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I have coeliac disease. IBSC and BAM borderline. Also have osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. I take lansoprazole and amlodipine for high blood pressure. I stick to a gluten and lactose free diet but still feel awful saw tight belt can't take a deep breath so bloated. So fed up. I have app with dietician next month but gastroenterology app was wast of time as phone line was bad. All they ever do is ref me to dietician again l go around in circles as they keep passing the buck. So fed up!

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What is your main prblem/concern?

BAM usually causes IBSD not IBSC all the meds for it are for diarrhoea. I just want the tight belt to ease up. My bowels are functioning well. So why so mutch pain? And why so weak.

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Maureen1958 in reply to Edgar77

I don't know of course, who does with IBS, but I am thinking the constipation inside you is hard and the BAM diarrhoea is trying to push it's way past. I am thinking this is causing pressure which is causing the pain. I get something similar myself. It's very hard to make a decision whether to go to the toilet again or not! If you go back, I find the process just continues and if I don't go back, I often regret it later. Basically, in my opinion, you can't win! Also I think when you live with something long enough your body can't forget! As for weakness, I just think it wears you down!

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pgiese in reply to Maureen1958

I think Maureen1958 may be on the right track. I have IBSC/IBSB and find that constipation is the big problem, Resolve the constipation, bloating goes down, BP down, pain down, etc. Being gluten and lactose free isn't enough. I had good luck following a FODMAP regime to identify food issues. This also helped me identify foods that might be on the "allowed" list but still cause me problems. No soya products for me! A diet with plenty of raw veg and chillis keep my system regular, but we each are different. Good luck to you. I hope you find relief.

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Edgar77 in reply to pgiese

I can see where you're coming from, but I do go more or less every day (with difficulty) and don't have diarrhoea. Just this awful tight saw belt. OK above and below it.

Hi I sympathise with you. It’s awful and you feel so alone uncomfortable pain every day. I may also have fibromyalgia could you tell me the main symptoms. Amber x

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Edgar77 in reply to Oscar091

There are many symptoms you may not have them all. But aching all over when you have done nothing, fatigue ultra sensitive to light all worse in the morning. And many more your best bet is to Google it.

Oh thank you how do they treat you? X

I have cramps and pain and tingling in my hand that goes numb too x

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Edgar77 in reply to Oscar091

I have not been offered any treatment. I would check it out with your Doc.

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