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Painful gas from shoulders to lower back

I have a mild form of IBS, probably D with a little C, and am working on my diet and hypnotherapy, but this week I've been getting painful gas from my shoulders through my lower back (it would be scary if I didn't know if had something to do with IBS). I'm just wondering if other people experience this and what remedies they've found useful. Thanks

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Hi, I don't know about gas from the shoulders but my intestines are so knotted up I need to coax gas bubbles through them like it's one of those old fashioned games, where you have to guide a ring along a twisted wire. I do this by massaging intestines with my fist. By changing positions while I lie down. (Lie a bit on the side, turn on my back, raise pelvis to the ceiling, massage intestines a bit, turn to the left. I try to fart and burb as much as I can.)

I find the body produces gas all the time. It does not matter if you stop eating, intestines make gas. I do FODMAP and this reduces gas a lot (but does not eliminate is).

I also discovered I swallow a lot of air. Not only with drinking and food but also when I just swallow.

Thirdly I need to walk in the afternoon and preferably before I go to bed. I also do some arm raising exercises against the wall before bed. Being upright and stretching the torso helps coax gas along the intestines.

Lastly I use Magnesium Sulphate once a week to get rid of excess intestine load (bacteria feeding and producing gas). This is not pleasant and initially causes gas sounds and pains.

That's all I know and do about gas. I want to say two more things to you, if you don't mind. 1: my intestine specialist said that fibre is not neccessary in a human when stool comes regularly. 2. hypnotherapy is good! I use it to get out of Fight or Flight modus, this is a modus the Central Nervous System can be in. Dopamine is the main neurotransmitter when you're wired and alert. Dopamine also makes the intestines move less. The neurotransmitter that speeds up movement (and thus gas release) is Serotonin, the one that makes you happy and relaxed. It is all connected :-)

Good luck. I compliment you for not getting worried when your body bucks, for knowing it's IBS. Worry will increase dopamine and will add to the problem. You are doing things well!


I had a bad bout of ibs 4 months ago and told gastro dr about painin back and shoulders he prescribes mebeverine tabs 1 twice a day before food within a week I was much better but I have to watch diet I am on low fodmap all the time.


Hi Debbie,

Yes I have had this. You may find this is a knock-on effect from the hypnotherapy ie. your body is releasing stress/emotions. While uncomfortable this may be very positive. To release the gas in your shoulders and back, try taking a few deep breaths in an out. Then stretch up as high as you can with your arms while standing on tiptoe.

Hope this helps,



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