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First-time post, hope this is ok here. (Soz if it's too graphic).

So this Easter weekend I got hit by a stomach bug. No nausea or actual sickness just intense acute diarrhea. Never experienced anything like it before. It lasted 2 days-ish.

I'm back to normal now and eating my usual diet.

However, ever since my bug I now feel totally constipated and only manage to go once a day. I'm used to 2-3 times a day so this is weird to me. Also when I do go the stool has a distinctly more yellow/beige color when it's usually brown. Also, there are a few spots of blood in the small stools that I am passing. I have read that this can be a sign of cancer however its usually dark red, which mine is not. I've read some stuff about it being piles which seems more likely I guess (I hope).

Are these things anything I should worry about? Or is this just my body adjusting still after the bug? (Only been over it for a few days at this point) Should I go to my Doctor?

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My thoughts on this are that the blood may be from piles if you do suffer from them, as they will have got aggravated by the diarrhoea - if not piles then you may have a small fissure that is bleeding from constantly having to 'go' with the diarrhoea, or even from being a bit too firm now you are over that! The odd colour stool could be where your system has not settled properly - what they called in the old days 'a bit liverish' , perhaps? The lack of stool is no doubt because after 2 days of diarrhoea your pipework is pretty empty and not back to normal working. Not saying any of this is right but it is how I would be thinking and passing off the same symptoms if they were mine. However, as I always say to to anyone, if worried, see or speak to your Doc! Hope all is returned to normal working very soon!


If your still like this in a few weeks see your Dr but it sounds to me like your body trying to get back to normal. It'll take a week or so I'd say. Orangey stool is quite common after lots of diarrhoea think if I remember rightly it's lack of bile or something.

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