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Colon transit test


Hi just a update for anyone in a similar situation! So after nearly 3 months my son finally got his specialist appointment!!! In between the appt unfortunately no change (well for the better) other than at times extra leakage. So the first appt was a lot of questions and lasted around 40mins

At the end of our appt the consultant said she wanted to do a colon transit so followed the instructions, went back today for an X-ray where most of the markers were left so now just waiting for a follow up telephone consultation after which I’ll post again

Don’t let your dr fob you off, the consultant told me 95% of cases are chronic constipation which can be diagnosed within a few test and then combined medication will be given and should set your child back on track within a year to 18 months(anything more serious is only 5% and will take longer to diagnose and longer to treat)


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Hi sorry I think I may have missed your earlier post. Could you tell me about your sons symptoms? I get severe constipation (I’ve currently had it for 5 days), pains in lower back, stomach and even top of thighs. I just keep bloating more and more each day and I’m getting bigger and bigger like I’m going to explode. I’m on ibs meds from gp, have taken senekot and eaten a bucket of raspberries and still nothing. Wondered if I need a similar test ?

Thank you

Sdye119 in reply to Kitkat28

Hiya my son has had serve constipation for the last 6 years. Weirdly enough doesn’t particularly have symptoms like bloating or cramps and you would notice bloating on him. Basically he lives with going toilet probably anything from 9-12 days with the 2/3 days before sometimes having water leaking out and soiling especially while his sleeping. Sometimes he has no appetite when this happens.

He recently went to hospital because it was 20 days without going and was just leaking water non stop during that 20 day period over 2 days he had eaten a box of strawberries half a pineapple a papaya and a mango and nothing

Your not alone!! I’ve started a diary of when his actually going. If your worried keep on at your dr for a referral

We was so miserable and are a lot happier now with a specialist


Kitkat28 in reply to Sdye119

Thank you so much for your response. I’m going to start a diary so that I can record my bowel movements and speak to my gp again x

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