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Left hand groin pain

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I'm waiting for virtual colonoscopy scan to find out why I get bouts of severe pain, always on the left Hand side. I also get back ache and when pain is bad, I get pain down left leg and hip.

I'm pain free now and not had an attack forv4 weeks but I always have a constant dull ache in that area. Does anyone else get This??? I would be really interested to know. I wonder if its my hip that's causing problem and thinking about asking for x ray.....but like so many people on this website, I'm really fed up with having so many tests a d nothing showing up. Bit long winded but I'd be pleased to hear yr views. Gastro think it could be ibs/constipation or diverticulitis.

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Hi Magz5, sorry to hear you have been suffering, what have you done to be pain free? Have you changed your diet or are you taking medications for the pain. To me it does sound like diverticulitis and more than likely IBS, I hope you get to the bottom of it all.

Take care


I would guess constipation. With hard stool pressing into your Sciatic nerve. Based on the area of your pain, your backache, and the leg pain. Diverticulitis can show up of blood tests as inflammation. Did you get a full blood count? Also I have had that leg pain a few times just before a hard stool bowel movement.

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Magz5 in reply to Kilgh

Thankyou kilgh that is what the gastroenterologist said was a possible cause, together with IBS. I guess regular laxatives would help...Thankyou!!!

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