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Newbie - Specialist testing/treatment Yorkshire

Hi, I joined the forum a month ago and have found the posts and advice really helpful. This is my first post. I have suffered from an irritable bowel for about 6 months now and my GP has ruled out IBD, Crohns, Celiac from an initial stool sample. I was initially proscribed colofac for IBS and when that did not work Buscopan and Amitriptyline. However, nothing I've been proscribed or used (such as Peppermint, Ginger, Charcoal tablets, Apple Cider Vinegar) have helped with my symptoms - near daily bowel spasms, occasional D and very frequent bowel rumbling and gurgling that lasts for hours at a time and keeps my awake at night. While my food diary has not revealed any intolerances I think the next step is to ask my GP to see a dietitian and try Low FODMAP diet since it helps so many people on this forum.

However, I'd also like to pay for private tests not available on the NHS in Yorkshire such as SIBO and see a practitioner who specializes in IBS/Gut disorders and has time to sit down with me, discuss possible blood/stool tests and treatment options. Is there anyone based in Yorkshire or North of England who can recommend a practitioner here to explore next steps for diagnosis/treatment with me?

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Just a thought for you Liz. What has been going on in your life for the past 6 months to a year? No-one talks much about emotional triggers, but they could be what set all this in motion.

Here is an article that explains this further: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...



Hi Alison, thanks for your reply. I did wonder about this as I have suffered from stress related headaches in the past. But I can't think of anything that has changed in my life or mood to cause this. While I do feel rather miserable/anxious about my "IBS" that follows attacks and ongoing problems and did not start it. In fact sometimes I can be feeling really relaxed on a day trip out or in the evening and then suddenly i will get non-stop stomach/bowel spasms and noises. Seeing a professional about this is on my long-term 'to do list' though if I cannot find a physical cause as at least they can help with coping strategies.

PS - i have read your blogs and find them useful!


In the past I found that my mind didn't necessarily feel stressed at all, but my body did - and I wasn't hearing it.

Glad you find the blog articles useful.

Keep moving forward, Liz!



That's interesting to know. I had assumed that our minds would feel stressed. York Teaching Hospital run Gut Directed Hypnotherapy and psychological assessment and treatment including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Do you think this could be helpful?


Everyone is different;Liz, and many different modalities can help. However I do think that a I think a fully personalised NLP programme by someone who has had and understands IBS has solid advantages.


I would recommend you find a functional nutritionist in your area this would be a good start for you, they should do the tests comprehensive stool test and breathe test and if you need blood tests ask your doctor for any that they recommend. Good luck kind Regards Moira


Thanks Moira - I googled functional nutritionist and there are plenty in York and Leeds so I'll look into ones with a specialism in IBS as other people's experiences of NHS specialists have put me off somewhat. I'll try this route first. Liz

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Sorry to hear about your stomach problems! I have found that the Fodmap diet is really not that useful, neither is buscopan, mebererin, amitriptylene, etc. The only thing which calms my stomach, eases the spasms and mostly stops me dashing to the loo after eating, is Codeine Phosphate 15 mg. which my GP son-in-law recommended and I get from my doctor on prescription. Imodium helps with the D if all else fails.....


Thanks for this advice - I'll speak to my GP about it. My bouts are D are quite rare (though more than normal) so I'll need to be careful that it is not too constipating. but then again it could be good for a bad attack. All best wishes for your continued good health, Liz


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