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Pain worse at work (IBS??)

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I wondered if anyone could help. I have been diagnosed with IBS but haven’t managed to work out what sets it off.

I have worked out however that I get horrendous stomach aches when at work - when I am on leave I can pretty much go days without any pain. Back at work and it’s alrwady close to be unbearable!! I’m wondering if it’s because I’m sat at a desk all day?!

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? And if so what helped?

Thank you

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Do you get stressed at work? My IBS pain is always worse when I’m anxious or really stressed, so I often have a flare up on a stressful day at work

IBS can also have a relationship with anxiety and stress. It’s important to keep your stress levels in chk.

What do you eat at work? I used to feel vibrations in my left leg only when I was in the restroom at work. It would never happen anywhere else. Also, I had a chest spasm that only happened at work. There might be some subconscious stress that might cause this. I live in the U.S. but was born elsewhere. When I travel back to my native country, my gastritis disappears like magic. Within hours of landing, the symptoms are 90% gone. 3 days after landing, the symptoms are almost 100% gone. Going back to the U.S., within 24 hours the symptoms start coming back. Within 2 days, they are completely back.

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