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IBS or something more sinister? Advice please welcome?


Hi there, I’m new to this site.

I’m 29 and have had ibs type symptoms for maybe 1-2 days of the week for a long time.

Most recently I woke up 3 weeks ago with some upper tummy pain and for the rest of the day I was on the toilet up to about 10 time. It started solid and turned loose. Since then for the past 3 weeks I have had nausea, minimal appetite and frequent bowel movements. Sometimes they are small, thin, and others especially in the morning feel urgent but are just small formed stools.

I’ve been to my GP who said he would send me for a scan to check for gallstones but he didn’t think it would find anything, and he thought it would be ibs or anxiety. I started with colofac and probiotic tablets. This morning I had my first formed BM in 3 weeks but it was then immediately followed by a mushy cow pat type stool.

I’ve had bleeding in the past and was given a sigmoidoscopy but he said some areas weren’t clear but what he could see was ok. I bought a test for hidden blood online which was negative.

I’m just getting myself so anxious that this is something more than IBS, especially as my cousin has recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer at 30 (I’m 29)

Does anyone have anything similar or any advice? (See photo)

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I would say see if it settles down - if you are getting anxious it will make it worse. If it carries on after say another week and you are not happy ask if you can have a further investigation as you can mention the cousin and they may understand then why you need reassurance.

Of course as anxiety makes IBS worse and GPs normally think its that without proof from tests that the GP would know of - like colonoscopy or whatever they suggest.

But it is understandable that you want reasurrance. Good luck and hope it settles down. I find milk products make IBS worse so you could start reducing any milk and get lactose free cheese to see if it makes a difference, Also try cutting out gluten if not.

I have been having diahorrea for the past 4 months yes from before Christmas but from last summer it was sort of working on me then as i would have it once or twice a week but since December its been chronic.

I've been to doctor ive taken Buscapan she prescribed me did nothing i have also taken 2 bottles of Silicol still nothing im now taking Imodium and after the first initial 2 tab dose then diahorrea again another tab next BM seemed near normal i thought happy days this is working but no again it came back for two bm and ive taken 2 more imodium one after each. I've had stool samples sent of. First one came back showed up 2 bugs Strepoccoc group B and Haemaphilua Influenza but not the cold or flu influenza thats what it said. I had 4 courses of antibiotics last one being a double course. But it's not done anything for my diahorrea at all. I've another appointment with doc next week re last stool sample. She said before she thinks it IBS but does that give diahorrea for this length of time.

I'm effected just same as yourself..watery..then soft mush..then formed soft lumps but never normal except that one time after 3 Imodium

So I empathise with you greatly.

b1b1b1 in reply to Lilmo1

If it is IBS then the diarrhea can last until you figure out what foods you are unable to eat. It can be a life long problem and you just have to figure out how to manage it as best as possible.

Thank you for replying. So eliminating one item taken regularly is how to find this out i would imagine how that is accomplished.

I've elinated biscuits recently as i have a very sweet tooth. That hasn't improved it. So next i think will be bread.

Can you advise me on what you think are triggers that i should avoid if i eat them?

Thank you

Ive just had an appointment with doctor at hospital and I've to go next week to have a colonoscopy done.

She told me she was placing it as a red flag issue but that still will take 2 or 3 months but I got a phone call next day to say I've an appointment for next week.

That's quick isnt it I pray its not something serious I really have prayed about it so it's in God's hands.

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