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Bentonite clay? Any one have experience with this?

Hey so I have read that bentonite clay when drink can help IBS D and IBS c! I bought some and the 2 days I drank it I had no diarrhoea! But then I got a huge bout once I stopped and I don't know if this is just me or is casued by the bentonite clay!

Is this something you can take daily? From research it suggests it can be it it can be taken as a detox from time to time! I am wondering weather to give it a shot for longer and see what happens!

I am desperate!

If anyone has any experience I would love to hear it :)

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Thanks! I guess maybe celery juice is quite different from eating actual celery as I find celery hard to digest and bad during flare ups! But I'll look it up and thank you for the website, I shall check it out :)


Hi i don't know this clay but from past experience with various remedies, i would take it one day and wait to see the result! Then you can measure how long it took to get through, and the result. From there you can gauge if you need it once every 3 days or 2 or more. Good luck. This IBS disease is like s detective game, a clue here and a clue there. p.s. I've started keeping a list of what I've eaten and drunk and marked where the episodes come. I'll let everybody know if a pattern appears.

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Hey! That's a good idea! I took it for 2 days then stopped and was fine for 1 day and then my stomach erupted and the problem is it's hard to know if that happened because of the clay or if it was because of my stomach already being very bad it possibly the fact I wasn't eating so plain! So I should try again in a more controlled manner and see how I go!

Ooh yes I would love to hear anything you find out! When I started introducing foods again and if my stomach seems to handle some ok I will start keeping a diary also! :)

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