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Is it IBS


Hi everyone, I wish to know sometime I poop normally, once a while constipate and once a while Diarrhea, I can poop normally in the morning and when noon I become Diarrhea, I went thru colonoscopy and MRI, all came back good so can I say that is more or less symptoms of IBS?

Anyone reply will be good, thank yo everyone for taking the time to read my post

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Yes, classic IBS symptoms. You might also have what they call a leaky gut (look it up on line) You need to follow a low Fodmaps diet and exclude dairy and oats for a month to see if it helps. The Fodmaps diet you can get from your doctor or look up on line. Hope this information helps.

Thank you so much carlettejaque, I did try the Low Fodmap food but the irregularity of poop I described above still have so can I say Low Fodmap food may not totally eliminate that symptoms

Have you eliminated dairy and oats from your diet?

I didn’t eat dairy or oats at all

Could you tell me what you do eat and drink.

If you have IBS you shouldnt drink any type of fizzy drinks or alcohol

Usually I ate chicken/ fish / porridge, white bread and just plain water as for now cos I didn’t know what food to add, I had red bean yesterday and the feeling sucks

For a start, porridge is a killer for some people with IBS. Cereals in general are too high in fibre , beans of any kind are very bad.

If you already avoid dsiry, then I would suggest you try a bland diet for week and see how you get on.

Try farleys rusks as a breakfast biscuit. You can eat chicken and generally lean meat, well cooked carrots and spinach. Potatoes, although I can't. Basmati rice but not white rice as it's heavier. Pasta now and then. I can eat tinned plum tomatoes but not fresh ones. I mix them with the rice for lunch.

For one week, try those foods, breakfast farleys rusks, lunch rice and tinned toms. Dinner roast chicken fillets, carrots or spinach with potatoes. If you get hungry for snacks and avoid dairy, check snack ingredients for whey powder or lactose. Let me know how you get on.

Why exclude oats? I thought they were v good for you? Not an IBS trigger either?

Oats are considered ok because they are soluable fibre, but they are still very high fibre and a lot of IBS sufferers can't tolerate the fibre. If I ate porridge i would be in agony for for a couple of days. It also made me feel sick. I've talked to other sufferers who say the same thing.

I don’t take oats either, I think it’s soluble fiber but it doesn’t seems right for me, I can’t take apples as well, no idea why

Apple's are not on the low Fodmaps diet sheet. You shouldn't really eat them or apricots, peaches, plums, oranges . The list is longer. It does allow kiwi, bananas and strawberries but I was told by a dietician couple of years ago that I shouldn't eat any fruit other than half a banana now and then and perhaps a few blueberries if I could tolerate them. The Fodmaps diet prohibits any cruciferous veggies which means veg that grows with a four petal flower, they are cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage and greens, cucumber, courgettes etc. Peas are out too. Allowed is spinach, carrots, potatoes and lettuce. And of course you already know not to eat onions or garlic or spring onions. I love carrots and eat half a kilo a day with chicken.

Hi mondlee6248, for years I use to be constipated then about every 10 days had bad diarrhoea just for one day. I had a operation last August for a Rectal prolapse, most painful, was told I must keep bowels regular no straining. Wanted natural food to eat to help movement every day, tried figs every morning for 3 months but these moved too quick and caused a bit of discomfort in stomach. January this year i started on porridge with a handful of raisins in porridge and glass to water. Since then I am regular every morning, no pain in stomach, no constipation or diarrhoea, some mornings I dont put so many raisins in. This has helped me now 5 months down the line. As you know not everything suits some people you need to find what suits you. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. I wish you the best of luck.

Hell nothing impossible, thx for the reply, I did try to take the same

Food, okay for a couple days then Diarrhea comes in so I’m not sure whether is that food I had been eating for a couple of days suitable a not

At least you have tried. It's all trial and error I'm afraid, I feel lucky after 16years of ibs I have at last found out what is good and bad for me, i keep my fingers crossed I'm not going to say totally free from pain as yet as early days and no one knows what's coming next. I wish you the best.

I don’t take oats either, I think it’s soluble fiber but it doesn’t seems right for me, I can’t take apples as well, no idea why

The biggest problem is that the symptoms of IBS are the symptoms of so many other diseases and illnesses ranging through IBD (Crohn's and Colitis to Cancer of the bowel), that is why your GI consultant or team will rule out everything else before declaring you suffer from IBS. Basically, IBS is the name given to a set of symptoms for which there is no other diagnosis, and should not be given lightly.

That is exactly me. X

mondlee6248 in reply to SueFML

So are you having IBS?

SueFML in reply to mondlee6248

Had all the test, 2 sigmoidoscopy, 2 colonoscopy, kit test (blood in poo) all normal. Doctor put me on steroids for a week never felt better, I was normal for a whole week it was great but back to symptoms when I finished them. Have an appt at gastric clinic beginning of July. Doctor reckons it is IBS. X

mondlee6248 in reply to SueFML

Then how about your blood in poop and so now you still have irregular types of pooping as well, how about blood in poo, you still have?

SueFML in reply to mondlee6248

No blood or mucus

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