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localised lower right abdominal pain, IBS ?


hi guys

I keep getting a discomfort in my lower right abdomen, it seems to be generally localised to the same place, like a dull discomfort/pulling sensation but can also at times be widespread or in other areas, but mostly I notice it there. Some days it isn't there, others its faint, and days like today its been more prominent

Stools are as normal as they can be for me (had ulcerative colitis for 26 years so normal stools don't really exist). I am however passing mucus almost every time I pass stool. Being passing mucus since February and been feeling the pain around a month now. I took a fecal calprotectin test in in February which came back raised at 954 so they prescribed treatment for colitis, a month later I repeated the test and it had gone back down to normal levels, however, the symptoms have never gone.

I did an at home FOB test too which tested negative for hidden blood in stools.

I have been worried if this could be bowel cancer but my consultant has confidently almost ruled it out without even looking inside yet. I have regular colonoscopies every 3 years due to having colitis and the last one was 2 and a bit years ago and was completely fine, I think this is why they are so confident against it being sinister, and the fact the caprotectin has gone back to normal. They are starting to think I may now also have IBS as the symptoms are similar.

Apparently you can get IBS from a colitis flare up but just wondered if symptoms can normally last this amount of time and if pain can be somewhat localised or should I be concerned?

thanks in advance

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Hi Andy

I too have this pain from time to time and Dr's put it down to IBS. It is a strange pain which I can describe as pulling or sometimes like a stitch or cramp like pain. Have had ultrasound in past but nothing showed up. Consulted a kinesiologist in the past who said my Ileocecal valve was stuck shut and was causing pain and a few people on this site have mentioned connection between the two.

Take care

Thank you for replying. Yes it feels like a dull ache / pulled muscle / sore feeling. (Odd times puns and needles). Then every now again it’ll give me a sore / sharp jolt but generally is very mild and at times non existent. But when it is back it’s always around that place. I think it’s IBS related too and hoping it isn’t anything else

I know any pain always a worry but have had similar on and off for years so hopefully symptom of IBS. Hopefully will ease soon

Worries me a bit as when you read online it says IBD pain isn’t generally localised

IBS pain isn't either 🤔

isn't what?

Generally localised it can be anywhere

it can be though can't it like just lower left or right, a lot of sufferers seem to report that

Yes it can be that too. What I've discovered on the great god of Google is that the information can be very confusing and contradictory.

With any concerns about your health or what you're experiencing should be talked about with a doctor. At least they can get the tests and other things organised, to perhaps try and find out what's going on xxx

I have done, ive had bloods done which came back normal - full blood count. I did a calprotectin test which came back 900+ and they treated me for colitis - I then did another one a couple of months after and it had gone back down to normal levels so they were convinced thats what caused it. plus they said if it was any other pathogen, it would have raised calprotectin too as its general inflammation. colonoscopy 2 years ago showed nothing either. So if levels are still normal I think thats why they're thinking iBS

Yep me too. However my calprotectin is consistently raised and never been in the normal range. Plus vit D, folate seems to drop when not treated. Blood count ok and inflammation blood markers ok. I'm not convinced that bloodwork shows the full picture and is relevant only for that particular moment in time. I'm back on folic acid again. So just keep battling on.

how long have you had problems? do you have a diagnosis of what causes the calprotectin to be raised?

I've been like this on and off for the last 3/4 years. I did have some issues in my teens and then in my 30's but I lost a lot of weight very quickly after gallbladder surgery so had Colonoscopy and MRI two years ago which was fine. However I went to A&E the other weekend as was in a lot of pain so another Colonoscopy is being arranged. I did have one booked in but due to Covid no date was set. The surgeon I saw is trying to get this one to happen in the next couple of weeks. Personally I don't think it will show anything and I have suggested a pill cam instead to which they said no to at my last consultation in March.

Its sadly a waiting game in which you need a lot of patience for. They thought appendicitis, I thought it was a blockage. It took from Friday to Tuesday to pass gas and have a bowel movement. Its been liquid mush since then. I had an ultrasound but they couldn't confirm any inflammation only that my uterus and ovaries were ok. I still haven't got much of an appetite and when I do eat it causes pain so I've just blended soups to give my guts a rest and to keep fluids up.

I'm just putting this down to a really bad IBS flare because no one can say what it is, so that's the label I have

even though that I imagine is very frustrating, at least some tests have been done which would have showed up serious conditions. So they normally say if you can't find anything then its iBS. Still doesn't help does it as you then have to adapt and learn how to manage symptoms. I've heard some people can have pain and mucus etc / diarrhoea like you're having for months and months until getting on top of it. I think my problem more than diet which won't be helping is health anxiety, constant worry about what it is and stress is probably contributing to making it worse too! Vicious cycle!

IBS doesn't normally raise calprotectin does It? only ever so slightly if at all so perhaps if yours is only slightly raised then it does fit. Normally points to inflammation somewhere in the gut, but you've had the tests I guess to rule this out

Some ibs can cause slight rises. Mines only been over 700 twice, more often than not around 300. I don't suffer health anxiety and normally work full time. Just glad I'm furloughed at the minute. It would be interesting to see what my calprotectin is now.

I just deal with it and cope the best I can when bad. Most times I function and always carry spare clothes, bucket, loo roll and wipes in my car. Plus a duvet and pillows if I need a rest when travelling.

how far do you have to travel to work? is that in the uK? I feel bad reading some peoples issues as mine is jus the mucus and discomfort but some have It so bad :(

I can travel all over the north of England sometimes but I can arrange my diary to suit my problem which is great. When I do go to London I go on the train and can stay over. I can also work from home too.

I can't actually tell if mine has mucus in it or not. Mucus is common with IBS. I can't really remember the last time I had a normal bowel movement. It's not BAM either as had a sehcat scan and although low not low enough to be BAM. They've pretty much done most tests except for the pill cam. I wish I could afford to do it privately but at £1800 plus another consultation fee it's a bit out of range right now

Viklou in reply to Viklou

It's not like this all the time I may add but other stuff has been happening, particularly over this winter. Maybe as I get older things will develop more and it will reveal what's causing all this. Until then just keep going

ive just had my calprotectin results come back at 123. She said normal is unto 50. when this first started in February it was 942, then the one after that it was 4 so the ulcerative colitis treatment appeared to have worked. they don't seem alarmed its 123 and said some people with IBD always have a raised result.

Yes 123 is a bit of a grey area. Our doctors aren't concerned of a reading in that range.

I wonder why they don’t get concerned over it?

I suppose in the grand scheme of things it is only slightly raised xxx

Yes you’re right it isn’t massively raised, Hope it’s nothing to worry about either way

Hopefully not but you need more tests to tell you that xxx


have you had your appendix removed? I have the exact same pain as you. Mine is scar adhesions. Just thought I’d mention it.

Hope it goes soon .

No I haven’t. I think it’s connected to the mucus in stools. Thank you for mentioning it though. Apparently I’d know about it if it was appendicitis as the pain apparently would be unbearable

It’s not that then.

I had grumbling appendix for years, but yes you’d know if it was appendicitis!

Hope you get sorted soon.

Is it really painful just when it’s grumbling?

Yes it’s uncomfortable (enough to make me go to the doctors). Hurts for a few days, maybe a week and then goes away, but then comes back again. Doctors used to make me fast for 24 hours, just incase it turned into appendicitis.

I had the same kind of pain for months, doctors couldn't find anything wrong. Finally one day when I went to my osteopath for my back I mentioned it to him and he said illeocecal valve, he manipulated it, it hurt quite a bit when he did it but it has never hurt again.

ive seen a few people say that. wonder if that also could produce mucus in stool if its causing blockages

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