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IBS pain

Hi just wondering if anyone else has experienced extremely severe abdominal pain from IBS?

Before I was diagnosed I ended up in the emergency room a few times because the pain was excruciating and I thought something really serious was wrong, only to be told that all my tests came back clear.

I still get severe pains once a month or so and mild to moderate pains 3-4 a month, but when it is severe I physically can’t stand up all I can do is lay on my back with a heat pack on my tummy which seems to be the only thing to sort of ease the pain. I take buscopan and colese and de-gas for the pain which help sometimes but not when it’s severe.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal for IBS pain to be so severe? Is there a medication that helps people with pain?

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Bless you, I’m so sorry. But yes, excruciating pain is something I suffer from and I have IBS (had all the tests and had it for many years). I can have terrible pain, on my left hand side, which makes it virtually impossible to walk. It usually precedes a giant BM 😕. I also have stabbing pain in my rectum at times and I can’t sit down. I also get pain that I would describe as colic - like terrible wind, down low in my abdomen, which renders me stuck on the bed or sofa with a hot water bottle.

There is a possibility that you might have diverticulitis- but only a gastro could diagnose that, via a sigmoidoscopy or the longer colonoscopy. I have a friend with that and she is in so much pain at times, she has to bite down on a towel.

Do you find that your pain is worse at a particular time of day/after specific foods/after a big meal? Do you suffer with constipation or diarrhoea? Xx


Hi there, unfortunately it's pretty common WITH IBS. My advice is to work out which foods are your worst triggers and remove them from your diet. You might find some contradicting information on high FODMAP foods, so there is a bit of trial and error. For me foods like onion are particularly bad, which is a pain since they're in almost everything. Mushrooms, beans, dairy, garlic, cruciferous vegetables, oranges, just to name a few. Although I still have IBS flare ups I've managed to avoid the extreme pain for quite a while by cutting out the worst offenders to me. Hope this helps, good luck.


Hi Rainelee

I've had the same symptoms in the past. The pain levels can be extremely high and it's hard to convey that to non-sufferers.

I 100% concur with Heidi1992's comment. You should have a look at the low fodmap diet. I have done 8 months of low fodmap and not had a single pain-overload event since and other wider symptoms have greatly reduced. It's life-changing.

There are some websites on fodmap and some good books too. They make a good start, although note your best chance of success is to find a KCL trained dietitian to take you through the process.

Good Luck finding a solution that works for you


Peppermint tea and peppermint oil tablets can help. Kefir has been helpful. Hot water bottle & paracetamol. Lavender oil and massage can help to relax you & ease pain.


When I have the severe pain I can hardly stand and have passed out a few times. Been better since cutting out all green leafy veg and seeds. I'm now on low fodmap and into reintroduction phase. I also have a tortuous floppy colon so probably why I can't tolerate the leafy veg and seeds which are not high fodmap. So far am ok with fructose but the large portion of leeks have caused me agony. I have a good gastric dietician and also biofeedback nurse. Hope you get some relief soon.


I had my first really bad IBS attack in my 30s after just eaten a meal, and wham!!!! I fell to the floor on my knees, it was if I had been punched by Mike Tyson. It was excruciating. That happened again a few days later, when I ended up rolling on the floor again in agony. I couldn't stand up. My introduction to IBS.


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