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Any one suffering with same

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Still suffering a year later still got sensation of something below right rib dosnthurt more annoying than anything

Feel tired all time get light headed

Had colonoscopy they removed some polops

All blood test fine

Ultrasound fine

Any ideas anyone. Was told could be a good intolerance

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Hello. I had many of the symptoms of IBS last summer but the Dr found nothing after blood tests. I decided to stop eating gluten which resulted in my stomach pains just stopping and that feeling of needing to go went too. I do get a pain in my right side which feels like a twinge more than a pain but it's not under the ribcage more near my hip. Hope that helps.

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Hi thanks for replying did you have any of the symptoms I’ve got

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I get light headed often and feel dizzy but don't have fatigue. Woke up last week with a helluva brain fog and unsteady on my feet which passed thank goodness. I don't have any sensation below my ribs. Like yourself I've had ultrasound, had it all over my stomach and gut which found nothing and my bloods all came back negative too. 🙂

I've had same now for 15 months, gastro doc just said it was "acid related" , had upper abdomen ultrasound which was all clear

Im guessing it's maybe trapped wind in the bend of the colon

Just trying to live with it at the moment along with my acid reflux & IBS flare ups, very frustrating.

I do need to maybe go gluten free food wise like the other person on here has mentioned, worth a go

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What symptoms did you have

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Originally acid reflux, really bad wind & stomach just felt strange.

Spent the past 15 months having on off flare ups of all those things........tried all sorts of drugs & natural remedies & not really getting anywhere, docs no intrested as no red flags and had all tests apart from colonoscopy.

Last acid flare up was start of February and that was whilst on 20mg omeprazole and gaviscon before bed. Docs now got me on 40mg omeprazole for 2 months!!! Hate having to relying on drugs that dont work a lot of the time.

All in all its really rubbish at times

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Did you ever get lightheaded

I cant shift the sensation below right rib cage feel it more when sitting or bending over

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Does sometimes feel like something moving inside depending how I sit. Could just be wind trapped?

No real light head symptoms , maybe if I get up quickly sometimes but very rarely

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Is it just 40mg a day

When do you take yours

2014 I had the same thing happening did lots of test and nothing showed anything turned out my gallbladder was only functioning at 14% after a HIDA scan!

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Thanks for the reply Did they remove it

Yes and I felt so much better ! No more fluttering or pain under right ribs!

I don’t get pain only once in a while little sharp pain mines more of a discomfort like there’s something there and got no energy and feel like crap

You've just described everything I'm going through, I'm yet to have my ultra sound though

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It’s horrible the sensation in right abdomen below rib cage is so annoying especially when sitting or driving and bending over

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Keep me updated

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