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So I’ve finished work for 6 weeks (I’m a teacher) and panic is setting in. I’m worried I’ll have too much thinking time and back to square one again. I wish there was a cure for the way I think. I don’t wanna study my stools anymore and think that every red bit I see is blood, it could be food I’ve eaten like tomatoes or something. Has anyone got an tips on how to help the worry? I just want my ibs to do one now. This time last year I spent my whole summer thinking it was cancer of the colon. Don’t want to be thinking like this again

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It may be hemmoroids. If, however you see blood in your stool, you should get it checked by a gastroenterologist. This would relieve your anxiety.

I know exactly the feeling you describe. Been like that for ever. ( about 50yrs ). I even do have piles and get bleeding sometimes, despite that I worry every time ! Cant seem to stop the worry .

Not any real help , other than to say that logically , if you have felt panic about it for a long time and nothing more has actually happened then it is probably just exactly that --panic ,fear -- just the joy of IBS. You are not alone .


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Good reply!

Changing mindset is such a battle.


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