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Anyone suffer from reflux along with ibs?

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Had a very stressful week and consequently ibs really bad. On top of that, got the burning throat and heartburn. Every time I have a flare up, my reflux is bad too now, even though I take nexium. Does anyone else get both during a flare up? One would be bad enough but both together is horrendous. Been taking gaviscon and kolanticon on top of the nexium, but nothing is helping today, and my anxiety is now through the roof.

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I take Prilosec everyday because of heartburn. Its terrible.

I’m waiting to see surgeon about possible gallbladder removal, as gp thought that may be causing some of upper abdominal problems. Hoping i don’t need it removing as I’ve heard that like you it sometimes makes things worse. I’m so fed up, just want to feel ok some of the time 😩

Hi yes I get both I was just recently prescribed ranitidine it seems to help some hope u r feeling better take care

All I want is a cure for all of us, so we can get our damn lives back.😔

Wondering if extra strong mints could be aggravating reflux, I tend to have them and peppermint tea when wind and ibs bad, but as reflux is really bad despite ppi medication trying to see if there’s a reason why? Anyone have any views on mint and reflux?

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