/gluten and experiencing symptoms. In advance of making a food diary, we are trying to see if there is a trend. By the way, my husband is pleased that alcohol was not on your list of things to avoid lol

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