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Does or has anyone had stools like this? Worried sick 🤢


Suffering almost six weeks bloating to the point I look five months pregnant constipation and complete change of stool shape stomach pains occasionally after thirty mins of eating leg pains in front part of thighs and hip and lower back pain I’ve had blood in underwear twice after passing a hard stool. Having a scan in two weeks but am worried sick I have passed thin stools yesterday also but usually their fluffy and strange with mucus but as this looks the worse thought I’d show this one

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Have u had any antibiotics lately say in last 6 months?

It looks like candida? Sibo?

If u google it and look at the poop on the images see what u think?

I had it and this is what mine looked like but more whiter

Curly35 in reply to Lulububs

Oh wow really and I have been taking photos daily to show them when I go for scan and funny enough I see white things In it but I’ve never had pencil thin stools so got freaked out. Haven’t had antibiotics in the last 6 months but have had plenty over the years. Can I ask you if you had bad stomach bloating also? Thanks so much 👍

Lulububs in reply to Curly35

Yes i was bloated and felt sick and had a very bad stomach ache all the time, couldnt eat.

Mine was exactly same and had white in it.

It the yeast and bacteria coming out in poo, it mean u have candida

Or sibo.

I have written about this quite a few times if u look or follow me.

There is a guide of how to kill it off its really easy but u have to have some willpower.

All it means is the bad gut bacteria is killing ur good gut bacteria that looks after our stomach and colon so u need to starve the bad bacteria that likes sugar, processed foods, gluten, stodge, fizzy drinks and yeast( ie breads) and start eating boring food for about 6 weeks mine took to die of and i felt so much better ive stuck to most of it...

Then start taking probiotics not drinks .. tablets and strong ones about 3 a day to start with (never with anything hot) and digestive enzymes, peppermint oil and vitamin c.

It should just get better and better but if u look at my site ur see a more detailed info.

Also look on google at images of candida poop and see if that looks like urs all the time

Curly35 in reply to Lulububs

Thanks so much I will look at your posts and follow u 👍

Show it to your doctor.


Mine are sometimes like this, I had a stomach scan which showed a slight fatty liver, I am currently in the process of waiting for an appt at the Gastro team which I think will lead to a camera, I am waiting to find out if i have IBS or IBD.

I have the bloating, not as bas as yours but its not nice, the Consitpation and Dihorrea, the stomach pains, I get achy joints, nuesea etc so it seems our symptoms are similiar, it is a horrid thing to go through and i hope you get answers soon enough as it is not nice at all.

I would recommend showing these to the Dr and see what they say, keep us posted as I would be interested to know what they say.

Good Luck!!

Curly35 in reply to H256

Funnily I had fatty liver ten years ago and then they said it was gone away after a year I am going to Gp In an hour and am going to show him it’s just so awful isn’t it I don’t think this is just ibs like gp says it is I will wait for my scan in a few weeks also and I worry so much I’ve gone on diagnose me and put symptoms in it comes up with colon cancer 😱 thanks so much I will indeed let u guys know x

scattienattie1 in reply to H256

Hi H256,

How long have you been waiting to the gastro team. I was having trouble in the top end of my stomach back a couple of years ago. I kept on having these pain which was very painful and very often I ended up in hospital with them, every time I went into hospital they would say I was constipated. I knew I wasn't constipated as I was going to the toilet every day and it was normal. I ended up taking tramadol for the pain which did result me being constipated but I know what to take to make me go so I knew I wasn't constipated. In the end I paid to see a private consultant, I had an appointment the next day. It cost me £125 to see him and then I had every test through the nhs.

It's just an idea because I know how long it is that you have to wait for appointments.

I hope you get yourself sorted out soon.


H256 in reply to scattienattie1

Hi Scattienattie,

The Referall was sent off over 2 weeks ago still havent received any correspondance or letter, Its a nightmare everytime i call to get a rough waiting list time they cut off before i can even say anything so frustrating.

I have debated Private but I have seen a Dr its the tests which i need, once i priced this up it worked out fairly pricey.

b1b1b1 in reply to H256

I am in the US. I feel so badly when I hear about the waits in the UK. Waiting and worrying is just so difficult. There are a lot of problems with the US medical system, but I think the waiting is much less overall. I hope you will hear soon.

H256 in reply to b1b1b1

Thank you, the waiting time is so long it’s unreal

I have had this since i was around 14, now 23 but they never looked into it or kept an eye on it when first diagnosed my recent scan shows it has reduced slightly, That is a good idea as he will know whats best, it may be more along the lines of IBD.

Hopefully it comes around quick, worrying is one of the worst parts, I am trying to get hold of hte referall team but theyy keep cutting off :/

I made that exact mistake, i always say i shouldnt but cannot help it, never listen to Google, as wise lesson i learnt!.

your welcome, good luck today.

Curly35 in reply to H256

I know I shouldn’t listen to google and I’ve just managed to make it with stool sample before drop off deadline

Im the same its alway hard, Ah perfect, I dropped mine in on a friday and results back by Tuesday I believe so shouldnt take too long

Mine are the same! Sometimes really long twisty, rope looking stools..I also notice that if I eat a lot of veggies then I will get lots of chunks and have to flush 2-3 times to get everything to go down. Suffering from what the doc says is IBS-D for almost a year, Pruritus ani for 7 years, along with essential tremor. With the IBS I have bloating, cramps, and urgency to go after I’ve already went..been on Viberzi and it’s seemed to help a lot of my symptoms but depending on what I eat they will reappear. I only had mucusy stools for the first few months on Viberzi then it seemed to go away and my bowel movements got more regular (1-2 times a day as opposed to 4-5).

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