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Chlorella, spirulina and IBS


Hi and Happy New Year to you all.

As a vegan I ensure I eat a varied diet but also supplement it with organic chlorella and spirulina. I have read all the health benefits but also read this evening that they can contribute to IBS.

My IBS has been terrible these last 3 months and I put that down to the stress of very busy job and the dark winter months which add to my depression. However it comes to mind that this possible coincides with when I started to take these additional supplements.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any advice?

Thank you


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I too have been on organic chlorella for a few months, but only two a day (1 morning,1 evening) and they seem to have helped. Any more than two seems to overload my system. I currently have fewer flair ups, but it hasn't gone completely, but I have colitis, not IBS. My brother was on them for a while and felt they helped too, he has Chrones, but his medical team have told him to stop taking them.

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Thank you, I have been taking 5 of each so wondered if I was taking too many.

Think I will stop for a while and see if things clear up. If they do I will try 1 each morning and evening and see how that goes!

Thanks so much


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