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Cows milk and stomach cramps

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For some years now I have been avoiding anything that contains cow milk as it always upsets my stomach and has even been known to give me lower back pain. I have recently been away for a few days and made the mistake of having Alpen muesli for breakfast (with my usual goats milk which gives me no problems) two days running and have been suffering with terrible stomach cramps for days now. I didn’t read the ingredients but when I did it says it had milk powder and whey in it so I guess that this is what has caused my problem and has triggered off my IBS. I have tried all sorts to try and calm it down but looks like I’ll just have to wait for it to settle down itself 😕. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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I steer clear of anything with milk. Make sure it’s 100% cows as well. Maybe it the seeds in the muesli

Yes I have to be careful with seeds, can’t eat seeded bread.

I suffer with similar symptoms to yourself and had flare up yesterday.

I think Windeze gel capsules helped me. Be ready for lots of wind after you take them mind but if it helps, don't knock it! 😀

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Thank you I haven’t tried them I’ll give them a go.

I cant drink milk, nor can my 2 daughters or my grand-daughter. Goat milk is ok but personally I like Oat milk. Also onions, peppers, courgettes, avocado and rice all bring on IBS. I find a probiotic tablet daily helps. Also charcoal tablets if you get a bloat and wind North and South!

Did you know that Buscopan has a version purely for cramps? It is separate from the full IBS one, and available in Boots, as that is where I get it. I have been using it for years now and I think it might have an accumulative affect as I don't get cramps much any more, but I always keep them handy. They usually work within ten to fifteen minutes, but also, and this is a very old recipe, have a drink of just hot water from the kettle every morning before eating anything. Just the water, no ta, or coffee in it. Something my grandmother taught me as a child as I was born with IBS, although the name hadn't been invented then, it was just called lazy bowels. Hope you feel better soon, and if this continues get to the doc and demand help!

I am dairy sensitive too and it flares up my IBS symptoms. However, after trying Raw milk i do not feel those reactions anymore. It did make my symptoms go away as well as improved my ability to digest few other foods which i was not able to before. I suggest you try raw milk and see if it makes a difference. Also, i had cut down on all the gluten before but recently tried Einkorn flour and voila no more sensitivity to gluten. Apparently, the reason for gluten sensitivity stems from hybridization of wheat but Einkorn had not gone through the process. I am happily able to drink raw milk and eat gluten again. Just letting you guys know.

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Muesli for breakfast could be the cause. I just cannot eat it. Get dreadful stomach ache within an hour or so, then wind. My problem is mostly with jumbo oats. Manufacturers do change the mix from time to time without any warning too. Try weetabix, see if that helps.

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