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Anyone experienced blood in stools? Should I be worried


Hi there. Just looking for a bit of advice from anyone who has experienced anything similar to put a worried mind at rest. About 7 months ago I started to have sharp pains and cramping in my abdomen. At first I thought it was maybe an ovarian cyst as it was on the left side in the general ovary area and I suffer with symptoms of polycystic ovaries already but never been officially diagnosed. After a couple of weeks with the pain I started to get abit of diarrhoea, feeling like I needed to go to the toilet urgently but nothing comes and blood in my stool so I left it a few weeks before seeing my doctor to see if it would clear (maybe an anul fissure or something silly) but it didn’t so my first visit to my doctor he did a rectal exam and said I had piles and sent me on my way with a cream. I have visited my doctor 4 times in the last 6 month but to be honest I think they have been abit ageist as my only 26 and normally fit and healthy. I was told it could be ibs and giving me stuff like fybogel to try but it’s not relieved it at all if anything it has gotten worse. The blood and mucus has gotten really bad over the last few weeks, to the point I pass it even when passing wind or having a pee. I’m constantly tired, in pain and honestly just feeling generally unwell and fed up. I took a picture of my stool and showed my doctor which has now gotten me an appointment for the gastro clinic but not for another 5 weeks. I’m at the end of my tether ☹️

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I should also say I have had blood tests which have came back fine and done a stool sample to check for inflammation but because this was sent by a gp and not by gastro it wasn’t tested

Hi there, did they do a stool culture? You would have needed to give them a stool sample. I think you are ok the right track going to the GI clinic where you can get specialized care. Also just to be alittle more assuring about the blood in your stool, your Hemoglobin and hematocrit you said we’re normal. Those 2 tests are part of the standard testing that doctors order for anyone with a problem, it’s called a CBC, complete blood count. So not to diminish or downplay your symptoms, but at this point, since your H&H were normal means there is no urgency to intervene at this point. Is the cream helping? Are you constipated? The GI clinic will probably want to do a colonoscopy. I hope my comment helps in some small way. Oh, and Btw, I’ve been a ER RN for 32 years so I’m commenting with education and experience.

Hi thanks for your response. I have handed in a stool sample but as it came from my gp and not gastro so it was turned back from the lab for some reason and my doctor hasn’t asked for another one as He has referred me anyway. Yeah my bloods came back fine but that was in November when I first visited my doctor when the problem wasn’t as bad. I haven’t had any tests done again since then. The cream has helped yeah. No I’m not constipated, Sometimes I get really bloated and I struggle to go and I’m constipated till the bloating goes down and then I have diarrhoea. When I’m bloated it makes the pain on my left really bad. I have to stretch back to cough because it hurts so bad if I’m just sitting normally. I think it’s because I’ve never had problems with my guts before that it’s worrying me so much and my cousin was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 21 so there always that thought in the back of my mind. Thanks again for your reply.

Red or black is the first question.

CL92 in reply to bburzycki

Hi, the blood is red, not bright red like if you prick your finger but it’s not black. Sometimes it comes out in what looks like little clots and mixed through with loads of yellowy or white mucus 😳

That's better than black - usually. I would get both checked by a qualified Dr. as there is always a root cause for bleeding.

Hi CL92, How are you now? your symptoms are same with my mom did you get colonoscopy? what was the findings???? I hope you're now okay!

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