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Can you have IBS without pain?

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Hi, just wondering if you can suffer IBS without pain?


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I guess you could, IBS is just a catch-all name for something that is not more serious!

Thanks for the reply. I had the stomach growling thing for a couple of weeks, which then stopped around three weeks ago, but now it’s back again. Don’t have any pain though.

Lucky you, do you fancy swopping places for a while! 😃

Lol, well to be honest I’m a bit worried that I’m not having any pain - thinking it might be something else?

Have you spoken to your doctor about it? Just to put your mind at rest. I'm sure other people on here have said they don't have pain but other symptoms. But if you are worried you should just run it past your doctor.

Hi, and no I haven’t. The fact it stopped for a few weeks put my mind at rest. I was thinking if it was anything more serious, it wouldn’t have vanished for a few weeks and come back?

It was constant rumbling daily for weeks. Then it suddenly stopped for around three weeks, then back again the last week.


Well it sounds pretty much like IBS to me but it might be worth just running it past your doctor! Some people have what they call flare-ups but some of us have it daily!

Yes, thinking the same but always been a worrier hence asking questions here.

For like 20 years, my stools have always been watery. I never thought much of it and put it down to my diet/lifestyle. The growling stomach may have even been there before. The only reason it came to my attention, was due to the fact it was constant for weeks.

Can IBS get worse with age? If is IBS, I’m thinking it is worse now as I’m not 20 anymore, so my diet is having more of an impact on my body. I drink a lot of beer (the rumbling began after a two week holiday) 🥴

Well certainly my IBS has got worse with age. It started in my late twenties when I had food poisoning and was going through a divorce. I was never the same again. Had it for 35 years, daily since my son was born nearly 29 years ago (before then it was about every other day). It has certainly got worse as I have got older, now 63. I thought when my son left home for university 11 years ago, that I would be able to find a solution but I just go round in circles getting nowhere. Also it was runnier when I was younger but getting harder (with age, I think) now but still just keeps coming!

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bridunsig in reply to Arblake80

Hi there,I really wish I didn't have pain associated with my IBS. I am in constant pain from morning to night, then once in bed, it stops. I feel constantly bloated, needing the loo but not going or 'exploding' and losing the entire contents of my body (at least that's what it seems like!). My stomach feels it's outstretched. I fell weak, dizzy and faint nearly all the time. I get off the loo and have to lie down in the bathroom as I am too weak to walk to the next door sitting room. Thankfully I lie in a bungalow so no stairs to worry about. The only medication I have received that actually works is Mebeverine.

I was told by my doctor and gastroenterologist to take 3 sachets of Movicol a day... ha ha, that means I cannot possibly go out or risk an accident in public !!! At last, after 3 months I am seeing my doctor FACE TO FACE on Monday 18th Oct and will ask for a CT Scan. I've had X-rays which showed nothing wrong, I've had Colonoscopies, Endoscopies all of which came out blank. There IS something wrong but nobody knows what. If it wasn't for my family & friends, I would happily curl up and die.

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WoolPippi in reply to bridunsig

Hi, I have the weakness after poo-ing too. Including the "loosing your innards in the bowl". The weakness I identify as a problem with CNS, particular adrenal glands and low blood pressure. I have salt water on hand to drink and some hormones to replenish. Doesn't help much but keeps it from getting worse. I used to have it after showering too and that's no longer the case. Hope you get somewhere with the doctor today, good luck.

Hi. I don’t have pain but severe nausea. My doctor has put it down to IBS bought on by anxiety…. I’m now waiting to blood tests as I’ve noticed I feel quite tired too.. anxiety maybe an issue though so not ruling out. Followed FODMAP for a few weeks but symptoms are the same.

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Meleber in reply to Red1366

Maybe it's IBS, a dysfunctional bowel, that's causing the anxiety. At least in my case it is. So just the other way around. Some 80% - 90% of the serotonine is produced in our gut.

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Arblake80 in reply to Red1366

Hi, what other symptoms do you get?

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Red1366 in reply to Arblake80

Mainly nausea but sometimes a touch of diarrhoea..

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penelope2 in reply to Red1366

Hi have you thought about other foods?Have ibs most of my adult life. Avoided a lot of food groups at various stages. Tried the FODMAPDIET And stuck to it religiously.

Now have another more serious condition and through desperation went gluten free.

Then had a cross reactive foods test, was not a finger pick test, far more sensitive than that.

And came back with dairy, rice and Buckwheat!!!

Now I am so much better, it's hard but worth it.

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Red1366 in reply to penelope2

I’ve done FODMAP but nit noticed any difference. The majority of my food is gluten free & dairy free.

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WoolPippi in reply to Red1366

nausea can also easily be your stomach acid not acid enough. Stomach acidity is governed by cortisol levels, the long term anti stress hormone, which ties in with anxiety. I make my stomach more acid with lightly diluted lemon juice or apple vinegar. Or take HCL pills.

I don't suffer from pain either. I also suffer from nausea, and bloating, fullness, constipation, and brain fog... The consultant now thinks more and more that I have a panenteric gut dismotility. Has anyone heard about this before??

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Red1366 in reply to Bluemon75

Not heard of that. What’s the treatment?

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Bluemon75 in reply to Red1366

Yes, I think is just a general medical term, and there's no really specific treatment.

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Ruby1 in reply to Bluemon75

I've not heard of it either, but a quick google helps. I have never been diagnosed with IBS, but I know I have a problem and this would fit me. I just feel like the food just doesn't move along the digestive tract. It takes ages to arrive at the end and I have to try and keep on top of things. Some foods will make me go, but will also cause pain and mucous and not really a healthy bowel movement. I sometimes get nausea but have attributed that to what I've eaten... hmmm... food for thought...

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Bluemon75 in reply to Ruby1

I wish there were tests to check for intolerances to food, that would be a massive help to a lot of us!

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WoolPippi in reply to Bluemon75

yes, I have this, including your symptoms and no pain. I had an MRI imaging of my colon done and although it was not so tortuous/crinkly that the specialist thought it uncommon it IS the cause of the problem. So sinuously that air or fibre easily gets caught, especially at night. Motility is governed by the hormones serotonine and dopamine. Dopamine lowers motility, serotonine quickens it. This is why loose stools are a common side effect of anti-depressants. I have high dopamine… you may be too if much and ripen cheese gives you a headache. My solution is eating a diet free of fibre and free of gas-forming foods such as broccoli. I mean really free of fibre, one clementine or one herring in a day is already too much. Think broth, sieved soup, clotted cream, egg yokes, white flower/rice, candy, cake, yoghurt. I can now sleep through the night and am only nauseous when I ate too fat (butter) without something acidic to help my stomach acid. I also massage my colon a lot, like when lying in bed, this helps too. Do you fart? See farting as the toots of triumph, getting rid of air. I massage and see if I have to fart afterwards and that's good. Also lots of people swallow air when eating or even breathing (?), anyway, I try to get rid of air via burping too. I have no solution for getting more motility in our intestines, although I do take 5-htp pills, the precursor to serotonin. PS my brainfog is now mainly related to bacteria build up on my teeth. Gotta brush before noon otherwise fog.

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Bluemon75 in reply to WoolPippi

Thank you so much for the information WoolPippi, did they actually test you for dopamine levels? I'm not sure if I will have high dopamine, I think I am ok with ripen cheeses, thought when I eat cheese is upto 30g a day.... Insoluble fibre is a nightmare for me. From your information, I might have low serotonin levels. Do you take anything to help constipation and help the outflow?

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WoolPippi in reply to Bluemon75

I had my DNA checked and the enzymes that break down dopamine are faulty. This checks with my symptoms of high dopamine. I flush out most my biodome once every two weeks, with magnesium sulphate or magnesium citrate.

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Bluemon75 in reply to WoolPippi

Ah, ok. And if you don't mind me asking, did you get that done through the NHS? Thank you!

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WoolPippi in reply to Bluemon75

no, got the DNA-info via (cost 100 pounds) and had it analyzed on sites like

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Bluemon75 in reply to WoolPippi

Ok, thank you for the info!

I’m pleased to say I don’t get pain., thankfully. Occasional discomfort due to wind is the worst. I do follow the FODMAP diet and avoid processed food as much as possible

I have no pain either but I think it's related to my autistic trait ignoring this signal. My body IS tense my whole life from intestine troubles. Every day, every night.

Hi Arkblake80. Did you know that there is a real medical term for rumbling tummy? It is called borborygmi. It is usually a sign that your stomach isn’t very happy with you. It may just be that you are hungry and it’s reminding you to eat soon or perhaps you’ve had a meal after being empty for too long and it’s busy digesting now. Often it’s because it’s the food is gassy or difficult to digest, like too much fatty, rich or highly seasoned which you may be unused to. Or a sporadic heating habit. (My guess is all that beer!) It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve got something wrong with your stomach and if there’s no pain it’s often just a warning to treat it better. Perhaps you need to concentrate on getting some healthy gut flora going. Why not try some of the foods with probiotics added, like live yoghurt and get it back on the right track? That will also help your bowels too. I’ve had IBS since I was a child and mine is not helped by stress. There is usually pain, bloating and discomfort at some time during an episode. If you’re pain free but your stomach continues to grumble, I’d take it as a warning because IBS can start at any time of life and it’s no fun to live with! Take care - hope it settles!

Thanks, everything you said is spot on.

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