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IBS-D Floating Loose Stool - TMI

I'm wondering if anyone with IBS-D gets loose floating very soft stool frequently or is it normally liquid? I've been suffering for the past year with consistently very soft floating stool (usually quite a bit at a time) that isn't entirely diarrhea and sounds kind of like streatorreha without the oiliness. Is this normal for people suffering with IBS-D or could this be something else?

I''m confused on what steatorrhea appears like as I've seen it be this oily fatty stool but mine is sticky floating fragments although sometimes appears greasy (see pic)

I've mentioned this to my GI doctor but they don't seem concerned about floating stool although I feel like my body is not absorbing nutrients properly. I've had the normal workup of blood work, colonoscopy, CT and MRI with nothing found.

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Sounds like too much fat in your diet I am the same after fatty foods


Thanks for the reply. Yeah the weird thing is I do not eat a fatty diet. I’ve eliminated dairy, most gluten, and all sweets and junk food from my diet but this is what I’m dealing with 90% of the time


Are you gluten intolerant?


Took celiac and it was negative, tried gluten free for bit but didn’t notice difference


Did u have the celiac test before or after u stopped eating it?

As i made mistake of stopping it then having a test and it came back negative then found out u have to really gluten urself up ( eat loads) weeks before u have test for it to read properly!

They wanted me to do it but by this time i knew i had candida and refused to eat any gluten as my problems were disappearing so i was not goin to make them worse again

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I was eating some gluten prior to the test but I’m kinda skeptical of the test being accurate too


Have u had any antibiotics ? Like before this started to happen?

It looks like mine did when i had candida/sibo


No not at the time this started last year. What did you end up doing for that? I want to try cutting out processed carbs to see if it is related to SIBO. I was also prescribed xifaxin this week to try for possible SIBO but haven’t started it yet


Yes they love a antibiotic but anyone whose had it bad will tell u it just makes it worse. It kills all ur good gut bacteria which then exasperates ur ibs and ur sibo ....

So i saw a naturopath and a more uptodate gastro specialist, as most gastro of old dont recognise it and when they do they give u antibiotics or antifungal which is worse this to give a fungal problem.

Basically it yeast growing in ur gut ...

So this is what i was told to do for 6-8 weeks and it worked.

1. No yeast( no bread no beer cakes pastries)

2. Low sugar

3. No red meat

4. I took high potency probiotics

5. Digestive enzyme

6. Peppermint cap

7. DIDA TABLETS( u can get holland and barratt or amazon)

8. Eat lots of green. Ie spinach, cabbage brocoli, and lot of chicken and turkey

I was already gluten free so it helped.

Within two weeks i could feel difference. My poo was normal, i put on weight ( i lost 2 stone in 6 months)

I had loadsa energy.

My gut ache was gone.

My ibs was gone.

It helped me so much ive more or less stuck to it....

That was 18 months ago and im good and ive never touched a antibiotics since.

Oh yeh i cut out processed food... never gone back to that or sugar or gluten and it seems to keep it all under control


Thanks for the info. I actually tried an enzyme and probiotic a couple weeks ago but my pain and stools became worse for a few days so I quit. Maybe I need to try it again and really try to be gluten free. Do you follow the Fodmap or fast tract diets?


U must stick with them

Ur gut will fight it as it doesnt want good gut bacteria in there the candida will fight it.....

If u stick to that diet and them probiotics and enzyme within 2

Weeks ur feel benefit.

I dont follow any diet , i follow what the gastro and naturopath told me.

Ie no garlic , no onions, no spices, gluten and i did go dairy free aswell but ive just introduced skimmed back in to diet and im ok with that but all my foods dairy free.

I dont eat processed food as it full

Of sugar and candida sibo thrives one yeast and sugar. I only drink water or flavoured low sugar water or mayb bit of squash.

I make all my foods from scratch...

Once u start u wont go back, i have never looked healthier, people keep asking me if i work out ( which is hilarious as i dont) and they keep tellin me i look younger then i did. Me hair shinier and longer and me nails grow so quick and i have no ibs pain.


I also used to get really bad pssoarsis to which just disappeared within 1

Month and ive had it since i was a chilld. Prob from Eating gluten. As

My gastro said intolerances show themselves in all diff ways not just through gut ... through skin, through organs, nails , hair.... hairloss ..


Thanks that is good advice. I'm just torn right now with trying that or the antibiotics because it feels like I'm suffering severe malabsorption with the weight loss and constant loose floating stool.


U will get malabsorption with candida and sibo but as someone that had it antibiotics can make it much worse as it just gona kill ur gut lining even more then it is now and it will make ur pooping worse.

I did mine all natural and am healthier then ever ....

And did it in shorter time then antibiotics mine for better in 2-3 weeks.

Antibiotics is not a good answer with candida or sibo.

I lost 2 stone! With the candida i woas goin about 15 times a day and im tiny( like 9 stone and went down to 7) now im back up to 81/2)

I couldnt keep anything in.

The pain was horrific.

It just not always answer... it was antibiotics that gave me candida and my gastro and naturopath both told me no way would they give antibiotics for it


What’s your stool frequency like, did you suffer from any weight loss?


2-5 times a day, yes I’ve lost 20 pounds since this all started . Some from just stomach pain and not knowing what to eat


I had this without a high fat diet. i started talking L glutamine, probiotic and digestive enzyme, cut out aggravating foods ( gluten dairy wheat onions chilli garlic etc), and after 16 years of hell i’ve finally got my symptoms under control. i also take turmeric for inflammation which seems to help. i can now eat dairy in small amounts too

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I can’t imagine 16 yrs but glad you found healing. It sounds like maybe I should try those 3 supplements again. How long did it take you to recover once you cut out those foods and started the supplements. Are you taking enzymes with every meal still?

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no i’m taking them once a day wth breakfast. cutting out the foods that irritated me, combined with turmeric, probio7, glutamine and enzymes seems to have worked in a couple of months. the bloating and gas are nearly non existent except in exceptionally stressful situations or time of the month. exercise and sleep also help a lot, especially walking. the gas issue meant i didn’t want to be around people or get into a relationship so that’s life changing. hope it helps . good luck!


I really don't think it's appropriate to post pictures like this. It made me feel really sick.😯

Cartoons are a good way to get your point across about the nature of your stool as it were without offending and disrespecting other readers.

Is there a way of reporting this photo of twilight rather handsome Jack Sparrow remove it out of courtesy please.😊


I have removed it, sorry. I was skeptical of posting it at first but saw a couple other users post so thought it might be ok and put a warning of TMI and pic in the post title. I was trying to figure out if this was true steatorrhea or what that really looks like.


Thanks for removing it 👍 I have only just joined so didn't know if that was the norm or what but I felt worse after seeing your pic than before logging on😱😁

I know how distressing IBS can be so no worries x Georgia


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