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Probiotics - trying different ones

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My gastroenterologist has given me a list of 3 different probiotics to try. The plan - try one, if nothing, move on to the next, and so on.

2 questions:-

a. have many people tried this approach and have they eventually found a probiotic that works for them?

b. is a 3 month period of taking the same probiotic long enough to get indications whether it is going to work for you, or not, as the case may?

Many thanks in advance

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Hi Scunner.

I'm not an expert but I do know that Symprove comes with a 12 week initial supply so I would imagine that 3 months is enough time.

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Scunner in reply to Fencinggirl

That's a very good point. Many thanks

I second the symprove comment, I've nearly finished my 12 weeks (use original flavour) and seen a massive difference recently, takes a while to replenish it all. I'll probably end up doing the program once a year x

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Scunner in reply to asbayford

That's great to hear you're seeing a massive improvement, is it fair to assume from your comment though that it took a little time before you started seeing the benefits? Also, had you tried many other probiotics before the symprove?

Many thanks for your help

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asbayford in reply to Scunner

Yes, I would say about 8-10 weeks before I noticed any benefits. After a week of symprove i had some loose bowel moevements for a day, then didnt happen again - so I think that's when it started working its magic.

I used bionutri and probio7 before but only noticed a minor difference with them

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Scunner in reply to asbayford

That's very interesting, many thanks for the info. Fantastic that you are seeing results.

It's such a variable feast where one thing works for one person, something else for another. Fingers crossed I'll find that "Magic".

The gastroenterologist I've seen did say he thinks it'll be 20 years from now before they (we) reap the rewards of all the research /effort that at long last is going in to Functional Gut Disorders but in the meantime, we've got to keep plugging away to try and find something that helps each of us.

Hi Scunner

Can i ask which probiotics he has recommended you to use?

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Scunner in reply to Chefboy2478





In that order.

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Chefboy2478 in reply to Scunner

Thanks for that. My dietician has mentioned Bio_kult

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Scunner in reply to Chefboy2478

Very welcome. I'll be trying Bio-Kult soon I think as the Vivomixx hasn't done anything for me

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Chefboy2478 in reply to Scunner

Let me know how you get on. I've got to start the Lowfodmap diet next week. So i have been told not to try any new probiotics yet

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Scunner in reply to Chefboy2478

I will.

Unfortunately lowfodmap didn't do anything for me but it does help a lot of folk so fingers crossed for you

I’ve used Bio Kult and didn’t notice that much difference. I suffer from IBS C normally. I also tried the FODMAP and didn’t notice a massive difference. I’ve also been to a dietitian and she said I was doing the right things. She said FODMAP should be adhered to strictly for 6 weeks, although I followed it for 6 months!

At the moment, going off other people’s recommendations (on here) of what helps, I’ve recently started taking Magnesium Oxide and Aloe Vera supplements as well as my normal Multivitamins. I’ve found they have helped somewhat in the short time I’ve been taking them. I’ve also started drinking peppermint tea, and rubbing peppermint oil on my stomach and lower back.

I'm trying to get my probiotics from food - i.e. yogurt. I usually go for the light and healthy or chiobonne (mangled the spelling!)

Is anyone else using food such as yogurt for this? What Brand?

When I have yogurt, I swear it just makes it worse.

Hi. Sorry for the late response here. If you struggle with yogurt maybe leave that for now. You could try stuff like lunches and kombucha ( probably mangled the spelling). It might be worth noting that when getting probiotics through food it's better to make them yourself. A good book for this is the clever guts diet.

* Meant to say kimchee (the man who invented autocorrect should burn in hello).

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