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Constant pain getting me down! 😢

I've been suffering lower right hand abdominal pain for around 8 months now, had an abdominal ultrasound that was clear and I am having an endoscopy next week, but right now the constant pain and worry is really beginning to get me down! I'm constant anxious that the pain is caused by something sinister and not just the IBS label the GP gave me! Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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Sounds very much like ibs

If you haven't had any bleeding or sudden weight loss then almost certain its ibs . Your symptoms are the same as I gave right now!

Possibly triggered by virus upsetting system

So try not to worry

That doesn't help

Have you tried myrbentol anti spasm tablets need prescription

Peppermint helps some but didn't me

Gassy drinks spicy foods n tea coffe all likely triggers

Try cutting out or down to very little for a week n see if improves

Yoga can help too

Hot water bottle when pain severe in groin

Last resort ginger wine n sleep

Buscopan help if pain moves to bloated belly

I font eat onions mushrooms Apple skins n prawns all trigger my ibs

Also sultanas n cabbage Brussels cauliflower broccoli all common triggers

Hope sons thing here helps

I've suffered ibs fr years stress makes it worse

Walking helps if your not to ill to do it

Kind regards

Cat lover

Ps stroking the cat is relaxing too


Thanks grahamrupertrules after visiting my GP today he has prescribed some Amatryptaline to help with the anxiety I'm having!


Very similar experience to yours. Been thru an ultrasound, endoscopy, colonoscopy blood tests etc all normal. Going for an X-ray for my back on the 24th April GP thinks it could be coming from there. Pain there seems to be really common unfortunately.

If you are looking more for my background I’ve posted in detail about how it all started and what I’ve done about it.

And I’m convinced mines not IBS as well as mines not triggered by food or anything.

Let us know if you find out anything 😁


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