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Ibs pain

What causes the pain that comes with ibs? I can understand how there is pain in ibs that is caused by a food intolerance because there will probably be some physical damage/inflammation. But if the ibs is caused by bacteria imbalance why is there pain, is it gas. Also how do you know if you have gas, would you pass wind a lot? I am not sure if I have gas or if i have a damaged inflamed gut all I know is that my stomach is tender when pressure put on it.

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Hi Mikey1536, in my case it's stomach cramps which are very severe and having loose bowel movements. Hope this helps you

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I 've just seen a message that said there is now a test for IBS called ibschek. I can't help you about the pain but to get a specific diagnosis would put your mind at rest and save invasive tests. Good luck


It may be intense trapped wind. Apparently trapped wind can even move around and give you chest pains too.

I get those pains sometimes when I eat foods I'm not supposed to. I'm not sure of the exact cause though.

Best of luck


Food intolerance is of course 1 of the main reasons for pain as digestive system sees intolerances as invaders, so the body can react however it wants.

Then it depends on the persons other root causes if they have any others.

Gallbladder problems can cause stomach pain,

parasites (some find flare ups happen every other week),

gut infections can cause pain. Bacterial overgrowth can cause pain from the bad bacteria feeding off feremtated foods causing gas etc

My gas used to build up so quick it got trapped so i couldnt even burp etc somedays. It was so painful. Other days i couldn't stop burping etc.

Someone who's root cause is bam, there stomach pains will be from that.

Vitamin deficiencies - potassium deficiency , niacin deficiency, vit b - 12 deficiency, can all cause stomach pains.

Low digestive enzymes can to.

Low or high stomach acid can to.

And alot more reasons

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