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Doctors tell me it's ibs but I think it's way more serious

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I started out not being able to BM for three days then diarrhea. Then it led to four months of me having to use laxatives and magnesium citrate to relieve impaction. Ended up in a random emergency room when traveling. X-ray shower very impacted and colitis. After he prescribed four bottles of magnesium citrate and no one ever looked at my actual parts.. close up. After saying I had pains im left with a prolapsed rectum. New doctor never looked last week either and refused. He prescribed me linzess and I'm nervous since now it seems like my rectum is actually falling out. No blood. Mucus yes, and a lot of pressure. What comes out is very tiny and slender and only by laxatives with pain. I have a colonoscopy finally scheduled but I'm very nervous and wondering if anyone has been through this. No one has even looked at my rectum.. they just keep prescribing me stuff and sending me home with soap enemas and laxatives. The more they get me the more my rectum falls out. It seems like no one cares.

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We understand.

We have various factsheets that may help you including one on investigations.

They're available here.

Colonoscopy is unpleasant, but it's really not that bad. Just try and relax. You can request sedation so consider that, it just means you may be kept in the hospital for longer.

This may sound odd, but when I got it done, it just felt like I was taking a really lengthy poop....

Hi! I would wait for the colonoscopy to have a better idea of what s going on and start new cures. Try to look for a good Gastroenterologist not too far from the place you live, better if you go privately. I come from Italy and here if you go to emergency room for these kind of problems they send you home suggesting to go to your basic doctor. Good luck!

Poor you - so hard not be terribly anxious about all this. A prolapsed rectum is not uncommon and can be managed - you just need to get the colonoscopy done so you know what the problem is. I also think that diet, relaxation breathing and walking can help if you have a motility issue - just to relax a bit and help things along. Magnesium citrate is quite effective but there's also things like Movicol - an osmotic laxative - which does work but may take a couple of days. It's gentler than other things. Good luck it sounds like you're on your way to getting the help you need.

Hi there, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. Have you tried stomach massage? I find it really helps, I suffer with constipation and I try to take very little laxative. I take Cascara Sagarda a little twice a day and I do stomach exercises. I also fast walk for 20 minutes a day. I find it all helps.

I am 69 years old. I wish you luck and am sure you will get well. Watch stomach massage on you tube.

It sounds very difficult

I’m suffering similar symptoms

Just keep as calm as possible

Your mind plays tricks

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