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Great News not cancer🥳🥳🥳

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Just to let all the kind compassionate people who sent such lovely supportive messages....I have not got what a relief 😅.....such a weight has lifted😁 having some scans to test for BAM bile acid malabsorption in April. Sadly gastroenterologist was not too human and very dismissive and put my pain down to anxiety and depression. We are not convinced and will seek a 2nd opinion when I’ve had these scans. A professor with no people skills, rubbished any possibility of food allergy’s or other reasons for pain and said my constant pain had no solution other than CBT. Refused any pain relief and made it clear he was not happy I had contacted PALS because I was so worried if anyone was looking after me, after not seeing anyone in over a year, despite 2 cancer pathways tests. An old dinosaur that needs to leave the NHS and allow younger professionals do thorough research on their patients.

Anyway I am super happy I don’t have cancer 🥳🥳🥳🥳 I will seek a 2nd opinion once I get these scans done. He offered nothing, but when I asked home to consider my research he agreed to get the tests. Horrible experience, but I just want to say it’s important we speak up and ask. Maybe it’s not BAM, but left to him I would be written off to live with pain forevermore, no further research, it is in my head!.

I’m SO glad I took a friend to witness and support. Her instant reaction was I was to get a 2nd opinion and thankfully that helped me not feel bad about today. Just an old bitter Doctor that ought to retire... absolutely fabulous I don’t have the angst of possible cancer, so I’m going to let that sink in....and enjoy the rest of the week.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and support, it SO helped ❤️❤️❤️

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So pleased for you. Now you can relax a little and try things that may help you feel a bit better. Thank you for letting us all know the good news. Sometimes people forget to come back and let us know so it's so nice that you posted this especially as it was such good news.

I can honestly say the support and kind words of comfort really helped me through a difficult time. Thank you to everyone xxx

Thank you very much x

That’s great news, glad to hear it. Sadly that seems to be the way with most gastroenterologists in the UK. They have a checklist of tests to carry out and if it’s not on their standard list they won’t consider it. Hope you get answers from the tests you are having x

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Thank you xx

Hey that's fabulous news and I'm so very pleased for you. Unfortunately there are some doctors out there that are like that but don't let that put you down, carry on. Onwards and upwards :) xx

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Thank you 😊

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Here's to a healthy future 🤗

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Yes 🤗🤗🤗

So very happy for you. Di

Thank you 😊

🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 For everyone 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😊😊😊🤗

So happy for you. That's wonderful to know. But keep on pushing for answers, and fighting the good fight. Your health matters. You matter!

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Thank you I am determined to find a solution so will keep asking. Thank you

So pleased for you, I hope everything progresses to a good outcome

Congratulations and all the best with your future.

So, so pleased for you! What a relief ❤️❤️. I know exactly the type of consultant you saw - I have been there! They make you feel so small. You’re quite right to put your foot down and keep looking for some answers.

I hope you feel well today and can enjoy a bit of a rest! Take care xx

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I’m feeling so relieved and exhausted at the same time. It’s big weight lifted and at least I’m getting the BAM scan. He could have shut that down too. I’ll get the results and find a Doctor still interested in their patients. I may make a complaint about him, but I just need to step back, relax and absorb the relief of not having cancer. Thank you

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weegmack in reply to Bellyboy13

Are you in the UK? I’ve complained once about care I received at out-of-hours where I live (near Glasgow) and it so wasn’t worth the stress and anxiety. NHS is a closed shop and they just close ranks.

So, take it easy for a few days and I hope you can have a nice weekend ❤️

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Bellyboy13 in reply to weegmack

Yes I’m in London. I am really trying to just relax and absorb the good news before I make any decisions.

Fab news Bellboy13!

Its a pity we all cannot afford to go private as in my experience you can get all the tests you want as you are paying for it, and the funny thing is you probably would find the same NHS specialists working in the private sector. Only after you have had other exclusion tests think again about CBT as is does help. Good Luck!

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My friend who came with me said the same as we came out of the appointment . My partner is a nurse and we are going to do some research through colleagues on who is a good gastroenterologist and get a referral. I’m staying with the relief it is not cancer. Sent me down a path of planning how to deal the worst scenario. I’m so relieved it’s positive news. Thank you for your kindness and good look finding your solution too x

So pleased for you hope you can get on with your life now x

Thats great news! Happy for you :). Is BAM cause floating stools? I’m having severe diarrhea and sometimes constipation with floating stool 😣

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I am having the scans thankfully to see if it is BAM. Someone here suggested it could be. Now the yucky bit.. I get explosive, watery, greasy D that floats on the surface. I’m getting 2 scans. First I go am and take a pill and then go later pm and have the scan. A week later I go back and scanned again to see if this medicine still shows in my system. I think and unfortunately nothing was explained, if there is still this medicine in my system it will show my bile is not being eliminated and the cause of my symptoms. The nurse explained the scan, the professor explained nothing. He asked why I was looking so sad after he’d said there was no solution, it was anxiety/depression, I could try fodmap but it probably wouldn’t change anything. I am so glad I asked about BAM and I am getting the tests to rule it out. Once I’ve got my tests I want to be referred to someone else. A burnt out old dinosaur that had no compassion or enthusiasm to explore me and my symptoms further. I get the scans 1st & 2nd week in April and ill report back. Good luck

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Daneesha in reply to Bellyboy13

I’m planning to do ct scan but it will be costly and i m afraid nothing will be found 😣.. did u do any blood test or tumor marker such as CA19-9?

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I’ve had so many blood test I honestly have lost track. If you are in the UK don’t pay for a scan if you can get a gastroenterologist to agree. Some have been tried on the drug for BAM without scanning, I was prepared to trial it, but my GP was not allowed to prescribe it until a Gastroenterologist had done so first. Get a referral. X

The capsule contains a substance that can be tracked. It contains a measured amount of a chemical that reacts with bile acid, (can't recall what it is) when you swallow it, and that content is measured after the week to see how much is retained. The less there is at the second test, the more bile acid you are expelling into the bowel which causes diarrhoea. This means that instead of reabsorbing bile acid, it is passing through, hence BAM. Hope that makes sense.

Thank you for such a clear explanation. Maybe you could train my consultant 😂 I’m happy to be having the tests and hope I find a solution. Best wishes x

Good deal! I convinced my doctor to let me take a drug called Colestipol, due to my chronic diarrhea. He did and I have my life back now! He did not test me for anything..just took my suggestion! Also, a couple of other drugs work as well: Welchol and Questran!!!! Good luck...if he doesn't diagnose you with bile acid...tell him you'd like to try one of these meds anyway!! Can't hurt!

Yes I will ask, but my preference is to find a Doctor I can work with. I’ll go back with my partner to get the results and be more prepared with questions. Thank you

Questran is used for BAM.

Yes..and so are Welchol and Colestipol. They all work very well!

Ah... I have only come across Questran. Thank you for the info.

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