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Period pain or IBS attack


Just come off my period (like two days ago but I’m still spotting) and am having stomach pains the feel like period pain but (sorry for being tmi) I can feel it in my bum 🤣 this is how I know I’m in danger 🤣 I’m giggling to myself on the toilet what a div.

hate this feeling but I’m also very anxious so ibs right, in a public toilet panicking cause I still have to get to the car and have a 15 min drive home and I don’t have any extra meds! Ahhhhh help!

K x

(Ps: Have no service on the toilet so I’m now out of the toilet if you’re reading this)

(Pss: I’m home now on the toilet once again)

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Oh my gosh! this is me!! i only have like 4/5 day periods but I must confess I have been a MESS this month. Relationship breakup, an infection, mild antibiotics(that REALLY messed me up) and yesterday I had period cramps but today Im spotting so its nearly over..but still, HORRIBLE pain followed by a bit of water-d*. i cant.

Yes! And it kinda like ibs pain or period pain 😵

Sunday I was really bad. Last day of my pill was fri and came on Tuesday (yesterday). Cant separate if it's IBS or period related, or both,especially since February I've started with back pain when I have an IBS flare too.

They link even for people without IBS. I would probs say it’s both

K x

Very true. I feel like I have been I'll for so long I have no baseline of what normal actually is anymore.

I get that 5 years of ibs and 4 years of anxiety. You forget how easy it is for some people and they forget how hard we have to work to do half as much

K x

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