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Thos is contrary to many people's beliefs about probiotics. It's quite scientific but an interesting read.


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I think it a very general report and as anyone knows who’s had IBS for any length of time what works for some doesn’t work for others.

As there are not many things on prescription, of course there is a cost implication but you don’t keep taking something of it doesn’t help.

I’ve tried only 2 that have U.K. trials in hospitals, Symprove and Alflorex and both were life changers for me.

Catchat21 in reply to Whoopdedoo

What’s the difference between symprove and alflorex and which do you prefer?

Whoopdedoo in reply to Catchat21

I found Symprove which changed my life in weeks. It’s easy to take and made a massive difference in the pain.

When air traveling changed I looked to see if I was still improving but more for ease of travel. Alflorex is in Boots and capsules and has also reduced massively my Imodium use. Good luck.

I'm so glad you found probiotics that worked for you, that's very good.

I agree as with IBS we are all very different but in the past I've tried a few and none have worked. I'm now following the Low Fodmap diet and that's a life changer for me.

Wishing you well.

Thanks. You too

Thank you👍

I agree with Whoopdedoo. Alflorex and I believe also Symprove have undergone their own clinical trials. If you have a gut bacterial imbalance with an overgrowth of bad bacteria the only other option is antibiotics but this kills good bacteria too and the bad bugs can grow back if there isn't anything to fight them off. It depends on the individual and the unique reasons why they have IBS symptoms. One day IBS will be broken down into various syndromes with specific treatments once these variations have been nailed down. If something changes someone's life (and it did mine) it is certainly worth a go. I only took Alflorex since I could see there was science behind it. Some people may not get on with these products but have benefited from other brands. It is all down to your unique gut microbiome makeup and what you might be lacking (if at all). For instance some people who don't respond to probiotics at all, their symptoms may purely be done to the gut/brain connection and nothing else. Although there is scientific evidence that having a diverse microbiome can improve this gut/brain connection.

The ideal situation is to use probiotics to bring things back in balance which may help to make you more tolerant to different foods, which in turn increases bacterial diversity. Once symptoms die down prebiotics and prebiotic foods plus a diverse diet can help nourish your good gut bacteria helping them to flourish. Once this is achieved in theory it should be possible to come off probiotics since your own good gut bacteria is back in force and continuously being fed to help keep bad bacteria under control.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the gut microbiome, probiotics and the latest research being carried out by a consortium of scientists in the UK and Europe might be interested in having a look at this website and subscribing to their email list to keep up with the latest scientific news:

I have learned much from their studies and it has changed the way that I now treat my condition and also how I introduce foods back into my diet.

loveyourbunny in reply to xjrs

It's all about the money, consulting gastrologists would be out of work! The white coats always try to 'blind us with science' for their benifit mostly. Just like now with the strange info we are being given about a certain virus. We aren't allowed to see behind the scenes are we really!

I think they also have to be careful as it doesn’t work for all it could be construed as snake oil.

Whoopdedoo in reply to xjrs

I wouldn’t take a non tested solution. Both had links to studies in Kings College Hospital. Symprove is expensive and Alflorex much less so, especially as 60’s

Good luck.

Whoopdedoo in reply to xjrs

I wouldn’t take a non tested solution. Both had links to studies in Kings College Hospital. Symprove is expensive and Alflorex much less so, especially as 60’s

Hi Alicia, I have recently done a microbiome test and it came back stating my biome is in a pretty good state. I have never had any luck with pro or prebiotics, perhaps the reason for this is, there is nothing wrong with it!

Hi Maureen

Funny that as I had a microbiome test nearly a year ago. I got 7 out of 10 and it was pretty good. Think mine might be better now as my tummy is so much better following the low fodmap diet.

That's excellent news that yours is so good.😊🌈

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