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My experience with Immodium

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I am 71, female, Caucasian with a medical diagnosis by my family physician of IBSd, and have been following the FODMAPS diet for approximately 2.5 years, and used its guidelines to eliminate many foods I formerly and regularly ate. My situation has greatly improved. However, I do take 3 mg of Immodium (generic loperamide) once daily, 45 minutes before my evening meal. I’ve continued this protocol with the approval of my doctor, whether or not I have diarrhea or very loose bowels every day or at all. I cannot stress enough that THIS IS WHAT WORKS FOR ME. I can not recommend this protocol for anyone else; I can say that I haven’t had any problems directly attributable to this medication at the dosage I’ve outlined above. Please note: I AM STILL FOLLOWING the FODMAPS diet with the exception of reintroducing three or four high-FODMAPS foods in small amounts without negative effects.

I hope this information will be useful to those who read this post.


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Hi, this is really useful for me, my doctor has recommended I take a 2mg loperamide per day, I haven't been as I'm absolutely worried that my body will get used to it and then what will I do when I need to take them!?? Maybe I should not think myself as a doctor and do what they recommend?? Xx

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sweetsusie in reply to Flik22

Flik22; Get your doctor to prescribe you a drug called "Welchol." It's very expensive over here in the States, though, but it's a miracle drug for stopping diarrhea, which I suffered with for YEARS, until I found this doctor. I couldn't afford to continue to take it, so now I'm on a drug called "Colestipol." Works the same way...miracle drug!'ll be told it's a statin, but it's actually given along with a real statin. They also use it to treat Type II diabetes. But, you know they're always finding more uses for drugs, and treating diarrhea is a great use for both of these.

I do this also recommended by my doctor, I do worry I will have to take more as time goes on. For now though it's given me my life back and no one knows what the future holds, so for me whatever gets me through now is fine and I'll worry about the future when it happens.

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