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Amitriptyline got ibs d


Hi I just last night started taking amitriptyline after being prescribed it by my gastro doctor. I have to start with 10mg and took my first dose last night. Feel ok so far no sleepiness or other side effects. Was just wondering how long people were taking it before they noticed a difference? I’m hoping it is going to stop my frequent toilet trips/d. I don’t really suffer pain with my ibs just the constant need to find a bathroom! Thanks 😊

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I started taking 10mg of Amitriptyline for ibs - d because of the pain in my stomach. After about 4 weeks I hadnt noticed any difference so I was upped to 20mg for 2 weeks, then 30mg a night. It took a couple weeks of being on 30mg to notice the change. I still get pain, but no where near as bad as it used to be. After being on it for about 6 months, I foolishly thought a few months ago that I would come down and off as I didnt think it had any effect and noticed a difference within days, the pain was unreal. I went back up to 30mg within 3 weeks and the pain started to ease back off after a few weeks again. Hope if works for you!

Hi!.....I have been taking Amitriptyline and Sertraline for about two years....these are for be honest, neither drug has helped my fact I have stopped the sertraline, because I think it is made my IBS worse.I will continue with the amitriptyline in the meantime...the only thing with that drug gives me incredibly vivid dreams!.good luck!!

Sadly it didn’t do anything for my IBS d, but noticed a difference in nighttime bladder habits, I don’t think I got up to go the whole time! It clearly did something just not where I needed it. I wish you better success and hope you continue not to feel groggy etc. V lucky 👍

Hi. I started it several years ago prescribed by my Gasto Doctor. I am still on 10 Mg. More than 10( like 15 or 25) I was like a zombie. I have IBS C. I think it helps along with my Zoloft to help control my anxiety which really hits me in the gut.

Good luck.

I take 100mgs of amitriptyline a night. I don't take it for IBS, I was given it first as a sleeping aid then upped to an anxiety dose. They certainly don't help with my IBS. The best thing I have for my IBS is my "I CAN'T WAIT CARD." It gets me to the front of queues, into staff toilets if there are no public ones, it is a god send when I am out. Not much use at the moment obviously.

I hope you find amitriptyline works for you.

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