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Going through flare up


Not had a flare up for several years but recently events have taken their toll and set off severe anxiety and IBS. So bad that three days ago was taken by ambulance to A&E got XRay Bloods done all came back normal. Symptoms are from within minutes of waking constant painful stomach cramps, feeling faint and sweats n chills and zero energy. Also waking up after only an hour or two of sleep feeling dizzy and general feeling of impending doom. Trying to focus on the positive is so difficult even after test all came back clear. Any ideas? Just got some Chia seeds and going to take a teaspoon in water twice a day to try and control the cramps, anyone tried this? Cheers

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You may want to see your doctor. Some of this sounds more like a virus than IBS.

marcinvelez in reply to b1b1b1

Thanks but as I said blood tests are normal, no temperature just my standard range of symptoms

I had the same. Doctors kept sending me away. I suffered for 8 weeks. I was taken to A&E twice and went myself 3 times and I have lost count of how many times I went to the GP. All blood tests normal, ct scan showed slight inflammation of the bowel, ultra sound normal colonoscopy normal. I was given antibiotics for bacterial infection and also had UTI was given antibiotics for that too. Week 9 now and recovering on a diet plan I had to work out for myself. The point is you know your body and persistence with the GP is essential if you don’t start feeling better. Even though all of my tests were normal it gave me peace of mind which stopped the anxiety and panick attacks. Good luck.

Thanks Tilly, really appreciate your reply. Living in Spain with limited Spanish so GP is pretty much a no go with conversation lol....so down to me to sort out any which way. Last night was terrible, woken twice with stomach cramps and gurgling noises and dashing to loo etc, then the weakness and anxiety thoughts giving me brain overload. Vicious cycle of IBS symptoms and then the anxiety kicking in is a double whammy and the shortness of breath etc......taken my Chia drink and doing breathing exercises and just trying to remain positive. Cheers

I lived in Spain for 7 years so I understand the language barrier although my Spanish was pretty good. To be honest the GP’s here aren’t much help either yes they had all the tests done because I wouldn’t go away other than that they tell me to go and eat! Good luck.

May I ask where here is?. Where in Spain were you? Any tips on diet gratefully received as at present on banana and mint tea lol

I lived in Guardamar del segura. I now live in UK. The banana might be a problem at the moment! Have you found out about FODMAP...it’s on trial basis for me! There is a Facebook page called IBS Support (official). For 10 days now I have been eating free from porridge oats with a spoon of white sugar and rice milk, free from white bread with olive oil spread, oat biscuits, mash potatoes boiled white rice, grilled chicken/salmon, tinned tuna and boiled carrots, decaf tea with 2 spoons of white sugar and rice milk and drinking at least 2 litres of water through the day and night if I wake up. I monitor my urine to make sure I am not dehydrated. Please ask if I can help more.

Thank you so much, will look into all you say and have a look at the FB page and research the Fodmap site. I am in the Malaga area and of course cannot get the products you mention "free from" but from what I can see its free from Gluten and Dairy?

Yes gluten and dairy although FODMAP doesn’t agree with this but it is working for me and others and this is a short time diet, we need fibre to be able to go!! That’s why the oats are important until I start eating wheat again. I tested negative for celiac desease You will find lots of contradictions on your journey of finding out what to eat or not to. Good luck.

Carla33 in reply to Tilly1312

Hi Tilly, can you tell me what you mean by free from porridge oats.....does that mean you don't eat them or you do eat them. Sorry, I cannot figure it out.

Tilly1312 in reply to Carla33

Free from gluten and dairy. I have cut these out for now to slowly introduce again and see if I can tolerate these. I have tested negative for celiac disease but my symptoms calmed after cutting out gluten and dairy.

b1b1b1 in reply to marcinvelez

Blood tests don't show everything. I would still think you should see your personal physician. Also, emergency rooms can be rushed and are no substitute for a visit to a doctor.

marcinvelez in reply to b1b1b1

Going tomorrow

Try Buscapan tablet from chemist........I had identical problems and they cleared me up very quickly

Whipped off to A & E several times now, by doctors...they keep me in for several hours to get test results, which are always good and then let me go home again. Same symptoms as you plus occasional very high blood pressure and feeling nauseous. Apaarently, like you I am fit and well, just feel like I'm dying!!!!!

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