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IBS Someone please help

Hi my names Sam and I was wondering if you could help me im only 22 years of age and have been diagnosed with IBS. Thing is ive been suffering for about 5 years and the last year has been the worst in my life!! Ive been told its ibs diarreah promident however it seems to be normal stools with just the urge to go over and over sorry to be so graphic but then I find myself being constipated for the rest of the day!!! Now as for the medicines ive tried Movicol, Immodium (constipates me), Fybogel, antidepressants amithryline cant spell n a ssri antidepressant citroplam that made me even worse peppermint oil caps probiotics basically everything you can think of plus just finished doing the Lowfodmap diet and nothing has helped!!! Everyone doctors specialists and dietician have all said stress plays a big role which is fair enough but i work in retail and cannot afford to be like what I am and ive even recently brought a treadmill as I was told eat healthy drink healthy and exercise like i said nothing has helped!! I am going for CBT in a couple of weeks but aside from that is there anyone out there that has the same sort of problems like me and has found any relief in doing anything big or small I need my life back!! ive been told im suffering from moderate depression and aniexty but i think anyone would if there gut screwed up and then when it slowed down they were bunged up i no it may not make any sense it doesnt to me hence the need of your help Thanks so much hope someone can help me :)

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Hi Sam my names Shell..I have I.B.S too.. I did have terrible constipation at first only going twice a wk if I was lucky. I now gone the other way :( I am on alot of tablets for one thing or another.I have too seen several specialists and I am beginning 2 think they think I just imagine the pain I am in sometimes..I know its not coz I wouldnt feel so rough.. I now trying a laco-free and still have diarrieoa..I am on antidepressants called Sertroline as citalapram didnt work for me..I had Movicol Fybogel just made the constipation worse as it just built up everything. I have 2 go 4 a CBT at some point as the hospital has tried everything else..I have now given up with it all..I have been given a perscription called Laxido but havent took any coz not needed :(( I hope 2 god u get it sorted hun 4 ur own sanity. xx

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Hi Shell, snap, I've had i.b.s and I believe the cases of it are rising due to stresses in life! I hope you get something to help you out as it sounds like you're worse than I am, I have really awful trapped air, problems eating wheat and occassionally really awful constipation. Have you tried the FODMAP diet which detect if you have a food intolerance or allergy, it might explain your symptoms. Good luck with any of this I hope you get an answer.


Hey shell yes thats exactly my point if it was to do with our heads y would we feel rough all the time doesnt make anysense the antidepressants ur on could make the diarreah worse thats the side effect to ssri antidepressants aww bless ya hun u sound like ur in the same sorta pickle like me i hope u get sorted too Sooner rather than later :) xx



I suggest you look up a good nutritional Therapist you can work with - they are not the same as dieticians and can really give you insight into what has gone wrong and how to put it right which will mean alkalising/cleansing your body & building the membranes of your cells etc to improve digestive health, immunity and so forth. It will include a really thorough consultation to ascertain you medical health over the years, diet, lifestyle, fluids, meds etc and the plan of action will go from there. It is a marathon not a sprint but the body is powerful and it just needs the right tools to help it.

Take a look at the site: nutritonist-resource.org.uk and you can read up on what a nutritionist entails etc and you can find a good one on the site in your area.

I am a therapist but probably not in your area. I trained having been through these problems myself and there is light at the other end.

Good luck and any questions feel free to ask me.

Lisa :)


Hi Lisa the link that you have put on here doesnt work is there another one? I will try ANYTHING that helps willing to give everything a go im just stuck in a rut and cant seem to shake it off!

How much is this going to cost and whats really involved?

Thanks hun im glad you have found something that helps you :) xx


Hi Shell

Where do you live? I could treat you via email/telephone consultation if you are out of my area. I usually charge £40 per hr or first consultation is £60 for 1 1/2- 2 hrs (face to face).

However telephone consultations are cheaper at £40 for an inital one - I would send a form to you for you to fill in (takes about an hr) and then you send back, I interpret and get back to you for any further information. Then I ring you and talk you through the plan of action etc. I am also available by phone or email if you need to ask me something (it is never a problem, I get back to you when I can).

Whatever you decide to do good luck! :-) xx


I suffered from IBS-C for 5 years. It was ruining my life. The pain, gas, and constipation was unbearable. I went to the hospital 4 times in 2014 between October and March. I started taking mushroom supplements and the IBS-C is totally gone now. I have waited 6 months to make sure that the IBS symptoms are actually gone and I stopped taking the supplements and within 3 days I had that stabbing pain in my abdomen meaning that I was going to have an attack. I took my supplements again and have not a one ounce of pain since. I did a youtube video about what I use (I don't work for the company or get any sort of money from them I just buy the supplement on Amazon). If you put in "My IBS is Cured! This is what I did!" you will see my video on what I exactly do. I hope this helps :)



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