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Newbie with lots of confusion an questions


Hi, i am new to the community. Have previously been diagnosed with IBS whilst at school - mainly down to stress. Had good few years with little to no flare ups as controlled by diet. However last year I have been suffering from similar symptoms but at the same time whole new symptoms. Have bad blood tests and awaiting to have a colonoscopy as consultants not 100% sure if IBS or not. My question really is the hardest bit I have found is that one of the symptons is a pain rib area below my breasts when I eat and its this pain & discomfort that is the most difficult. Does anyone have any recommendations to try to ease pain? I take buscopan that help (most of the time) to take top off stomach pain but does not touch the other. Its got to the stage I am having to take more and more time off work due to the pain getting so uncomfortable.

Thank you and sorry if that makes no sense!

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It makes sense to me! Bless you

Try a bit of meditation. It may stop you getting upset before the horrid thing starts.x

Try some stretching of your chest. There's a yoga move called sun salutations which stretches and opens up that whole area (YouTube it). I'm not a yoga expert or anything in fact this is the only move I know really but it's helpful to me. Also lying on your left side helps the wind release.

Mebevrine is another med you could try which is anti spasmodic but has something in addition to buscopan so may be worth a try. Good luck.

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