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Is there life outside IBS

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I am new to the site and it would be nice to chat to others with similar problems.

I have had chronic IBS for several years now and find it hard to discuss. Especially with family and friends.

It can be very lonely at times.

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Hi, know what you mean, don’t think anyone who isn’t a sufferer really understands how debilitating it can be. My family are used to me having to “see how my tummy is” when trying to plan days out etc, but not sure they appreciate how bad it makes me feel when I have to cancel. X

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Flik22 in reply to Booth29

I am totally with you here! Only tonight my son has friend here For a sleepover and they asked if we could go to the park tomorrow, my response was 'let's see how mummy is tomorrow'..... I'm having a flare up today too 😰😰xx

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Booth29 in reply to Flik22

Me too😰, hubby is planning a day out tomorrow and I really want to go but who knows. Just stresses me out more, letting everyone down x

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katie63 in reply to Booth29

So true. Its so debilitating. I have had it for over 25 years now being chronic.

It comes with the anxiety, pain, nausea, tiredness and depression yet I put on an exterior when I see people but on the inside Im so struggling.

My doctor prescribed Welchol for me and it stopped my diarrhea in it's creepy tracks. I couldn't afford to continue taking it, so he switched me to Colestipol, which works just as well. No need to suffer with diarrhea. These 2 drugs are bile acid sequestrants and are also used for high cholesterol (along with a statin) and type II diabetes...neither of which I have. I feel free for the first time in years, as I spent many, many years sitting on the pot.

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katie63 in reply to sweetsusie

I am on a bucket of medication. Meds to stop diahorea, meds to make me go, meds for anxiety, meds for depression and meds to make me sleep.

Just a vicious circle. I got divorced 3 years ago amicabilly and at 55 fear that my life is over as who wants to meet and be with someone who has all this.

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sweetsusie in reply to katie63

I'm so sorry, katie63. I can relate, for I have several health issues, too. I'm 70 and alone, but after the experience I've had with husbands, I would never marry again or have a boyfriend, although at times I miss the companionship. Anyway, you're only 55 and if you want to find a new relationship, you'll probably have to go on-line. There are a lot of men out there who would love to be in a relationship with you, I'm just sure of it. Hang in.,..

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katie63 in reply to sweetsusie

Thankyou so much for your kind words. I am sorry to hear of your health issues and hope you are okay.

I can imagine how you feel being put off relationships.

I was with my husband since I was in my early 20s and had a good marriage.

But as I get older and my IBS gets worse it is scary to think I have to start explaining myself re the IBS.

And as I very rarely go out it is extremely difficult to meet someone or find new friends.

But you just get on with it.

Its nice to be able to be on the site and be able to chat with people who understand.

Take care.

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sweetsusie in reply to katie63

Be sure to ask your doctor about Welchol and/or Colestipol. These drugs will free you!

Yes i can relate, i have had ibs all life.

Even my mum said i was “ dodgy” as a child, always remember sitting at school with belly ache it was just normal for me.

Things got worse about 2 years ago, i unfortunately had a few health problem i was suffering sciatica, plus womens problems and the old ibs flared up to so i was seriously not well.

I lost 2 stone in about 2 months....

I decided to see a osteo who dealt with digestion problem to, so i got the sciatica and digestive problem helped at same time but she suggested a gastro and a nutritionalist which i also did where i found out i had a gluten and dairy intolerance.

So gave up them plus started taking good probiotics, digestive enzymes and pappermint capsules and 2 years down line i hardly have any flare ups?

I still suffer sciaitca unfortunately but other then that im pretty ok

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katie63 in reply to Lulububs

Its good to hear that you have been able to keep it at bay and know that you are gluten and dairy intolerant.

I unfortunately have not been able to do that. I have tried everything including eliminating foods from my diet and even some healthy food gives me a flare up.

That is the sad thing about chronic IBS.

Have seen a nutritionist, councillor and my Doctor.I have been in and out of hospital, had several colonoscopies, have had pollops removed but nothing seems to help.

I revolve my life around my meds to live my life as best I can.

Hope you get better soon re your sciatica.

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Lulububs in reply to katie63

Yeh it awful i know i try to eat healthy all time but like u even some healthy foods upset me ... brocoli cauliflower

Hummous ??

Mayb ur is more stress related?

Have u thought about hynotherapy or a digestive osteo session will release ur gut and help digest better?

Also a good gut bacteria will help u

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katie63 in reply to Lulububs

I have tried hypnotherapy, reikki, yoga, relaxation classes etc but to no avail. I take probiotics daily and eat as healthy as I can. I do exercise at home but it just depends on how I am on the day.

Its a vicious circle as the stress is related to the chronic IBS and that cant be helped when you are panicking to run to toilet and bent over with the severe pain and nausea.

If it was life stress then I understand as you can figure out what is causing the stress and try to change it and even have councilling to help but when you have a severe attack of diahorea/constipation and stomach pain and sickness it comes hand in hand and you cant control or fix it.

Especially when you dont get any warning that its going to happen.

It is an awful disease and as I said before it is very underestimated.

I hope that you keep well and take care.

Hi katie63, I too am new to this site but not new to IBS. I’m 37 and have had it since my early teens. I’ve had various investigations but nothing has come up. I take various medications both daily and as needed. My whole life and that of my family revolves around my tummy. I work 4 days a week and on those days I won’t eat until I’m home as it will set it off. I remember being in labour with my son. I had got to 8 centimetres and I realised- THIS is how bad my belly gets. It’s not me being a wuss with low pain threshold, it is the equivalent of the end stage of labour. It is truly vile. I panic whilst out if I’m not near a loo. Going on holiday stresses me dreadfully because I’m scared I will have an episode on the journey. I get that living with chronic pain is something many people do, but there is just something more embarrassing about that pain causing diarrhoea potentially in front of people. I could almost live with the pain I reckon if I didn’t have the D that comes with it. I can’t ever plan anything. We are meant to be going on a day trip tomorrow but we will have to decide in the morning. More than once we have set out for thingsbut have had to turn back because it’s too severe. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling so fed up. I feel the same 😞 xx

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katie63 in reply to IBSLife

Hi there.

I am so sorry to hear how you feel.

I am exactly the same so you are not alone.

I get annoyed when people say try this try that, dont do this dont do that!

We are all different and what works for one doesnt work for all.

Just because we have chronic IBS doesnt mean we have a bad diet or dont want to try and change it. Its not that easy.

I live my life from day to day and everything you say I can relate to so my heart goes out to you. I have tried everything but only my meds to stop me going then meds to clean me out works and that isnt ideal as you can imagine.

It can be a lonely life out there.

I would so much love to go out to work if I could for starters stop looking as if Im 7 months pregnant at 55 and know that when needed I can fit into something but I would need a company that is open and understanding regarding this horrible illness.

So if you need to chat you know you can anytime.

Keep your chin up and know that I can understand and sympathise without judging you.

Take care.

Hi Katie. I’m so sorry you’re suffering so much. I’m 44 and have had IBS all my life. I was interested in what meds you’re taking just now?

Oh and is that Glasgow in your photo? I live near there ❤️

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