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Wind pain but no diarrhoea


I have ibs D this is something that plays up everyday but recently it’s been getting better but my stomach pains r making it hard to stand up straight. I think it’s trapped wind but it’s been almost 20 hours and the pain is just as bad, doing a 9 hour shift at work is stressful enough without the added pressure (no pun intended) to not pass wind. Does anyone have any tips to help with my wind I don’t think I’m going to eat much today and I’m feeling quite sick. Is it worth me taking Buscopan? I know that can help but Yh apart from that I’m stumped yesterday I thought I was gonna have an ep so I took some Imodium but I have a feeling that’s made it so the wind can’t come out if you know what I mean

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Hi, I don't know if Senocalm will help you. It says for gas related symptoms on the box. I have some in my box of things I have tried. I don't get a lot a gas myself, so were not a great use to me but I kept them anyway, just in case. They are peppermint oil and simethicone. Simethicone is what they give babies for colic, I believe. Maureen.

I don’t normally get a lot of gas it just so painful haha xx

But I will defo try haha anything to not feel this pain x

I hope it helps.

I sometimes get this if I take Immodium. It's like a rebound reaction that gives me stomach cramps which are sometimes quite severe. I also think you are right in thinking it has slowed everything down. My son took two Immodium the other week and was on the floor with cramps the following day. Some people seem to be more sensitive to it than others. I now use it only if absolutely necessary. Use with caution.

I have been using it regularly for 6 years on prescription my ibs is pretty bad and got to the point where even just a walk outside would trigger it so it’s not like I’m very sensitive to it and this has never happened before x

I had something like that and the Doctor suggested taking Charcoal which did help

This near enough works everytime for me. Get onto all fours on the floor and slowly rock back and forth a few times then bounce your bum on your heels the rock forward putting weight onto your arms stretching your body then repeat. You will be amazed how much wind comes out and you should get instant relief of the pain.

The other thing i do is hold onto a chair and then squat down and bounce a few times. Sometimes that works for me.

Lastly if you have a table that it waist height or a window sill, lean your upper body on the table so your belly is on it. Put most of your weight into your belly and roll from side to side. Sometimes i get rid of wind but more often this move helps the wind push through your bowel and then it comes out on its own. Its weird as you can actually feel the wind move in your belly lol.

I hope one of these moves helps you!



I’d suggest Colpermin, which is just peppermint oil, and perhaps charcoal tablets to absorb (adsorb) the gas. I found that Colpermin was more effective and left less of a strange taste in my mouth than Buscopan.

You don’t mention whether you have tried to analyse which foods give you gas - almost certainly, onions and garlic will, along with a huge range of other foods. The FODMAP lists of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods are very helpful and I found them very accurate in predicting ‘gas-creators’. There are several apps for your phone which enable you to check on different foods while eating out or shopping - just Google ‘FODMAP’.

Hope that helps.

I’ve tried the gif maps and nothing had changed specialists say it’s anxiety

Windeze can help. Cake is the worst thing for me to eat as a trigger and once you have isolated your trigger foods you can eliminate most symptoms.

It’s anxiety based not food based x

re cake yes me too sad isnt it !

Charcoal capsules work for me better than anything else I have tried.

Hello, i would say yes Buscopan, ibuprofen and a tea make with Star Anise. Gas is hard to shift if it forms in your small intestine which is SIBO. If you are normally IBS-D then primarily don't eat between meals. For IBS-C the opposite applies.

Yh I’ve been sticking to three meals and only Water in between I don’t normally have a problem with gas but Jesus F was this bad I’m also on my period and that makes it worse

I would recommend some oregano oil capsules too, anything to help knock out SIBO, because you are right, that unshiftable bloating can be the worst thing about IBS.

Thank you! Will defo get spending haha x

sounds interesting the oil

Hi, I would suggest you to have always with you some fennels seed - in capsules - ; they are very effective for gas or digestion problems and did help me. I take "longlife" brand. Regards!

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